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Just a meeting [Ittindi]

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#1Ghunner Von' Powers 

Just a meeting [Ittindi] Empty Sat Apr 09, 2022 5:31 pm

Ghunner Von' Powers
Walking down the streets, Ghunner, Ghun for his friends, was thinking about his next movement.

"If I want to be rich, powerful and full of contact I have to stop doing this" he thought while tripped against some relatively bad looking guy while said 'sorry' and leaving the matter quickly, well, being "relatively bad looking" is an awful thing in this city, if you want to at least maintain your money you have to be completely bad looking. But that no matters now, what matters is he got his wallet almost like reflex, he even didn't become aware that he had it, whatever it was his fault for walk like if he were in his own house in those cramped and full streets. Then he continued his thoughts.

"What I could do? Save a princess? Kill a dragon? Pay my taxes? nah that last just would give me problems"

Without putting more effort in the matter for today,  he arrived it was a little ambulant restaurant that put itself in that place once in a week at 12:00 pm.

-I want the vegetable soup of always, you cursed geezer - He said once sat one of the chairs of the ambulant restaurant

-Yeah yeah, you love me so much, just give the money and get out of here, you weirdo - giving the wallet of that dude that Ghun just noticed that he was owning it, it was just enough to pay a medium bowl of soup.

Savoring the first tablespoon, Ghun blushed in joy -Your vegetable soup is the fucking best geezer- he said chewing a tomato -just fucking hurry you always take so long time just for a bowl.

"Well, she is right, I am spacing out and waiting to talk with people here, well I need contacts or the so-called friends" He pondered while spaced out waiting for more people, to start a conversation. Well he was a little new in this place because that he needed people to rely on, he maybe would leave if he sees that there is nothing to do there, but by now he was searching for opportunities of money, since it is said that here is easy to make it, in any case his few experience tells him that the first thing to do is to talk to people and get allies, because alone it will be difficult even to get a cup of salt.

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Just a meeting [Ittindi] Empty Sat Apr 09, 2022 7:49 pm

"Na, we're not looking to hire any elitist pampered servants in this place. Do your glasses have some kind of fog in them, does this look like the kind of place that would need your kind?"

Ittindi was talking to the manager because of the absolute filth of the tavern. He couldn't stand it, and he needed a little bit of extra cash anyways. This wasn't the first time he was judged based on how clean of an appearance he kept. The only messy part of his whole outfit was his hair. Ittindi never saw the point in keeping his hair clean. He could always tie it back if it bothered any of his masters. His butler's outfit had practically become his skin at this point. Still, sometimes he thought it might be better to wear something less elegant. The last time he had been mugged Ittindi had gone too far, almost killing a man with his magic. They always seemed more interested in a man in nice clothes; since he often found himself washing homeless people in the less fortunate sections of towns. He took no joy in violence, even though his masters always seemed to.

He scoffed a little at the man's rude denial, but there was no way he'd hurt his reputation as a professional for a place like this. As he walked out of the tavern he'd look around the streets, his face twisted in disgust at the sight of some of the city's inhabitants. That's when his stomach would growl, it had been a couple of hours since he had last eaten, and it was around lunchtime.

He'd wander around aimlessly until he happened upon a restaurant with an appealing enough aroma, but not too fancy for his coin purse. As he opened the door he saw that most of the seats were taken. There was a loud gentleman, talking to what Ittindi assumed was either the owner or head cook. Seeing no other staff around he'd walk up to the table, and speak.

"Excuse me, I'll have whatever this fine gentleman is having it smells delicious."

He'd point to the bowl of soup that Ghunner had. Ittindi also had no idea if the bowl of soup was what he smelled when he came in from outside. Still, he'd rather start on the person's good foot, and he found compliments to be a powerful tool. Looking over at Ghunner he'd listen to him talk about how he needed contacts or friends. Compared to some of the homeless Ittindi had washed just the other night Ghunner didn't smell too bad. He had the aroma of someone who didn't work with groups, he did look a little like an adventurer. Ittindi would look directly into Ghunner's eyes before talking. Eye contact was important to make someone feel listened to, the lessons at the manor echoing in his head.

"Greetings sir, I am Ittindi Amali, do you mind if I sit here?"

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Just a meeting [Ittindi] Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 7:25 pm

Ghunner Von' Powers
Thinking thoughtfully in how to make contacts in this city, reaching the point that from his head would have smoke leaking from his head if it were some kind of engine, someone interrupted in his thoughts, and there was him, Ittidi asking for some vegetable soup...

"Well what we have here some good-looking guy and even more he has a good nose" He thought, with a little smirk, then Ittidi made eye contact and asked for the seat near Ghun at his right side. This would be a bad behavior for the most of the people of this city since they are mostly thugs or people in shady affairs, it would be like a threatening to stare the eyes of another person.

However, he wasn't one of them he was practically foreign, but all this just tell Ghunner that Ittidi was probably a foreign as well what calmed him a little made him low his guard, well he lowed the guard at the moment that Ittidi said that the soup smells good. His low guard, could be easily noticed however he had the bad behavior of always wore a tough face when his guard is down in places like this, what just make him just see like some little kid trying to intimidate bandits contracting his face. 

Once those thoughts dispelled, he just could think about one thing... What the hell with that outfit? He was just curious, the reason why he would wear a butler outfit, he is some kind of servant of some noble in his shift or just is working part-time at some restaurant that he doesn't know? It just craves his curious side, because who can think about wearing it when you just are going to grape some grub, well at least it seems good on him, though to Ghunner this as well gave the that kind of feeling when you see a doll in the dark sitting in a chair, it is beautiful however still gives creeps. However, he halted the horses by now and said. 

-Of course you can, I'm not the owner after all - then he would get spoonful soup to his mouth and proclaimed after chewing some broccoli and putting himself in a better position to talk - I'm Ghunner By the way

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Just a meeting [Ittindi] Empty Thu Apr 14, 2022 6:46 pm

As Ittindi greeted Ghunner, he saw a man who seemed to be at relative ease. He still had the face of a thug, but that didn't disarm Ittindi anymore. He had been to multiple shady restaurants, bars, and taverns. They were one of the few places that would offer him a temporary job, though often he'd lose it in a random scuffle. It seemed that men always wanted to prove themselves; somehow, his nice appearance provoked those animalistic senses. In his grand quest, he had learned the importance of stoicism, especially when surrounded by the privileged. One mistake could end up with a servant being killed, or worse fired. He found the best way to practice stoicism was to engage in the lower rungs of any city, which is why he practiced by eating at lower-level restaurants.  

On the surface, Ittindi didn't seem bothered by the crowd, keeping a neutral face. However, he was disgusted by the general upkeep of the restaurant. If not for the fact he had already offered to sit down, he'd be cleaning. Even the table he planned on sitting at was ladled with crumbs, various scratch marks, and it even appeared to be slightly stained. He'd stare a little too long at the disorderliness of the table before Ghunner's introduction brought him back to reality.

Sitting down after listening to Ghunner's introduction Ittindi would wait for the owner to reappear with his bowl of soup. Ghunner's eating habits left much to be desired but at least he didn't talk while chewing. Ittindi would gently take off both of his gloves and slip them into his pocket. Then once again looking at Ghunner he would begin to speak.

"So, what are you doing in Orchidia Sir Ghunner? I myself came to learn more about the guild Sleeping Calamity."

There were times that Ittindi found lying to be useful, this wasn't one of them. He found that when speaking to the lower class they appreciated honesty more than any other currency. He once heard another servant say that all the poor and middle class had was their honor since their view of money was dwarfed by the rich. Ittindi tried to remember those words whenever he was speaking of someone without the noble swagger. It was something that he had become quite discerned with though he could still be tricked here and there. This city was where his former young master resided, he didn't think he was quite ready to run into him. However, if fate deemed it necessary he wasn't one to shirk an early reunion. He still had much power to build before he felt adequate to serve him again. Especially with the rumors, he had heard about the guild he joined. Whether or not he wanted to join wasn't even a question Ittindi had considered at this point.

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Just a meeting [Ittindi] Empty Sat Apr 16, 2022 5:27 pm

Ghunner Von' Powers
Seeing how Ittindi was spacing out, got him a little off his normal timing when he talks with people, well it can't be helped since there were people which talking rhythm is a little different to Ghunner's, this little disturbance was more for the frequency which Ghunner talk with people which is no much but is intense, maybe he should to know more people. You can say much about a person with his rhythm of talking if he is confident, if he likes or dislikes something in the conversation or even if that person is afflicted, though Ghunner had rarely can discern this, what was one of  the thing that made him cry in the lessons of his dammed master. 

After Ghunner thought that, Ittindi sat with slightly refined movements, well at least is better to what normally is seen in this city, taking off gently his gloves Ghunner became aware that maybe this dude could be of something near to the noblesse at least, Ghunner was actually dense and may be could be misunderstanding, however this all hints were more than enough to think it, but which ever was the case he had no time enough how rearrange his thoughts and put them in order, Ittindi was asking him something while he was absorted in his thoughts.

-I'm here for something you can call make friends, I like to go from city to city making allies, and when I'll be in a pinch I'll call for them to help and when they will be in one I would hurry to help them, it isn't a good deal? However, by now this list of friends is 0 - He stated a little listless

After finishing got a sip of soup from his spoon, he didn't think about tell him this being a problem, actually he had not hidden motivations or so, he just wanted real allies for when he would start his movements around the world, it's not like he had a devil plan to take over the world, but at least he would like a parachute for when he would be in trouble, since he would be something similar to an adventurer once started his unusual revenge which is being famous, rich and full of friends, however this man said something curious, he is searching information of Sleeping Calamity guild, what if he is not wrong, with the little information that he has is a guild with very bad reputation, seems that he'll have to leave the butler suit question apart. After  swag his sip of soup, he asked while facing Ittindi

-sorry if I'm a little rude, but I'm just curious, but why would you search of such bad reputation guild? What is worth in it? - He said a little with little confusion in his face

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Ittindi would listen intently while Ghunner spoke about making allies. It was something that Ittindi hadn't given much thought to. His main goal was to become the best butler in the world. Part of that was becoming strong enough to protect his future Young Master; allies weren't something to be made lightly. It seemed that Ghunner felt similar as he mentioned he had zero. Ittindi took this to mean that he was looking for quality over quantity.

A man after his own heart, the main difference between them was how they displayed their wants. Ghunner was open about his ideas, the exact opposite of Ittindi. Still, he respected the honesty. It reminded him of the better servants in the manor. Few would still talk to him after the Knux incident. The ones who would; were all similar to Ghunner. Men and women who were confident in their honesty. Ittindi wouldn't come off as eager when he responded. He wasn't good at honesty. Instead, he'd learn more about Ghunner, slowly easing him into the idea of becoming allies.

"Sir Ghunner, I'm sure that making good allies is hard that's why you're still at zero. It's a noble thing to admit you need help. If more had your insight, I think there would be less tragedy in the world."

Ittindi would take a spoonful of soup and let the air cool it, as his etiquette demanded. Then he'd take his first taste. He knew his nose hadn't been wrong; even in the dirtiest of taverns, true love of work shone brightly. The soup had that taste, it was something that Ittindi relished. That was the true test of a gentleman admiring something while still being patient. After taking a bite, he'd make sure his spoon laid to the side of his bowl on a napkin, producing a clean handkerchief if the waiter forgot to bring one.

When Ghunner started to speak of Sleeping Calamity, Ittindi wasn't surprised. There wasn't much difference in his information versus what he had learned from the common people. That the guild was full of evil, that their name quite literally was an admission of their destruction. Still, his master wouldn't join just any guild. There had to be an underlying reason, and he would find it. If he had to travel across the world, so be it. This was his first time in the northern parts of Fiore. The people were the same everywhere, just with different customs to complain about. That small fact is what helped him find work. Ittindi would think carefully before answering, and his speech was much slower than usual. More of an apologetic, but concise message.

"It's not rude at all Sir Ghunner, you seem like an honest person. It would be ruder to keep something hidden for someone like you.  I have word that my former master might be a member. I wish to discover the truth, and confront him on his reasons if it is true."

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Ghunner Von' Powers
Seemed that Ittindi was enjoying the soup, what made Ghunner to rise him a little in esteem even more after that he said that about Ghunner, though this was the first time seeing someone talk in such manner, more specifically Ittindi had a smooth way for to change his tones and talking structure, he made feel Ghunner like if they were some kind allies in the high society, it actually was a weird felling once he noticed, but trying his best to shake away the weird felling he continued in his thoughts.

"So at the end he was actually a butler in the search of his young master, am I sure that this is not a kind of scheme or fraud? Well at least he moves like a real one" Thought while was question his capacity to inquire in the real intentions of the people. But at least to Ghunner he feels honest, and that was an important thing "So let's continue" he said to himself after pause like for 5 second making time while eating some soup, he really needed time to think, and finally became determinate. 

-So you are in the search of your young master, it seems a noble purpose far as I know at least to me, However I wouldn't like someone like you get caught by that guild or something else just in a slip - He said with a slight smile - Why we not team? I mean, I can help you search for him on my travels if he is not here, and if I need help sometime you can help me as you can in that moment - He stated effusively with his fist clenched.

Well, if he is some kind of swindler he would state that he wouldn't want the Ghunner's help, if he is not, he would have 2 options one deny his proposal which would be a shame, and two just say yes what would do Ghunner gain his first ally, in two of the developments, he wins, so it wasn't a bad deal, but why he would team with this person? First he was worth it since he has connections with the high world or at least it seems so, second he seems in movement what is good for him due to the fact he would cover more area, and third  he seems nice person, Ghunner please him, these were just some reason for him want to Ittindi join him.

-What do you say, sir Ittindi? - he asked while unclenched his fist and open his hand waiting for Ittindi to shake his hand, he was in a relaxed position and with an innocent and pure smile, he really wanted them to be allies, it was convenient for both of them and as well it had almost no cons, or at least it was what Ghunner thought, and even if Ittindi would be a bad person, is good to have 1 or 3 of those kind of people  on your side, Ghunner himself considered himself in some way bad, so he was eager waiting his response.

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As Ghunner spoke, Ittindi smiled, as he had similar thoughts. Ultimately, an honest ally is someone useful. Ittindi had learned from his travels to not judge a person by the clothes he wears or the smell he keeps. Instead, better to judge by their actions. So far, Ghunner's actions had won Ittindi's over. So as he watched his new ally speak, he found himself nodding in agreement at his ideas.

"I'll graciously accept your offer Sir Ghunner, if you're ever in need, do not hesistate to call upon me. I'll be in the city for a bit, so I'll let you know if I'm in need of any assistance as well."

Ghunner offered his hand out, and Ittindi grasped it firmly, giving a medium strength handshake upon their agreed allyship. Ittindi wasn't particuarly fond of human touch, especially since the average person didn't wash their hands enough for him to deem it clean. Still, he didn't want to ruin the moment with Ghunner, so he'd keep his stoic face. In his mind there was internal screaming; the urge to clean his hands was mentally taxing. He would have to wait a decent amount of time before excusing himself to the bathroom. In the meantime he needed to bring up something in conversation to keep his mind busy. It was another trick from the head butler, that it was common to run into situations that one was uncomfortable even anxious around.

"You said you're an adventurer, are you perhaps a mage or do you prefer magical items? I can't ever be sure my former master was obessed with swords, it vexed him to no end how many prefered him to use magic. Nobles seem to think its more regal to use magic, that it elevates one's position. I personally think power is power, regardless of how one uses it."

Ittindi wasn't exactly obessed with how strong individuals were. However, he knew that his master's goal was ultimaely to become something of a sword master. That meant he'd need protection that was the reason Ittindi had started his magic training back up. He was rustier than he remembered, but that was to be expected at first. When he did find Knuckles he wanted to impress him with his magic. He always had an innate talent for it, though others thought it was silly that he preffered thread magic to others. There were so many variations that he could do with one of hte most illustrious materials in the world he wouldn't trade his magic for anything...well, perhaps one thing.

He'd listen to Ghunner's answer intently, and continue the conversation. As soon as their was a lull, he'd excuse himself to the bathroom to vigoursouly wash his hands. There was something so beautiful about cleaning, no matter where or when he found his zen inside it. He'd inspect the towels inside the restroom before deciding to use his own personal handerkchief again. He carried a total of 4 on him at all times,one was specifaclly for drying his hands.

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Ghunner Von' Powers
With that handshake, it was settled, with a huge smile he tightened with a bit of strength Ittindi's hand. While being happy this was the first person that actually wanted with a bit of eager to be Ghunner's ally, besides of Ittindi the other people that were about to become in a buddy, just right after they heard the part of that it would be the kind of partnership where the help flows in both sides, they ran away. 

He means, is right that the people don't want to help others, he knows that there are people with a huge amount of problems, however being eager to join Ghunner till they heard that they would have to put a little effort on it and would not be helped for free, is like very selfish, fortunately he doesn't want that kind of people as ally. And because of that he considers Ittindi a rare person or at least smart enough how to know that there are almost no free things in the world, and in the end that is a friendship, a thing that flows in two lines.

Doing his inner reflection, he was asked for something, well it was obvious that if he says was something like an adventurer it can make questions arise, and since now on they will be in a kind of association it was normal that they ask for the skills and utilities of each other. Though probably Ittindi didn't ask that the Ghunner with that intention, probably was more for continuing the conversation flow, even if it was the first, he didn't care. But continuing Ittindi's words, he founds out that the master of Ittindi is a swordsman, what is weird in the noblesse since they care more about of the use of the destructive magic more than the barbaric sword, what was kinda interesting, he was itching in curiosity, but first he had to answer Ittindi's question.

Actually, I am more self-proclaimed adventure, I can only use raw magic - he said with his forefinger pointing upward, then a red circle and another brown showed above his finger, in few time there were two marbles spinning around each other - by now, I have been practicing some spells, but how you can see I am an amateur with the bases, however, I am planning to use both magic items and magic if I can, my master - After say the word master he made a sour with a bit angry face a moment and continued - Always said that there is to use all things in your power, though I don't like it, he had reason.

Getting an asparagus of the soup after answering, he chewed carefully 4 seconds and then asked.

Your master is a practitioner of the swordsmanship, it is rare, in a good way, but what is itching me off since you said that your master can use a sword is, you can use one or some kind of magic? Since you are from the high world, it makes me curious what kind of style you use since you seem carefree in this place.

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Just a meeting [Ittindi] Empty Wed Apr 27, 2022 8:15 pm

Ittindi could see why he had a general affinity towards Ghunner; he proclaimed that he was an adventurer first. The memories of his Young Master echoed in Ghunner's sentiment. He mentioned that he did have some aptitude for magic, which was pretty uncommon. Ghunner seemed to broach the subject of a master. Then his face turned at the very thought. Ittindi knew the feeling, it had taken him a whole month before he could think of Knuckles father without a grimace. That was the real reason Knuckles had been banished from the family. His father's lack of parenting skills. It happened quite often with so many competent butlers around the parents feel their role should diminish. It was the contrary however, the best parents used both the butlers and their love to create the perfect environment for a noble family. Ittindi planned to help create this environment for Knuckles when he developed a new family. The idea almost brought a smile to his face. His training kicked in before any particular emotion was expressed.

"Let me give you a demonstration of my powers. They're not anything serious, but I'm working on improving."

Ittindi would extend his arm out and create a shield around his arm. The silk would interweave as the green magic circle slowly dimmed around his hand. It felt warm after it was fully summoned. He would let Ghunner examine it if he wished. Ittindi didn't plan on casting any offensive spells inside the shop. He wouldn't want to destroy what is already a disgusting restaurant. If not for the food being exquisite Ittindi would have already started cleaning. It gave the definition of a diamond in the rough.

Would Ittindi have time to shine it? Well, that depended entirely on his Young Master's reasons for joining Sleeping Calamity.  His thoughts once again occupied on possible explanations. A dark guild was just something he didn't expect.

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Ghunner Von' Powers
"It is silk? That kind of magic actually exist? Well, there are stories that sometimes one can develop magic that match with one's personality, this time seems one of those case, To an elegant sir there is a glamorous magic" Thinking it Ghunner just touched the silk shield, he didn't ask but Ittindi seemed to be agreed when Ghunner approached his hand, it was actually smooth but tough at the same, time, he couldn't evaluate the quality of this silk since never had silk in his hands, but at least he could say that the shield accomplish its function, he did little taps with a bit of strength, and it seemed like a wall, resistant however as well a little flexible, or it was the smoothness? Whichever it was, just one thing can be said, he  would never think that his current self could break that thing what made him think:

"Seriously, I'm asking for a relationship of mutual benefit when my self can not provide even firepower?" Well, he can give other things, however in this world the firepower is one of the most important things to give, this was at least in the mind of Ghunner who has passed for certain experiences which has leaded him to this thought, due to it, he noticed his huge lacking in this mission which was obtain allies, upon reaching his first ally he just got awareness of this, but, even though he could be useful in another way, his possible future allies would be in the right to apart Ghunner due to his lack of power, then he would have fewer mattresses were to fall and above all people to rely on and people who would rely on him. After seeing during like 30 seconds, the shield in all sides qualify the hardening of silk, he raised his sight and said.

-It's a good shield, I'm really surprised, maybe can be because I've been saw defensive magic few times, but it's the hardening is an impressive thing to be silk magic - then he opened his eyes wide and made a surprise face, then calmed and then with his normal face being a little disturbed for the fact that his bluff of 'I'm in control' was broken by a moment, he continued -  Talking about another matter... I was wondering how it would be your master, since I will help you out to search him I could have some description, or things to know who is him, like magic affinity, favorite attires, scars, hair color, his name things like that would be fine.

He just remembered that still he even didn't know the appearance of the person that he was supposed to search in the way of his travel. It was better to ask now than never, he hopes it wasn't very abrupt, but the fact that he still didn't ask was like a mistake to him.

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Just a meeting [Ittindi] Empty Sun May 01, 2022 3:16 pm

Silk was such a beautiful material it was no surprise that it was used in the most esteemed clothes. The majority of Ittindi's suits weren't silk as he didn't want to out dress his employer. When he found a fashionable employer, it was a pleasure to be able to wear more extravagant outfits.

Ghunner would test the durability and strength of the shield. Ittindi was pretty confident in his spell. It had been a while since he had been in a serious fight; there was a chance that Ghunner was being humble, and he could break it with a true strike. He wouldn't push him on an attempt if he wasn't comfortable. There were many that didn't want others to know the treasures they carried, and Ghunner did mention using weapons.

Ghunner talked more about his spell before bringing up a valid point. Ittindi had spoken of his master, but he hadn't given him any solid details. Ittindi almost showed a hint of remorse thinking of Knuckles, but his practice still proved stronger.

"My Young Master's name is Knuckles Shi, as for what he looks like I can only give you a general description. It has been a couple of years but he has very distinctive red hair and a handsome face. His body is slender, though I expect there to be more muscle since he started traveling. He is very well dressed, and his eyes are a light shade of pink."

Ittindi would form a mental picture as he described his former master. He wondered how different he'd look now. It had been more than a couple of years since the last time they saw each other. Ittindi looked generally the same, but what if Knuckles had forgotten about him. That would be the ultimate embarrassment, though Ittindi doubted that would happen.

Then another thought occurred to him if Knuckles was in a dark guild what would his reaction be to meeting a random person who knew his name. It probably wouldn't be something on the friendly side. Especially considering how Knuckles responded to negativity. He realized he should add a warning to his statement. After letting Ghunner absorb what he said, Ittindi would speak again.

"Just make sure you spell out that you're looking for him because of me Sir Ghunner. He's not prone to anger, but if he really is in a dark guild he might be a little paranoid of anyone knowing his name."

#13Ghunner Von' Powers 

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Ghunner Von' Powers
Thinking a little more about Ittindi as ally was a great decision his form to help him was easy it wasn't time-consuming or something what he would have to a put al his concentration into it, practically just traveling around the world he could trip into the person that he is supposed to search what was great, however he didn't have very much to offer, this wasn't much problem with Ittindi but in the future this would be a problem, but there was no time to think about that, the main point here was that Ittindi finally would give him the information about his master, drawing a little notebook from his pocket and a pencil made from wood and charcoal, Ghunner started to write down Ittindi's master information, it wouldn't be erased for the fact that it is written in charcoal since the pages were made for that, he actually had a good memory however write important thing never hurt.

That description was certainly that of a noble man, except for the muscles part, generally the nobles don't work out too often, unless they gained nobleship for being knights or something like that, but in general he had those traits of an all formed noble, whatever he probably would have to memorize those traits if he wanted to search for him seriously. After finishing the writing, Ittindi moved a bit his expression, he Ghunner didn't know what was the meaning of that, but less than a second after that ittindi Gave him an advice, well it was an obvious advise having into count the context where Sir Knuckles is inside, so was just common sense.

-Don't worry, Sir Ittindin, even I would be scared or suspicious if some weird man would come near me saying my name without I have never been seen him, The first thing that I would do is say that I'm searching him in your name - he said while he made a confident face while closing the eyes, almost every person that would see him would say that his nose was stretching though this was just an optical effect caused for his boasting.

Then he grasped the piece of carrot, tomato and soup water and ate it, "the final ones always are the best" he thought, while turned his head, he just looked Ittindi and said:

"I had fun talking with you, sir Ittindi, I'm very happy that we could start a good relationship here, however let me warn you, the help that I most probably will need is that where the danger is normal, like you did tell me which were your goals I will tell you mines" then Ghunner did a little pause and started his explaination - My goal is very simple being famous, being rich and get old with many friendships, just to show the people who made me harm that I am not screwed,  it is all, due to that how you can imagine the best and easiest way but at the same time the most dangerous way to obtain it is through adventuring, at least for people like me, due to that, if you decide give me a hand is probable that I'll ask you to do dangerous things, and I was wondering, just to be sure, are you fine with that?

Before his departure, he wanted to know if Ittindi was right with that, he knew that Ittindi know how to use magic, however don't know if he wanted to do any damage with it, or if even he was willing to asociate with someone that maybe will gain very many enemies through his path in the life, even he could just be searching his master but never touch a dangerous area like this again, he didn't know practically anything about it, so he just wanted to confirm if he was eager to help him in those ways, though like Ghunner, he could give a hand to him in another ways, and that was fine, but just be near of him is more than enough how to be in danger in the future, due to  it, he wanted to do this.

[Chaotic Rascal]

Just a meeting [Ittindi] Empty Tue May 17, 2022 6:08 pm

"Great, I wouldn't want to see you hurt. He has probably become powerful. The young master was exiled for pursing more power. I was under contract, and while I have great respect for my Young Master. I have greater respect for being a butler, I will be the greatest butler in the world. As soon as my contract ended my search began."

Ittindi would speak from the heart, though his demeanor and facial expression were cold and stoic. Summarizing his story quickly after listening to Ghunner talk about his expertise in finding others. Ghunner would continue talking as he finished his soup. He mentioned his own goals, and there was something there. Something that reminded him of his Young Master although it was unrefined and more base. That was t ypical for people who didn't come from extreme wealth. They didn't know that materials were just that.

Yes, I'm fine with what you seek. I've always been told the best way to become more powerful is through tribulation. Without true conflict how can one expect to grow? It's why I butler at some of the most squalor locations, the knowledge I gain working helps me elevate my cleaning prowess. It was great meeting you, I look forward to the danger Sir Ghunner."

Ittindi would offer his hand out to shake, before Ghunner left the bar. After that he'd make sure his tab was square before dusting himself off and goign to freshen up in the bathroom. After that he'd start making his way towards the guildhalll of Sleeping Calamity.


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Ghunner Von' Powers
Hearing the affirmative sentence of Ittindi, Ghunner would be happy, this now was his first ally, and it felt great, then shaking the hands of Ittindi the deal was seal, who would think when going for lunch would end in Ghunner having a new ally? Once their handshake ended, Ghunner just give a little tip with his own wallet while Ittindi leave the place, Ghunner has thought about the possibility that Ittindi would deceive him and just get along with the flow, what would make Ghunner not sad but enter in rage, he hates the betrayers and lairs, due to it, he would be very angry, however this was just a kind of possibility so by now he didn't mind that. By now was time not to give mind to speculations but for his next movement

Stretching in his seat, he would get up and start to walking outside from the establishment, Ghunner would do some steps and then find a relatively bad looking guy with a furious face, Ghunner then would get some money from his wallet, a save it in his pockets, the money in his wallet was just the same as the money the wallet that he snatched from that relatively bad looking guy, but slightly less. Ghunner then would collide against that person like if it was an error and while he would lose himself in the crowd, late in the night that relatively bad looking guy would find a wallet with a note that would say 'Sorry' and slight less money than what was stolen

[exit and happy en for the bad looking guy :)]

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