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Am I Really doing this. (Closed) [MMG – Preparations]

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Am I Really doing this. (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] Empty Sun Mar 06, 2022 10:56 pm


Kaito walks into Hargeon, he dodges around people so not to bump into anyone, he had been told that he was to met with one of his new friends from Blue Pegasus here cause she had wanted him to come and join against his fears of causing a panic if someone was to bump into him some how.  He goes to the spot he was told to meet her and he took a seat and he looks at the designs and things on the table. Little do many of the people not super close to him he is pretty good at making clothes and repairing them so he figures this should probably be easy to do though he doesn't want to start making his scary don't touch me costume till Kailani were to show up and see if she was looking to give him some feed back what she doesn't see as fit for this, or if she is looking to stop him from trying to make it too scary or freaky looking.

Revy jumps down and she looks around and wonders what kind of cute costume she should make or what she thinks Kai is gonna be making for himself and what Nimbus will be having on for the event but she doubts Renji will be looking very cool.


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#2Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
As the wood elf popped her head around the corner she spied Kaito staring at the materials on the table before him, seemingly deep in thought. She herself already had a costume created thanks to the hard work of her feline companion and had it sitting in her room waiting for the big day. However, if her friend was going to attend the event she was planning to drag him along to, then he'd be in need of one too.

Tucked under one of her arms were some of the leftover silks she had, they weren't the highest quality, as Nimbus had kept pointing out to her, but they were better than most of the other options. She had figured it would be best not to let them go to waste and give them to Kaito to use for his own.

The exceed on her shoulder was about to call out when Kailani covered his mouth, hushing him as she used her naturally soft steps to sneak up behind the male before whispering softly.

"Well hello there, handsome." She'd tease with a smug grin, hoping to catch him off-guard.



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He jumped slightly at the sudden whisper in his ear and a warp portal opens in front of him sucking the table away. "Whoops sorry." He looks at her his face is a crimson red embarrassed that he had just warped the table away. he brings the table back out placing it back where it was. People around him are staring at him with dirty looks and the owner looks like they are about three seconds from calling the guards on him for the magic he just did in front of the group of people. He looks at her and he is still red all over his face and he isn't wearing his mask. "H-h-h-hi Lani sorry I just made a scene like that in front of you, probably not good for your guilds rep to be seen with someone causing trouble." He looks down at the table thinking this has really all gone so wrong so fast.

Revy walks over to Nimbus and she looks at him. "A lot has happened to him since you last saw him." She rubs the back of her head not sure where she should start with that story.

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#4Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani blinked once, then twice, a third time, did the table just... disappear then reappear? Completely in a daze over what just occurred, she barely registered his stammering words. Clearly, by his reaction it was his doing, so he was learning some sort of spatial magic? Fancy.

"Ah... r-right, It's fine... " She muttered, glancing around the room and shooting an apologetic look at the store owner who shook his head and went back to his own things. Fortunately, she had a decent enough reputation within the town and the people at this point that they'd trust her on these sorts of matters.

"It seems every time I think I've caught up with people, they've bounded ahead." The wood elf sighed to herself, "Anyway, right!" She clapped her hands together, smiling brightly, "Costume, do you have ideas? If not I think Nimbus had some." She'd look over at the black and white feline that was still gaping at what just happened.

"Huh? Uh...  Did you guys say something?" He scratched the back of his head, finally snapping out of it and realising that both Revy and Kailani were looking in his direction. Had they said something to or about him?



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He looks to her and he smiles trying to push his embarrassed feelings down rubbing that back of his head, he feels bad he is causing her trouble again. "Nice to see you and I was thinking of making myself something very do not get close to me stuff." He looks at Nimbus and he smiles. "She said you have an idea for me." He wonders what the exceed has up his sleeve for the now more trouble than he is worth mage. He hopes what ever it is is well planned cause Kai didn't even think about himself having to come here let alone have to make a costume for it to wear. He is sorta embarrassed that he is under prepared for this. Though he already wears a mask and strange clothes normally so his normal look would fit in more.

She looks at Kailani and she smiles. "If you have any questions about that magic you can ask me while he is busy and I will tell you anything you wish to know." She winks to more show she is gonna tell her without letting Kai know about her letting Lani know it.

#6Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"Oh uh yes, I do!" Nimbus quickly switched from his state of confusion and fully into workshop helper mode. He'd look over the bits and pieces Kaito had brought and was planning to put together, feeling the material in his paws. The feline began tossing some on the ground and placing others gently to the side, working out what could and couldn't be used to perfect his masterpiece, all the while muttering to himself, "Hmm, yes... no... oh that's nice... ew gross."

"Oh, shall we go get drinks then?" Kailani spoke up loud enough to gather attention from the two boys, to which Nimbus waved her off.

"You know what I like." He hummed fully focused on his work. Once she knew what Kaito wanted she'd escort Revy away from the table, and slowly towards some vending machines so they could talk a bit more privately.

"Alright tell me everything, when did he learn that? And can he still use wind magic?" She'd ask curiously, afraid that he might have lost his pretty frosty aura when singing. The wood elf would take a seat next to the vending machine, not bothering to actually get the drinks just yet.



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He watches Nimbus at work, he sees that this Exceed seemed to have paws and an eye for detail he smirks unsure of what this cat has in mind but he can tell he knows the finer details of this craft. Kai looks over to Lani with a smile. yeah a fruit punch if they have it, if not a sweet tea. he smiles looking back to the exceed feeling across the fabrics.

Yeah let’s go and do that.  Revy walks with the woman knowing that she is probably gonna very disappointed by what had happened to Kai and how Kai could no longer use his wind magic and lost his wings. Something weird happened while we were traveling home from a job he and I got pulled into a portal, there was a female version of Kai with half white half black hair… she stays close to the woman cause she has never been to Hargeon before and she really didn’t want to get lost in this place through Kai could probably find her fast enough.

She told him of another him in a different dimension that is the opposite of him and not good killing Kai’s from other dimensions and his allies. So Kai became a dimensional dragon slayer. He be grudgingly had to forfeit his wind and frost magic for it. She looked at Lani and she wonders how the wood elf will react to hearing the magic she liked so much is now gone, she wonders if the woman will no longer like Kai because he no longer has the winf and frost magics.


#8Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
The fact he'd lost his pretty much was saddening, but that feeling was overpowered with worry over Revy's story. The wood elf didn't quite understand the whole dimensional thing, but the fact someone was trying to harm him made her anxious.

"I-Is he going to be okay? Is there something I can do to help? Does this have something to do with the curse?" She quick-fired a bunch of questions in a panic, glancing back over to where they had come from, thinking of the now fellow dragon slayer that hadn't even shown a hint of having these kinds of things going on. Her brow furrowed, why did he feel the need to keep all his troubles to himself?

Meanwhile Nimbus was starting to get to work, pulling a measuring tape out of his little red sack as he ordered Kaito to move around and help measure him up. With a satisfied grin, the exceed rubbed his paws together, taking the fabrics he deemed worthy of his time and directing the human about to help hold pieces out here and there so he could cut them to the right size.


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Revy nods at her, she herself was worried about Kai as well cause he loved his magic but he knew he needs to get stronger and protect the people he cares about. The other man’s curse is he shows people images of bless and happiness so everyone wants to be close to him he seems to think if he kills other himself the curse will break. she thinks it is selfish and self serving how the other Kai is and it doesn’t matter beyond that. I think Kai will be okay, but I guess since Kai lost his magic a wind mage like you won’t want him anymore right ?

Revy wonders if Lani’s feelings toward Kai had changed and Revy had asked super bluntly right there if the wind mage had feeling for Kai had changed or not because he lost flight. It isn’t that she thinks Lani is that shallow it is just she seemed to fall for his magic.

Kai knowing what he is doing works well with the exceed like a well oiled machine to get this costume and other pieces cut and measured to perfection, he wonders what is taking Revy and Lani so long. He figures if they aren’t back as soon as this is done he will go to look for them. He hopes they are safe and not in any trouble out there.


#10Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani felt her fury growing at this other version of Kai, what kind of selfish thinking was that kind of bullshit? The wood elf clenched her fist as she took a deep breath, calming herself. There was no point ranting and taking out her anger here, it wouldn't be fair to poor Revy who had been through all this with him. Focused on calming herself, Kailani found herself surprised by the exceeds next words.

"What? Nono, I still want him!... Ah! I mean, I definitely still want to be around him! I promised to be his friend before I even knew about his magic, remember?" Kailani stammered frantically, in an attempt to reassure the crimson kitty, "His magic was really pretty, but that wasn't why I hung out with him, and um.. dimensional magic sounds cool too, way cooler even... er..." She continued desperately, struggling to find a way to word her feelings properly.

Soon enough Nimbus and Kaito had put together the main components of the design with only a few of the finer details left to go. The exceed was impressed by the male's skills, they made a fine team indeed. However, weren't the girls supposed to be back with drinks by now? The feline scratched his chin wondering momentarily what was taking them so long, but shrugged it off as he continued to put on the finishing touches.


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The exceed giggles and looks up at her. I got you to admit it I see. He pats the woman’s arm gently understanding it has to be hard for her to admit that. He is a dimensional Dragon slayer so it is a bit more than spatial magic. she gently hugs the woman’s arm. I do remember you befriending him be before his magic showed. she laughed softly knowing she is probably just making the girl more confused than she already was.

Kai looks at Nimbus If you need anymore things I can warp them here like better materials we could sneak off and be back before the girls know we went any where.  He had a sneaky smile and he wonders what else this young artist might need to bring this master piece to life and round out the finishing touches. But he wanted to be fast so the girls didn’t find out they had gone missing for a small bit of time.


#12Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"I didn't mean it like...uh..." The wood elf felt her face grow hot, her cheeks turning a deep crimson that could rival the fur of the feline beside her. Kailani still found it difficult to fully comprehend her feelings, she definitely enjoyed spending time with Kaito though, and found herself thinking about him quite often lately. Which was one of the things he'd mentioned the first time they'd met, but that also didn't necessarily mean anything either. She thought about a lot of her friends, forever worrying if they were okay without her around.

Rather than directly refuting it, she just sighed, trying to calm her racing heart, giving Revy a small pet as she clung to her arm. Her fur was always so soft and silky, unlike Nimbus' gritty fur, he really should clean himself more.

"Hmm..." The black and white exceed scratched his chin, trying to figure out what they were missing, it was looking rather incredible if he did say so himself, but it was definitely missing something. He just couldn't quite put his paw on what it was. Wait!

"We need golden thread!" He announced loudly, eyes sparkling at Kaito to fulfill the request, the mage had already claimed he could.



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Revy giggles and pats her arm. "Sorry you are fun to tease, I don't think you should rush your feelings." The female exceed liked teasing this wood elf, she was sure Lani liked Kai, but she wasn't sure she, liked liked him. She enjoyed how soft Lani's hands were compares to poor Kaito and his normal questing gloves. "I think we should probably get back to the boys before they cause a scene getting us in trouble as a whole." She was teasing of course cause she know that even though Kai doesn't show it he is somewhat excited to have been invited by Lani today.

Kai looks at the exceed as he was doing his final inspections and seeing what he might need from Kai and the second the exceed opened his mouth with what he needed Kai was already in a dimensional portal to get what the exceed had wanted and then was right back in the next second on the other side of the exceed than he was went he left him. Kai puts the golden threads down next to Nimbus and he hopes they are the right shade of gold that he was envisioning on adding to this already well made masterpiece the exceed had made.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"Uh, yea,  we should go make sure that Nimbus hasn't done anything to anger Kaito..." Kailani nodded, about to get up and leave as she recalled they were supposed to be getting drinks first. Quickly shoving the necessary jewels into the vending machine she'd press the buttons for herself, Kaito, and Nimbus, but left Revy to make her choice last as she hadn't told her what she wanted yet. Once they had drinks in hand they'd begin to walk back to where the boys had been hard at work.

"Perfect~" Nimbus purred, sewing the final little detailing along the edges of the attire with his paws. His movements were quick and precise, clearly skilled in the art of sewing from his years at the workshop. The end result was a fantastic outfit, comprising mostly of black and deep blue material with some red and white in the mix. Finally, the golden thread had been used for both trimming and decorating with small golden stars that glimmered as they hit the light.

"Alright, all that's left is for you to try it on." The exceed announced giving a thumbs up, "You know you weren't a half-bad assistant." The feline complimented, with a smirk.



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Revy smiles softly at the woman, she hopes she hadn’t made her upset at her. Revy hops up and pushes a sweet tea button as she was a strong independent female exceed. She walked back with the wood elf woman and she wondered why she was so determined to have Kai come for. Can I ask you something? Why did you invite him? Was it cause you wanted to see me again? Her last question was her still just teasing the wood elf but she did wonder if there was some sort of plan or was she gonna use Kai to get the other guy to back off of her a little.

Kai laughs softly to the sound the exceed made when he was handed the requested item to be used for the final touches, he wonders if Revy also has this skill, he bets she does and he has just never let her explore it cause he is adapt himself at sewing, mending and making clothes. well I myself am pretty decent at making clothes and mending. he laughs slightly letting himself brag a little, then he takes the costume jumps into a portal then back out and he is in the costume with his hair tied off to the side sitting on his shoulder, it fits him very well and he smiles at Nimbus. You my friend make a comfortable costume.

He moves around so they can see it will last and not just break or rip if he moved to much and that it fit well enough for the events he will be going through he just hopes he doesn’t end up hurting someone on accident. He looks at the door thinking he had heard a noise come from that way.


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Kailani Fleurn †
As they wandered back, Revy's question caught Kailani a little off-guard. The wood elf would tilt her head in thought for a moment.

"Of course I wanted to see you again, you're super adorable and so polite, and it's relaxing to be around you. The same goes for Kai." She smiled at the exceed, "I guess I just wanted to see you both again, as did Nimbus, and this event was a good excuse to contact you both. Plus..." She paused, choosing her words carefully, "I thought Kai might need time to relax and unwind. He seems like the kind of person to dwell on his issues. Of course, I didn't realise he'd been through even worse since we last met..." The wind mage trailed off, lost in her own thoughts.

Nimbus gave Kaito another thumbs-up, puffing his chest out, proud of their work. Yes, they had made the perfect team, and now they just needed the girls to come and admire their work. Glancing around, the black and white exceed would notice that they weren't too far away now, drinks in hand.

"Hey hurry up! Come check him out!" He yelled through the room, causing some unpleasant stares that the feline either didn't notice or simply ignored.



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Revy giggles and walks with her and she wonders why Lani seems to be super uneasy and nervous maybe she was excited to see what Kai would look like in his costume she looks toward the boys when she hears Nimbus yell, to them and she looks at what the boys had made. Will admit I am impressed you two got it done so fast while we had girl talk time. she smiles and gets closer to them to look at it more closely.

Kai looks to Lani and he does a turn around. What do you think is Nimbus a master or is Nimbus a master at his craft? he poses and is just being silly with it, and he gives Nimbus a high and a head pet.

Revy giggles and pats Nimbus on the back. Good job my hopes you and Kai wouldn’t burn down the place seemed to come true thanks for staying out of trouble for us. she was glad to see Kai and Nimbus could get along and not like tear the stores roof from it beams and send it into a different dimension and have to cause Lani and Revy to clean up their mess for them cause they can be bone heads some times.

#18Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani smiled, stifling a laugh at Revy's comment, it certainly was a wonder that Nimbus had managed to get along so well with Kaito considering how their first encounter had started. The black and white exceed might be a little harsh at times, but he normally meant well, and it was good to see that he was getting along with someone other than herself or his fellow exceeds. However, her laughter came to a sudden pause as she gazed at the brunette in his fancy new costume. She'd blink, dart her eyes at Nimbus, and back to Kaito.

"Nimbus." She narrowed her eyes as if she were scrutinizing his attire.

"Yes~" The feline purred, puffing out his chest, exceedingly proud of his work, especially after Kaito's praises.

"This outfit seems...  vaguely familiar... " She began, then slowly shook her head, "No, not familiar, exceptionally similar, in appearance to my own."

"Of course, now the two of you will match during the festival." The black and white exceed announced bluntly, even prouder that he had done such a good job that she had noticed the similarities to her own, "Although, yours used a lot less material of course. We gotta keep this one covered." Nimbus winked, giving a thumbs up to Kaito, as Kailani's face turned completely crimson, Did he just make them a 'couple outfit'? Her heart began to race so fast it felt like it was about to burst out her chest.



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Kai looks at Nimbus and wonders what on earth that is going on here and why Lani looks so like embarrassed. what did he do Lani ? he is confused on what is going on right now with his costume. He rubs the back of his head then jumps into a portal and comes back out dressed normally. I like how it looks do you need me to change it or will be okay?. he walks closer to her to get his drink from her with a smile.

Revy gets closer to Nimbus and she whispers to him. Nimbus did you do it on purpose to try and get them together? she wonders if Nimbus was trying help set them up or if it was a test he wanted to try on them. She hopes this doesn’t cause Lani to shut down during the event.

Revy looks at Lani and she taps her arm and looks at Kai and she is worried the poor girl is gonna over heat. Are you okay my sweet wood elf friend ? He smiles and tilts his head slightly hoping that she is okay and not getting sick or anything.

#20Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"Oh I'm fine, and it's fine, it looks really good on you." she shied away, handing him his drink while averting her eyes. Perhaps he had not fully understood Nimbus' words, she shuffled her feet wondering if she should explain it, but any time she opened her mouth it felt like there was a lump in her throat, stopping her from speaking.

"Ah, are you sure that you're okay with um... having matching outfits?" She'd ask, scratching the back of her head, eyes staring down at her feet. A wave of panic shot through her. What if he loathed the idea?

"Of course, they need the nudge, look at them." Nimbus chuckled in a whisper to Revy, "Wait. It is what you wanted right?" He'd ask tiling his head, worried he'd misjudged the situation. He had thought the crimson exceed had been trying to bring them together, so he had put in his best effort to help with her wish. In turn, perhaps she'd enjoy being around him too. A selfish thought.



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He isn’t use to events like this so he has no idea that, that is strange at all. He takes a sip of his drink. Thanks for the drink. He gently ruffles her hair and laughs softly. Well I am fine with it as long as you are. he is glad she invited him even if he had been super nervous and nearly caused a shop owner to toss him out.

He is still clueless about the costume thing, but he is nervous as well but he isn’t sure why. Revy looks at Nimbus and gently hits his shoulder. pffft I was fine with them taking their time, Lani seems like she is still has to get her head together before she commits to anything. Revy has to admit she is excited to see what will happen with this plan but most of all she wants them to have fun and to enjoy themselves and not just focus on things that don’t need to be rushed.

#22Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"Right... These things shouldn't be rushed I guess." Nimbus caved in, scratching his chin as he closed his golden eyes in thought. Was that how Revy felt about these kinds of things for herself too? Nono, he shouldn't get any ideas. "I just think she seems more cheery when she's with him, less on edge than how she's been with Yuurei recently.." The exceed mumbled.  

"Ah, then there's no problem at all!" Kailani announced, trying to appear confident despite her still incredibly crimson cheeks and racing heart. "Well, if we're all done here, should we perhaps go eat somewhere? The festival itself won't be for another couple of days, but I figured it would be best to give you plenty of time in case it took you a while to come up with a costume. But now that that's sorted, I guess I could give you a tour of the town." She pondered, still feeling a little flustered as she wondered if he'd even be interested in sticking around or if he'd prefer to return back to Magnolia and return again later. Her lilac eyes darted around the floor by their feet.


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Revy has to admit she is glad to hear Nimbus say those things. Do you think that? She wondered if this is all gonna work out or if there might be some twist yet to happen that they will have to deal with.

He is glad to hear that there isn’t a problem with their costumes matching, he hopes she is okay and not just playing it down. That sounds like a good thing to do, you have some ideas for where you would like to go? he is happy to hear she was not yet ready to part ways and seeing Hargeon while he is here sounds like a perfect time. I would quite enjoy to see the sights with you. he takes another drink out his drink.

Revy walks over and Kai kneels and Revy hops up into his hood. She looks to Lani and looks excited to see the city as well with them. She looks to Nimbus and she hopes he stays on his best behavior.
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