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The Cat cried wolf

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The Cat cried wolf Empty Thu Mar 31, 2022 12:35 pm


She looked around to see where she was going. Worth woodsea, apparently, was full of trees and darkness as much as Dahlia. She was looking for some guy that she was going to help as his name was Zim for short. He was pretty cute as she looked at his face and then his eyes directly. Apparently he was a big coward who wanted help to do what he was challenged to do. She was supposed to go and do all this for him, to prove that he was worthy of something. She went to go locate some wolves that has been threatening his whole entire clan. Her brown eyes looked everywhere, and soon she found The Cave, who she saw where wolves. The pack of wolves gazed at her with hunger, yet with desperation to protect themselves. Her heart was starting to hurt as she felt pain for them as she had to get rid of them. It was her job.

She took out her sword and ran at them as she wanted to slice them, but then she took out her hand and made a blast. Underneath them, cracks are starting to rise as the Earth was starting to crack. She could hear the whimpers of their cries as they started to die. Next, she saw the alpha come out as it was in need to be beheaded. She could not give them mercy, not like the other three. She took out her sword and ran at him as she twirled towards her right as it jumped at her forward to slice downward through his neck. Sighing, she gripped the head and gave it to Zim, leaving no trace of herself.



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