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Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Atani]

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Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Atani] Empty Tue Feb 22, 2022 9:04 am


It seemed Jaune had only hired that one assassin, for the rest of her trip to Hargeon proved to be rather uneventful. During the trip, however, Fernando expressed his worries that the assassin was not the only one who attempted to follow them to Hargeon. He was willing to bet all his jewels that Jaune himself had traveled to the coastal down as well, albeit via a path far more well traveled. What his intents were, however, it was hard to say for sure considering there was a reason Jaune had hired an assassin rather than taking care of the competition himself. Much like Fernando and other designers, Jaune wasn't known for his stealth or physical strength. That said, if he did make it to Hargeon, it was highly likely this meant finding him would be a breeze.

Before Atani went off in search of the rival fashion designer, she had to make sure that Fernando and the model got to someplace safe.

WC: 163/600

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Atani] NjlPZG5
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Atani escorted them all the way to the venue where Fernando's fashion show was to be held. It seemed that he had explained the situation to the others working at the venue in advance. There was extra security at the gates, enough that Atani felt that Jaune would have an extremely low likelihood of getting through undetected. After giving a quick inspection of the place, the mage deemed that the area was safe and informed Fernando that she was going to set out to find Jaune before the fashion show started. He in turn thanked Atani for accompanying him on the journey and wished her good luck.

In the end, it wound up not being difficult in the slightest to find Jaune. It helped that Atani had once been an S-Ranked mage of Blue Pegasus-- plenty of townsfolk still recognized her and were willing to cooperate in pointing out the whereabouts of her highly recognizable target.

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Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Atani] NjlPZG5
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Rule Number One for sabotaging a target: Don't get caught. This had many other subsets of rules to follow that would seem to be common sense, such as don't wear flamboyant clothing, hide your defining features with a mask or hood, all that sort of stuff. Jaune failed horribly at all of those and more.

He was hiding out at an abandoned storage unit around Hargeon's docks-- a good place to hide, an even better place for Atani to deal with him without arousing suspicion. She peered through the rusted cracks of the unit to see Jaune busying himself with a gadget of sorts, perhaps one to sabotage Fernando's show with. Did he really think he was so slick doing this in the town home to Blue Pegasus?

Atani walked in and cleared her throat to get the guy's attention. He turned around. When he saw who it was, all the color drained from his face.

WC: 319+156=475/600

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Atani] NjlPZG5
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She had to give him props for at the very least attempting to stop her. But in the end, all it took was a clean hit to the face to get him dazed and tied up to a chair in the middle of the area he'd set up. Atani waited until he came out of it to confront him.

"You," he snarled.

"Hello." The elf wore the same fake smile she displayed to the assassin earlier. "The authorities should be here soon."

"You can't prove anything. You-- Is that blood?" He finally noticed the bloody nose she gave him which was now trickling into his mouth at every word. "Did you break my nose?! Ohhh when the police come here I'll tell them--"

"You'll tell them what?" She walked over and healed Jaune with one of her water spells. Not only did it wash away the blood, but it mended his nose so as not to leave a trace that she'd ever even touched him. One of the many perks of being a healer.

Fernando's fashion show ended up being a huge success. At the end of it all, she was paid what she was promised, plus something extra for all her efforts.

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Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Atani] NjlPZG5
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