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Brawling Blacksmith

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Brawling Blacksmith Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 9:57 am


Today she was going to meet Godfrey again. She was not sure for what, but she was going to get ready to go anyways. She brushed her long brown hair as it changed color once more. She was wondering if it had to do with her emotions, that it made it change color. She no longer had to even diet as it changed from white to brown to black to pink. It was a slow motioning color as it was per day and not every single moment of her life. So why did it happen now and not later? She kept looking at her face to see how young she looked. After getting this spell from Karisa, she was now a little younger. Will he think she was pretty? Or even more beautiful than he thought she was at first? The thing she feared the most could happen, as not everyone is beautiful forever.


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She was ready to go as she put on her boots and went towards Godfrey. As soon as she got there, he started to give the details about how he wanted to make sure that he wasn't going to get scammed. Was because Godfrey wasn't that smart yet really strong. There was a possibility of it as he was really strong. Must jump sellers were really smart, but not strong. Yet there is a rare chance that they could be both. She agreed to become his bodyguard and watch out for any scams from the seller. As soon as the seller arrived, she noted that he was strong looking. They all sat on a round table as they looked at each other quietly for a moment. Things did begin as the gemstone was shown to them. She looked at the cellar and then at the gemstone which was really pretty.


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As they were talking, she realized that this was not as expensive as the guy was trying to make it. Quilla was getting really tired of how this guy was trying to scam Godfrey. She started to rub her eyes and then her temples as she was getting frustrated. At first, he was starting to make it sound like it was worth millions. But there's a gem. Wasn't that amazing? Nor was it that rare. Poor Godfrey was trying to make it a little bit lower in terms of price, but the guy was a little stinging about it. She told Godfrey that she needed to talk to him in private. As soon as they went into the back, she looked at the seller once more and then told him about it. She didn't want him to get scamed, so she told him how he was trying to sell him something more expensive than it should be.


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She could see the face as he was getting really angry at that fact. He asked her if she was really sure about it. She was absolutely positive about it and that's what she told him. He nodded towards her and thanked her before he went out there with an angry face. The seller somewhat had fear written all over his face. Godfrey wanted to attack the seller and went ahead and did so. It was obvious that he wanted help from her so she Head and helped him attack him with her fist. Her soiled would obviously kill him, so she made sure to not use it. Godfrey started to hold him while she punched him and started the threat. Him that if he ever wanted to see the light of day ever again, that they would indeed sell it for less. Thankfully, they agreed, and so Godfrey was thanking her while giving her the money.



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