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Tournament Arc III

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Her eyes kept glitching, the color of pink and brown. It was like something was happening to her and she completely could not understand. The more she got irritated and angry, the more these pink and red eyes came out. Her hands went on each side of her head as she rubbed out her temples. She wanted this headache to go away. She sighed softly as she walked towards her closet, going away from her mirror. She did not want to see the sight of her eyes anymore. Her long pink air was flowing against her skin. It was tickling with each movement. She wore a course at that, had thin straps on her shoulder to keep it up. Her parents were latex as they fitted it against her skin. Her whole outfit in general was showing and revealing her form and her curvaceous body. She didn't feel like putting her hair up today. 154

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She turned around to look at herself more into the mirror and thought about what Ragnar told her. Was she really giving mixed messages to people? She didn't even realize she was doing it, nor does she even know what romance was. Should she just stay away from people? Has closed as a small tear flowed down her cheek. She did not want to be seen as the type of person who flirted and wanted to sleep with everybody. She was just being herself and she swore that by not showing any emotions that none of this would have happened. Everything was happening anyways. Her eyes opened as she turned away to go towards the door and left the hotel room. Maybe she needed to find her own place to live. As she left the hotel, her eyes were revealed by the open fields that lead the path to the tournament area. 150

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The open fields felt amazing as the spring was arriving while the sun was rising. She saw the long grass fields sway left and right like a woman's wedding dress as they danced. She jogged towards the tournament area as she was wondering who she was going to fight now. How many of these were she going to do? She started to hum a song that was beautiful tune. She let her mind feel free as she thought of the words to the tune. The air felt warm as a suede and caressed her skin. Once she got in the line, she waited for her turn to sign up. She was thinking about the client, who she was going to fight for. His name is Richard and he seemed really weak, but he had an attitude that a strong man could have. Why wasn't he training to become strong so he could do this himself? 155

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The guy must be really lazy. If he didn't want to do it. She flipped her hair as it was finally her turn to write down her name for the tournament. Once she was done reading her name, she did the usual and went to go eat. She looked around to see what food they had as she saw sandwiches of all kinds and then grabbed water. She sat down next to some girls as they were talking about the tournament. She didn't even know any of these people. Or are they perhaps new to the whole fighting and ranking up? Her eyebrows, she was listening to them. They were starting to explain to each other how they were afraid to fight. Money, though, so they were doing this. They then looked at her and asked why she was doing this and told them that they also needed the money in the experience of fighting. 155

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She nodded to the both of them before she went up to leave. As she walked towards her room, she looked towards her side and noticed that there was a man that looked almost like him. The man she saw at the bar and the man she saw at the festival. She remembered his sleek black hair and his green, emerald eyes. Out of nowhere, he disappeared. So she just went on ahead and went to her room. She licked her lips as she motioned her lips in a testing motion. After she was done getting ready, she left the room to go To where she would see the list of people she was going to fight first. To the list, she noticed there was some person named Floki. That was going to be her last opponent if she won. The first opponent showed to be some woman And a guy. Were they going to be a dual? And if so, then who was going to be her partner? 169

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She looked over next to her side and saw those green, emerald eyes. He gave his smirk towards her. He turned over and grabbed her hand to give it a sweet kiss against the top of her hand. " It's lovely to see you again." He spoke in his smooth, silky voice. He then told her that she was going to be his partner for this battle. She was a little nervous inside, even though she showed she was calm. She nodded and agreed to be the partner as she really had no choice if she wanted to win this end game. They started to go out one by one, but this time they were going out at two and two. In her new partner were going out together as everyone cheered to the man and woman, and then the two. The two looked at each other as if they were in love, and then she looked over to see her partner looking at her the way they were. She was absolutely confused. 172

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She gulped nervously as she looked over to see him studying her and then the opposites. He started to explain the plan as to what they should do. She wondered if he even knew what her power was or what she was capable of. Was she just a pretty face to him? She blinked and then looked up at him, and then towards her opponent. She then got our hands ready and had her sword against her hip. Out of no where her partner took out some daggers. Was he a rogue or assassin? She was really curious as dark magic suddenly surrounded him. The other two were glowing red as one of them had an axe and the other one had a sword. She looked at him a little worried, as if he was going to do something. Out of nowhere he studied should disappear and the woman started going towards herself. It was her versus the other woman. 160

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Where did her partner disappear too? It didn't matter though, as she had to concentrate on this woman who was coming toward her with her sword. Quickly, Quilla took her own sword to get ready to defend. As the girl slammed her sword down against her sword, she then backed away. She watched the girl back away and then put her sword back in posture once again for another strike. She pointed her finger toward the girl as if she was just going to use magic. A summoning circle was under her, and then another circle was at a fingertip. Flowers were falling from the sky as they were a beautiful red. They say red was dangerous, but truthfully the most dangerous color of flower was usually white. There is no mercy with white. Hi. Saw that her partner appeared out of nowhere behind the guy with the ax and killed him already. In the shadows, he watched her go and kill the woman that was their opponent. Once they were done, he disappeared once again for now. And she went to go get the award.




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