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Something Blue [Q]

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#1Khalfani † 

Something Blue [Q] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 10:59 pm

Khalfani †
Dex was truly a strangely interesting individual. It was clear he wasn't all the way in his right mind, but Khalfani had taken a liking to him. Dex lived peacefully in his own world, he was different, and the commander had no other option but to respect that. When Dex reached out to the black panther and asked to meet up, Khalfani couldn't refuse. Truthfully, he was interested in what Dex had to say. Would it be another adventure exploring some non-existent clues? Maybe another murderer on the loose? Whatever it was, the Paradise Dawn guild member would find out in no time. The river was quickly approaching and there Dex was sitting right in front of it as he gazed over the waters. He seemed sad though, Khalfani could see it all over his face as he sat beside him. The two were friends at this point, Khalfani had a soft spot for the man because while everyone called him crazy, he was by far one of the most genuine people he had met in Orchidia city.

#2Khalfani † 

Something Blue [Q] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 10:59 pm

Khalfani †
Khalfani began by asking what was wrong. it took a moment for Dex to speak but once he did it became evident that something was not only upsetting him but making him nervous. Concerned, the spellsword gave all his attention to his new friend and listened actively. Apparently across the river there was a blue orb that had some magical power. Dex had no idea what it came from but it triggered him. That was it. Dex started crying and dropped his head into his lap so Khalfani decided that he would see what this blue ball was for himself. Dex followed behind them as they walked alongside the river. Dex continued to explain what happened. The blue ball made him see things he didn't want to see, things that happened in his life that made him the way he was. Up ahead Khalfani could see the shiny blue ball.

#3Khalfani † 

Something Blue [Q] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 11:00 pm

Khalfani †
He told Dex to stay behind them as the two of them slowly approached. Khalfani was the first to slowly reach out to touch the ball. He was curious and something was telling him to feel its glory. However, when the Dragon Slayer touched the blue orb memories of his past began to bubble in his mind. No, these memories weren't good memories...they were horrible memories, memories that he had buried deep within his mind for good reason. Suddenly a blast from the blue ball knocked them both away. Ten minutes later, Khalfani woke up and saw Dex laid out, blood dripping from his forehead. Immediately he picked him up and travelled back towards the hospital, a man he hadn't known saw Khalfani pulling Dex and helped him. What the hell was that blue ball and why was it there? It was obviously magical, what else could do something like that? Khalfani waited for Dex to wake up in his room, making sure that he was okay. Dex was scared still, but grateful and paid Khal for being there.


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