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Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)

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#1Aeris Umata 

Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Empty Wed Mar 23, 2022 7:46 pm

Aeris Umata
How odd was it to be so young looking yet carry mannerisms befitting a budding elder, doing so came with a lot of stares if one could imagine that, now part of something far bigger than she ever hoped to be, Aeris wanted to make sure she could carry her weight in more for the sake of herself as well as her new guild members, Paradise Dawn. The name was starting to have a nice ring with it every day.

So, it was time for Aeris little vacation to end and get back to work, work in which she found none to fast. Traveling the mountain side various sides, Aeris found herself now at the Dawncliff mine site. Aeris herself could hardly say she ever did a mining job before, but she has had to endure in the fields of the farm of her gone village, shoveling dirt to plant vegetables, how much different could it really be?

Paradise Dawn not to far from the mountain, Aeris track to the mines was one meant in haste only because she had did research on the man that requested the mining workers, a man by the name Berias Daunt, a rich noble or something of the likes.

But Aeris was actually feeling sleepy today, she was going to go home now..



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#2Kuwahara Yori 

Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 7:46 pm

Kuwahara Yori

Since joining Paradise Dawn, Yori had not had the opportunity to fully explore Sieghart Mountains. Apart from the guildhall, all he had seen was its endless rocky terrain. Luckily, today would be his chance to do just that. Moments ago, Yori accepted his first quest as a guildsman at Dawncliff Mine. The client was an old man named Berias Daunt, a supposed noble - or so he heard. The adventurer was no fan of noblemen; however, he did not fancy the idea of men just as conniving having their eyes set on the area.

"Another day, another dollar."

As Yori walked through the guild entrance, the cold glare of his guildmates weighed heavily on his neck. Rumor of an unorthodox man filled with hate for magic spread quickly around the guild. It seemed that they did not like the idea of a fellow guild member despising their kind. Little did they know, Yori understood their sentiment. As much as they could not stand his sight, neither could he stand theirs. Nevertheless, he ventured forth to Dawncliff Mine in search of Berias.

The mine was as historic as the books had portrayed it. Vines zig zagged in all directions created a kind of blind for the passageway. Unfortunately, Yori's time spent admiring the scenery was cut short at the sight of a woman. "And who might you be?" Her hair was a luscious scarlet red, and her skin was pristine but strangely pale.

"Whoever she is... she seems off."


Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Empty Fri Apr 01, 2022 6:52 pm

She had been tracking her sister through the lands of Fiore ever since she felt their connection to each other fade a little each day, the gods worked in mysterious ways she knew that, through her connection she felt her sisters life fading but as mysterious the way of the gods was, she could not allow her sister death, nor could she accept it just happening, not without her intervening to stop it, after all she was the one who sired her little sister, it was her responsibility to bare and so she would, now the first step was to try and find her sister.

On the trail of her sister as she walked she had crossed from the west and now found herself in the north? Asking about a maiden with scarlet hair it seemed that she had meant someone in Port Astera in the west but after that a small time crook that did some business with her said she was on her way to north, specifically to Sieghart Mountain and although Cailyn could not understand her sisters pathing, she still came to the mountains.

Finally, Cailyn tracked down her sister presence close by DawnCliff mine, she had managed to do a bit of history check on the place, the cliff being famous for supplying what seemed like a near endless supply of minerals for the mountains inhabitants. Perhaps her sister was here for mining herself? Arriving at the Cliff entrance she could see plenty of people gathering and she eagerly looked around only to realize her sisters presence was strong but she wasn't there, did she just miss her? The gods must be laughing at her for there amusement.

Saddened to see her sister not actually there, Cailyn took around at the scene of various people now that she knew her sister wasn't in the vicinity, now that she looked there were plenty of strong men and some women all carrying some type of mining equipment, considering the history and all of this place she supposed they were there to mine.

It wasn't until she looked just a bit further out did she notice a wooden stage was in front of them, a stage that began to fill as a partially chubby male  walked to it's front assumingly to make a speech Cailyn didn't care for. However Cailyn did stay to hear that the people present were in fact hired to mine, the person in charge Berias hiring all attending to mine for a very little in comparison to what Berias was taking away, a rip off artist in the flesh.


#4Kuwahara Yori 

Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 11:20 pm

Kuwahara Yori
Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Yori-min

Kuwahara Yori

桑原 依里
Perhaps it was how Yori had addressed the young woman that caused her to leave so abruptly. As she gradually faded from his sight, crowds of people began to swarm the mine. They all appeared to be of different backgrounds; even some shady-looking figures lurked about the place. "Oh.. this is just great." The sidebar conversations among the group started to simmer down as a man bathed in cashmere wool presented himself atop a wooden platform near the mine's entrance.

"Ahem... I am the Berias Daunt, entrepreneur, and owner of many fine things. I have summoned you to plot out the mines and locate only its most lucrative areas. Whoever can return the best results will be rewarded in gold. I implore you to be cautious of old mining equipment and whatnot while passing through the mine."

"What about equipment...?!" someone in the crowd yelled.

Berias did not even bother trying to hold back his laughter. "You're on your own."

Such wicked behavior was typical of nobility and left a horrid feeling inside the adventurer. As expected, the crowd had a negative response to Berias' speech. However, it took only a glimpse of the pile of gold for them to turn the other cheek. "Simpletons... all of them." One by one, groups started to form among the crowd - prepared to take on the challenge ahead.

Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Untitled-2
Made by Yori

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Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Sig-min

Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Empty Tue Apr 26, 2022 5:15 pm

Although Cailyn had lost her orginial muse in coming to the location, as the chubby man dressed in some fine wool clothing made his way upon a grandiose wooden stage Cailyn wanted to at least hear what they had to say on the off chance perhaps it held some valuable information. Being a live for a span of one entire life, Cailyn knew the look of a noble, or one with the confirmed notion in there head the poor or anything of the like were intolerable and deserved to be used then discarded as they pleased.

So the man that introduced himself as Berias Daunt immediately struck that cord in her head telling her that he was either from or bought into nobility. Setting aside her personal feelings on the matter Cailyn did bother to continue listening as he named himself something of a entrepreneur as he mentioned he owned a few businesses. A mute point, Daunt did however begin to get to the real point of his conversation.

#6Kuwahara Yori 

Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Empty Sun May 08, 2022 10:19 pm

Kuwahara Yori
Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Yori-min

Kuwahara Yori

桑原 依里
Before he knew it, everyone was rushing towards the mine's entrance. Considering this was a race, they certainly had the right idea. So, without delay, Yori made his way there as well. He brushed away the vines that hid the entrance with his right arm and then proceeded with caution. The ground beneath them was noticeably unstable, and everything around was old and broken. Every step they took was accompanied by the sound of dirt crumbling. The lights that hung from the ceiling flickered now and then. "How lovely." he said to himself sarcastically.

The door leading deeper into the mine had multiple locks and levers, including warning labels probably left by past workers. It was clear that this site would be dangerous and that navigating it would be even more so. Someone managed to open the door within five minutes after taking down all its safety precautions. "Have at it, fellas!" they would yell back to the rest of the people waiting in line. Luckily, Yori was ahead of the line because it had grown in no time.

With his pickaxe laid against his shoulder, the adventurer entered the darkness. The sound of all their footsteps began to fill the mine.

Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Untitled-2
Made by Yori

Whats mine is mine(Cailyn/Yoru)  Sig-min

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