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Snitches gets stitches [Q]

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Snitches gets stitches [Q] Empty Wed Apr 06, 2022 7:30 am


She was at her kitchen cooking some boiled eggs. She knew Ragnar was probably still asleep. If not, it is training outside at the patio. The sweet came with a really long patio where they had some training dummies. They knew she was a fighter and did a lot of training, so they gave her a training dummy. She was really hoping that it was useful for Ragnar in his own training. It was made of really sturdy stuff. Out of nowhere, she heard a little flyer come through her door as they had a little opening for mail. She turned off the stove and took off the pan to put on the counter before going to her door. Once she got to the door, she saw a letter and read it out loud to herself, as apparently Neil needed her once again. There is a special location this time though. 151


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He wanted her to meet him on the Baskan Hills. She wondered what she was going to go do this time, so she went ahead and made her food and ate it. Once she was done, she grabbed water from her fridge and left the door with a note for Ragnar, telling him that she was going to go out and do some stuff. She itched the back of her head as she looked at the note once more wondering. What was she going to do this time? She left the hotel room as she went outside and towards the hills that were full of grass already from the spring. She was excited that it was going to be spring as that was when all the flowers' florists created the most beautiful bouquets. She enjoyed buying some for her table and for her bedroom as she loved colors. It made her less depressed.



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Once she got to the top, she then saw that Neil was sitting at by a tree on a log. He welcomed her before he informs her of what he needed. He tries to tell her that he needs her to torture and make sure it's stable, never tries to snitch on him again. She was wondering why he just doesn't kill the person just like her last client did. She remembered how she had tortured some people and also had a kill them afterward. Toro specifically wanted her to kill and harm the people that snitched on him. She agreed to it anyways as she did not mind torturing some people. It was a normal job that she had to do during the war. It was due to the snitches and because of the fact that they were going to betray them in some other way. Neil brought her to where she needed to torture the guy as he gave her a bag of tools.



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She sighed softly as she started to look at the tools and wanted which one she was going to use first. She licked her lips as they felt dry and asked if she could get her water. Sable looked at her weird as she was drinking in front of him, before even torturing him. She didn't really talk to him much as she wasn't ready to do that. She wondered which one she was going to do first and wondered if she should do the ones that she used during the war times. Her brown eyes searched coldly as her eyes became rather solid. Instead of shining like her normal. She started a grab a pliers and went towards his fingers as she then looked at him in the eyes. His mouth was ragged as he couldn't talk or yell or scream even. She went towards his nails and started to open the pliers up to fit them in the middle.



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She started to pull out his fingernails. She could hear the screams under the rag, but they weren't too loud as they were muffled. Blood started to pull out as they slowly were dripping onto the floor. Her breathing started to get heavy as she saw the blood and could smell it. What was about blood that made her crazy? After she was done with one fingernail, she then went to the Scapel and started to carve some drawings on him. She wanted to make a skull as she gave him pretty much a scar tattoo of a skull. Around it, she made some vines and arose as they started to bleed down her shoulder. " This will remind you of me every time you think of snitching. Every time you look at it. You will think of me.", She whispered darkly as she then started to put up all her stuff. She went to Neil and got rewarded before leaving.



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