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Tournament Arc II

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She was looking at her sword as she was getting ready to prepare for battle. This was going to be the second round for her as the last round was with that guy in the axe. She also went against two other people who she forgot about already. Quilla combed her pink long hair as her brown eyes glistened with excitement. Wearing long boots, leggings and a black shirt today. On her waist was a belt made of fine leather. To wear an outfit that she knew wasn't going to mess her up when she was battling someone.

Maybe she should put her hair up as well as she knew long hair was a weakness. She looked around in a room for a long ponytail to wrap her hair around. Perhaps she will wear a black one that has a cute little skull on it. On this call was a little red Ruby.


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She saw the let her fingers go through their strands of her hair. Each strand felt like silk through her fingers as she started a wrap it around her hair. The rubber band was feeling tight around her finger. No, she didn't. Hurry up. Her hair was going to mess up or her fingers were going to her and turned purple. After the bun was done of her hair, she then left her room to go down the stairs. Her eyes look towards the tournament area as she saw a line of people. After last time, more people started to require her assistance in winning the money. She did not mind during it, as it helped the people around her.

Some of the weak people even needed the money, which she did not mind helping them as well. It was not a sign of weakness as it was to help.


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Continued on her walk as she felt the dirt go around her shoes. She saw she just got them cleaned. She didn't care, though, as she had a mission to do so. She kept walking and gazed toys. All the people who were slowly looking at her. She stood there in confidence as she was not scared at all about any of them. Her eyes gazed away from them as she was wondering if they were testing her or not. Whether or not they were testing her, it didn't matter to her because she had to get this job done to get the money and the experience. After she signed up, she then went to go towards where everyone was making the food and preparing themselves for the fire. She looked around and saw that there was some soup and eggs. She heard that eating eggs was very good for strength.


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She found a group of people and started to sit down with them. Everyone was sharing their stories as to why they were fighting in this tournament. She knew there was no point of really introducing yourself other than maybe her name. They were not going to talk to each other afterwards anyways. She started a stab at her age as she ate one at a time, with each one being a half. After they were, everyone was done. Everyone picked up their stuff and started a pack as they all went inside the tournament arena. She was looking at each one, wondering which one she was going to fight next. Her heart was pounding as she was getting nervous. It's normal to get nervous.

She grew a smile as much as she could, as she didn't want to seem like she was cold hearted as everyone was watching her go towards the board to see who was fighting who.


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Her eyes gazed at the board and look down the list to see where her name was. She saw she was going to fight some brute as she turned around. Who is winking at her? "Hey Beautiful. After I'm done with you, you're not gonna want to go back to any other man.". He gave the false kisses as he then turned around to prepare himself. Everyone stared at her as if they were giving her pity. She sighed softly as she then went away to go prepare herself. Everyone was given an hour to prepare and to relax before going out to battle. It was a common role when you ate. She glared at the mirror as she looked at herself, reminding her that she needs to beat the crap out of this person. Once her name was called out, she went out there with her joyan shining sword.

It was against her hip as she was ready to do what she needs to do. Was she going to kill this guy if she won? Was he going to kill her? The door slowly opened as she stood there next to it, sun shining at her face making her wince.


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After the door finally opened, she started a walkout and stood where they were supposed to stand. The other person store opened as it revealed the guy who was making faces at her earlier. She just called. You stared at him with really no expression. He had a dirty little smirk as he made hand motions. " I'm ready for you, sweetheart." Cold here as he made more kissy sounds. They both looked up to see if they could fight already, and the person in charge put their hand down. The guy had a sword in his hand just like her. They both went at each other at the same time as a clash swords. It seemed like he had a little bit more strength in her, but she had more willpower than him. There is no way she was going to lose to this guy. She used her feet to kick him in the middle in between his legs. She had a played dirty or else he will next. The glint in his eye said so. Here is that in the fact that she heard a rumor from some girl that he was going to do something to the girl he was fighting. After defeating him she left to get a reward after stepping on the guy's back like he was a rug.


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