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Rat Catcher

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Rat Catcher Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 12:13 pm


Today she was going to meet some guy named Godfrey. She never met the guy, nor has she ever heard of him, but all she knows is that he has a blacksmith shop. Quilla has heard that he was quite the beefcake. Today, she just wore her leather pants and leather jacket over a white crop top. For her shoes, she decided just wear normal sneakers that were black with white strings. Long pink hair was flowing behind her as she walked every step. As she went towards the blacksmith shop, she witnessed a robbery. Saw that the guy went over and stole a sword and ran off with it. She wondered what made people want to steal weapons. It was obvious that they wanted to protect themselves, but this was not the way. Too bad she did not have any of her spells as she was not able to do anything.


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Nothing about him running anyways, other than chasing him or throwing her sword. Really, he was too busy to do it himself, so he asked her to go get it for him. He was rather demanding and didn't even bother asking as he just Told her to do it. Before she ran off, she heard him say that she could break his leg if she had to. She didn't really think about it much as she didn't want to resort to breaking people. She reached the side of her head before running off after the dude who was the thief. The chase started as if they were the rat and she was the cat. Quickly running as fast as she could, he was already ahead of her due to the quick start. There are many people around, so she had to be careful not to hit anybody and make sure to not cause a ruckus.


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She started her chase even further as she started to follow him directly. Each curve in each length that he did, she would get a little closer as she knew how to get around. It was all because of that kid that she knew how to get around. Her eyes looked around to make sure she wasn't going to smack into anybody, as that would just cause trouble for her, too. She was not really knowing where this guy was going to end up going. She sighed softly as she was unsure where this guy was going to stop or maybe stop when she threatens him. She tried to yell out to him, but he ignored her as he just kept on running. She was getting really annoyed with this as her patience was thin. She licked her lips and then glared towards him as her cold eyes glistened hard.


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She went with her last resort as she yelled out fire for everybody to get out of the way. As they look towards the direction she hurried up in, ducked behind tall people. She hurried up and got out of the way as she then ran in the middle of everybody who got out of the way finally. She grabbed her sword and threw it at the guy who dodged so hard to the right that he ran into a wall. He fell onto the ground and that was when she finally caught up to him. She grabbed her sword and pointed right at him, who then was trying to use his side but fumble down due to fear. She put her sword away and dragged him by their shirt to give him to Godfrey. As Godfrey looked, she saw that he was getting things ready. As she walked away after getting rewarded, she could hear screams of torture.


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