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Questionable Recruitment Practices

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Questionable Recruitment Practices Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 7:59 pm


Today she had to read this really long letter and learn about this guy she was working for. The fact that this guy was unknown to her made her feel wary. She has not heard anything about some guy named Cain. Her eyes read the letter and then went towards where she was supposed to meet Kane. High risk and even more than realized that she was supposed to find a large group of adventurers for some experiment. He had enough jewels to even pay her. If she finds enough. There was a rumor that he found a place for them to explore some tune. She walked towards the town and to see if she could find anyone who would want to go to these tombs. She noticed a guy who was arguing with someone and then realized he had some gear. Going to ask him first as if it was someone or no one.


Questionable Recruitment Practices Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 7:59 pm


She went towards the guy who was with other people. Truth really is she didn't even want to do this, but she was getting paid to talk to people today. The guy was talking to two girls who seemed to be really fragile. Were they infatuated with him? She didn't care if she went to him and then asked if he was interested in an adventure and it paid well. You could see the sparks in his eyes and told him that he had two other buddies with him that were at the bar if she would want to go with him. She agreed and he told the two girls goodbye. As she was walking away, the two girls glared at her and then walked away in a huff. As soon as they got to the bar, he studied it, introduced her and then found out that they already heard that she was talking to him. They agreed and so she went to find Cain to talk about them.


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