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Crossing into familiar lands (Travel East -> West)

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Crossing into familiar lands (Travel East -> West) Empty Sun Feb 06, 2022 4:20 pm


Before his departure to another region, Noel had been packing up his bags. Why was he traveling? Well, word reached him that Venus was seen in the West. Since he was about to embark on a grand adventure of some sorts, he thought it be good if he paid a visit to the one he loves the most before embarking. Noel set out early in the morning, and departed from Hosenka and was on his way to the West. It wasn't unfamiliar terrain--as he'd been in every single part of Fiore so far. Traveling between the subsections meant very little to him.

With his prideful Mustang, he went on his way. This steed had seen some miles, and it has been kept with utmost care. The hooves were tailored for long ventures such as these. So he set off into the horizon, with a backpack and his standard equipment worn. Luckily the weather was quite temperate.



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It didn't take long for Noel to arrive at the center of Fiore. This dreaded place, Crocus and Era. He'd be sure to stop by one of the large statues at the center of the capital to spit on them and move on. The local Rune Knights didn't like when Noel stopped by -- despite Noel having saved them out of a fire multiple times now. A war hero he is. That's why he was rarely apprehended for his gross negligent disrespect he threw around -- he had the weight behind him to throw punches if needed. But they knew better than to escalate to that. Either way, Noel went on his merry way after restocking on some supplies on his way to the West side of Fiore. These roads weren't being used as much as they were used to before, the tall Crime Sorciére mage had noticed. Perhaps when the Fiorian King relaxed travel regu-- export & import tax, people had less reason to travel.

It didn't take a very long time for Noel to finally arrive at the west side of Fiore. He'd stop by Asteria first, and say hi to some old friends there. He gathered some intelligence in one of their bars and discovered that Venus was seen in Oak last. So he chose to travel further, passing by Baska as his adventure went on to meet his beloved again. The last time he was in Oak, Phantom Lord was still a concept. Long ago those days were though, as the domain seems to be in possession of a new evil, called Eternal Nightmare. Noel kept his guards and wits up as he traveled these lands.

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