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No Stone unturned

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No Stone unturned Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 2:04 am


Her assistance was requested by some man named Mattoro, but then she remembered that he was the guy that wanted her to do stuff with the mines. They started to lead her to the hideout where they were going to meet in some abandoned warehouse. She was wearing a cloak and some combat boots for the day as her sword was attached to her left hip. She was ready for anything because of that fact. Her eyes looked at Mattoro who was patiently waiting for her as they then approached the guy. He started to give details of what she needed to do as there were contractors that were having a meeting in a few to an extra day as they will all be together. She will have to find out about each one and their schedule and the way they looked. She wondered how that was important, oh well.


No Stone unturned Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 2:04 am


She walked towards the street towards where the town started. It was first a man named Kalaus, a good-looking young man who had white hair, red eyes and glasses. He seemed about her age if anything. Her eyes scanned every part of his body and soul as he was very Icebergian looking. Next she left the trees as she went to some food place where she was tipped off by a man named Giroud. He loved cheese dishes as Fiorian dishes were topped with cheese. He was a rather large fellow who wore a brown and white business suit. She then left the window and area where she was and went to the museum where she met Frankan. He had brown hair, dark black eyes and was tired looking. Unlike the built and large man, he was scrawny. She wrote down his details and returned to the Cold Collier's base where Mattoro waited. She gave him everything he wanted and left.


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