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Ghunner Von' Powers

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#1Ghunner Von' Powers 

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Ghunner Von' Powers


Name: Ghunner Von' Powers

Age: October/10/X772

Gender:  Male

Sexuality: Hetero

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelum

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right Collar-bone

Face: Scout - Goblin Slayer


Height: 5'9

Weight: 62 kg

Hair: Light green

Eyes: bright green

Overall: Overall, he is slim with black skin, light green hair, have that aura of someone who knows what he is doing even though he doesn't know what he is doing, probably someone with a littler better capacity of observation can discern about this bluff. He usually walks similar to a thief in his own neighborhood and always gives the feeling of someone with confidence just in the first sight.

You can say that he don't smell good when you are near, but as well it is not a bad smell, at first sight he seems neat in his clothes' hairstyle and in general, this is no more than for one of his motto "Clean to sight easy to flee"

His day to day clothing is simple, consist of large boots, camouflage pants, an utilities void belt, another belt; where to save flask and vials of water, a long sleeve linen t-shirt; the sleeves are black to be hard to see in the dark, a corset that is used to store things near of the belly and chest, and  gloves without fingers. Finally, he has a baid in his hair, it reaches till a slight more high than his chest.

Extra: He has 3 tattoos in the right and left cheek and finally in the chin, they are yellow and are in form of triangle, with the one of the tips pointing inside the face.


Personality: He just does seem secure of himself and like if he knows what he is doing, he is as well in the most case is so, and it is not like he can give that kind of sensation out of the blue he is always trying proactively to do it so, he just can bear that the people takes him like some weakling, due to that, he is always seeking give that sensation.

He is kind with every one, this is because one of his mottos "Be kind today, be rewarded tomorrow, even by the more dangerous assassin" because this Ghunner never try to get in bad terms with none, he wants to make the fewer enemies possible, he is calm and live the live slowly, he is not the sort of people that gets angered or is rash in the battlefield, he actually is cold minded, he would play jokes to his enemies and play with opponents weaker than him to finally finish them off once he is bored, in difficult combats he would flee if there is no one there in his side, he is not ashamed of this just when he judges that is danger of dying or being injured he would flee, is it not the most normal behavior in that situation?

Furthermore, he is used to being alone, though he doesn't care about, however when he has friends for real, he gets attached to them, and generally he doesn't leave them if there is no good reason, in his daily life his behavior is actually pretty similar to that before mentioned, however with some differences, he plays jokes more frequently between sometime those are very awful for the situation or very bad, however he doesn't care. He walks in same way a littler less like a some kind of bandit or thief to walk more relaxed in friendly environments, he usually gives inoffensive bad advices as joke, the people who know him say that there is to have care when Ghunner gives advices.

That is the kind of dude that he is.

However, there are 5 exceptions to this rule

First he will be worried if a person that he likes gets wounded or die, it would make him lose his cool, could be rash if this wound is almost fatal, however with people that actually he doesn't particularly like this  doesn't happen. However, he will be a little shook.

In second place he is one of those people that dislikes betrayal if he come upon a person that betrayed him, he will track they one way or another till he is sure that he can slay them, regardless of social position or consequences in some degree

In third place, he is usually bad to no foresighted things, so when suddenly something changes in the battlefield he loses his cool and start to panic depending on how this no foresighted factor is, his panicking can change in strength

In fourth, one of his weakness are his friends, his true friends, not people with which he is kind because he is being obliged by his motto nor people which he is extra kind because he is interested in a mutual benefit relation, no he is talking about really true friends, Ghunner can't bear that they be in bad state in some form, he will try to help and get out of his act and be his real self, in that point he is vulnerable as person.

Fifth if he sees a werewolf, and he has the green light to kill it, without consequences and without it ends benefited in some way he would do it without doubt, this is different to betrayers since he doesn't care about consequence, however werewolf are totally different, he doesn't want they to obtain some benefit of being killed, he hates them so much that if one of them were to suicide he would save it just to don't give it the peace of death.

  • Friends:People that he considered real friends are people that he likes the most, he likes to be near of them, play jokes, have fun, those things are thing that he likes the most, in the nutshell he likes to have friends near him
  • Vegetales: He likes them very much, he wouldn't mind eating them till die.
  • Guns: Guns are cool, they are meant to kill however they are still cool, their shape, their power, their versatility, them all are very cool, because that he is a fan of them, actually he has had one in his hands few times, however he has read so many books about those that he is certain that he would handle it, even thought what happened he will never quit liking guns.

  • Werewolf: They are an existence of the evil, they have to be eliminated and hunted till the last of them it is what Ghunner always says, just to know that someone is a werewolf and is near of Ghunner is like have a headache if he can't give it a good hit.
  • Spicy Food: Even he has his limits, spicy vegetables or foods are his total limit, he dislikes it and can't bear it.
  • Betrayers: He dislikes them with all his souls, people who sell out him, or people who only want to make harm to him is one of the things what he most hate.

His only motivation to continue fighting is money, he can have a little rough past, but he will no search for revenge, he just wants to get retired, with fame, money, women, and friend, just and bluntly like that, this is the easier way that he knows, actually if he could find them he would seek revenge but in this wide world is almost impossible to find that group, because that he will only seek that they see that they couldn't screw him up, he will become famous and successful, and maybe in the way kill them.
  • Friend's Dead: Is one of his most common fear, since he has no more people in the world than friends being alone would mean being sad and that would screw up his goals. 
  • Overwhelming Power: He mostly flees of stronger enemies not because they are stronger, but because he has fear to people with a power that surpass his own power because he always flees or try to flee when he is in presence of one person with this characteristic.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 4

Speed: 11

Constitution: 4

Endurance: 4

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Magic Artillery

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Enhancement: Double Elemental Magic: Earth

Magic Description: Allows the user to use the element of fire like if it were artillery in offensive spells. e.g, fire grenade AoE. The user has to stick his spell to those things that would be seen in a war.


History: Born in Stella from his father, Sebastian and his mother Sylphiette, he was abandoned upon his born, since his mother was an elf she denied him and escape back to her motherland triying to forget about all her affair and her son.

His dad in his side grew him into a little hunter man, he was more inclined to his human side, so he had no problem into help his father with his job, which was being the hunter of a little town in the borders of Stella, Ghunner always had problems to kill the prey so he never shooted a weapon, actually he actually just flayed the corpses with that he had no problem.

His days were normal, what you can hope about the life in such little and cramped town. The town received him well though there were a few people that decided that his half blood was awful and because that time to time he would get bad comments about his bloodline, however it was not his problem, and although he was just 8 years old he didn't mind that because he had his few friends and his dad.

However, one day they came a pack of werewolves, they attacked the town, reunited the people in the plaza and there they started some kind of induction for the new werewolves in the pack, it is what vaguely he remembered, one by one those huge beasts killed the people of the town, his dad was killed in front of his eyes, his friends as well. And when there were few people reminded, he became aware that the ropes which he was tied were loosened, he achieved to escape until reach the hut in the forest which his father and him used as house, he gripped tightly the gun which Sebastian used to hunt and then waited for the danger to pass.

However, he didn't last much since one of the werewolves followed Ghunner's essence, it was who killed his dad and his friends, he was angered so angered that he forgot the fear, however this feeling passed quickly, and he didn't shoot, the transformed beast just smelled him with confusion and then simply left the scene. He was saved, but at which cost?

Past 3 days and finally the food was over, he had to go out of the hut and go to the town. There were a horrendous scene he cried for three days, but seeing this again he cried again, searching for food there was nothing left they plundered all, then reaching the borders of that town there was a single man, sharp teeth, and with a really rare gloves, he was a huge and strong man.

Then the man just got near of the criying Ghunner like if it were nothing and said.

-Everything is right now I'm here
-Who are you?- asked Ghunner
At what he answered with an irritated tone -It doesn't matters, the important thing is that I'm here to help you.

Ghunner not cared about who was that man, the important thing is that he doesn't dislike him and that he at that moment was an emotional support. In no time he was telling his history to him, since the start of the attack till the end...

-And then I could shoot him, however I didn't, I'll never could kill anything even till today... I'm a coward.
-You want to quit being a coward?- He said with a sharp smile
-Yes, I want, but how?
-I can teach you, but it will take some time.

After those words, that man who never said his name, taught him about how to kill, not only that as well taught him how to walk properly, how to act in certain ways and things like that that had nothing to do about how to kill, as well as was taught how to use magic properly, to finally reach the age of 12, they traveled a lot across Stella, and finally Ghunner made his mind to seek revenge, as and the final travel was got back to his town, which was deserted since none wanted to live were werewolves attacked. When finally arrived, his master said.

-Go to the hut I will reach you in few time, today is finally your final task, your first kill, a wolf.
A little bad angered by that word, he followed the order of his master, though he not remembered that there were wolves in this zone.

When he arrived to the hut there was a gun just in the place where he was that day, then someone knocked the door, when Ghunner opened it expecting his master to be there, it was the werewolf that killed his dad and friends before he could react, he dispelled his transformation, and it was his master.

-What?- He squawked -You... all this time... but why? - he asked, astonished
Then his master without giving time to recover himself said -That day... when you don't shoot me, I smelled the anger, the frustration, however you just give up in revenge, instead you forgave me, even though it couldn't kill me, I felt confused at that moment, and finally came to the conclusion I should spare you, I should quit the pack because it is really awful, kill kids, kill husbands, kill wives, all of it is awful, after my initiation I became aware of it, but I snatched all of it from you, by that reason, I wanted to my sins being forgiven. So I trained you and took care of you till you could care of yourself. And this is my final purge and your last task as my student, kill me, so you can revenge and feel why it is so awful to kill - He said to finally point his forehead.

Then Ghunner became angered, all this training, all those years travelling, all those sharp smiles and fun times, were just to purge this egocentric bastard? All his effort and evolution to feed his ego and give him peace...


He shouted out with the greater anger in his life, and then shoot raw magic until that bastard was no more in this world, it didn't last even ashes, and finally he kneed down with his mana almost ran out in that now destroyed house.

-I should  have asked where were the remaining bastards, hahahahaha... AHHHH!!- He said giving up  in his revenge

And so he started his journey till current days

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