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Bandit Act

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Bandit Act Empty Fri Apr 01, 2022 7:00 am


Once again, she was given a quest by Zim. She had a goal and meet the greedy bastard as she knew that he was going to give her a quest that benefited him. Thankfully, she did that early here as he gave her the full details of what she had to do. Her brown dark eyes looked at the disguise that she had to wear. It came with a mask and some head gear as well as a red cloak. She looked at the fake Neko outfit as well as they came with cat ears. She decided to hide behind a tree and put everything on and made sure no one was watching. After she was done with her identity, she then decided to go around the new settlement to find the best area to set up some attack. Have to wear the neko ears, but she wanted to have some fun with this.


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She looked around to see if there is any rocks or trees she could use. It may be wrong or something's up as she heard something. Quilla hurried up with her Earth magic. Quickly, she decided to hide. It didn't give a very long to do so. Making wires out of her magic she saw them coming. The Nikos looked around to see if there was anyone here. As they were doing so, she decided to make some noises as she made little earthquake ends of the floor. Her eyes wandered around to see if she could find any rocks or stones to throw. As soon as she did, she threw one at the person's feet. That was about a few meters away. They look towards the way their rocks were at, and she then saw that they were noticing her. She tried to use her lower-ranked spells so they didn't die.


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After she looked at the three, they then chased after her and she had to make it last long. At her side as she decided to fight one of them. As they realize that one of them was not good enough to defeat her, they decided to join in. She decided to use an ultimate push as she wanted to push them away. Thankfully, they all fell down as they decided to get back up soon after, though. Finally, the guy that she was working for decided to show up as she was supposed to lose against him. She could not make it look easy though, as they didn't want to look suspicious.

Zim looked at her as if they were acting as if they were tough. They went forward and attacked as she decided to block with her sword. Zim dashed back as she decided to just stand there, as if she was going to cast a spell. His face seemed scared, as if he didn't know what was going to happen. But then she decided to pretend that she was going to and she had no mana. After they had done and she escaped, she decided to get her reward later that night.


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