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A path way. (Center to north.)

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A path way. (Center to north.) Empty Tue Mar 22, 2022 2:46 pm


Kai having finished his need to check out this area readies himself to travel through his portal magic to just walk through and appear back in the north to relook at rush valley to look again for this weapon that feels like is calling him from there, like he was fated to find something there but he doesn’t know if it is there or if it is somewhere else in the north but it calls to him and the wind flows making his wandering soul flare up.

Revy thinks Kaito has become obsessed with this sword that is calling to him rather it was real or some side effect from his dimensional powers that he has he has been acting strange.

Kaito moves two fingers and a grand portal appears and he walks into it with Revy tailing right be hind him as he walks through the path behind them closing as soon as they entered.

(156) ((exit)

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