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Kai manages (Solo Quest)

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The man walks up to the resort he looks over the request again and he wonders what kind of help the new blood they hired would need and he hopes that he is ready and up to this task even if it was just a low level quest he was gonna give it his all. He walks in and he walks right up to an older woman who looks at him and smiles adjusting her hair and clothes and she gets right to the point of needing Kai to handle and watch over them for her, then starts leading him to the new staff, who look a bit nervous at the sight of the giant in a cloak and mask, he decides after he greets them he should change into a managers uniform, figuring Revy can help him with this if he needs help or bailed out cause he bit off more then he could chew.



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The first trainee walks forward saying her name in Victoria but goes by Tori, a young nervous male walks forward and says his name is Bo then steps back, the next woman steps forward and says she is Tiff then she steps back then the last in line a confident looking boy walks forward and says his name is Thoma then he steps back and Kai wonders if his hair is dyed blonde or if it is natural. He nods to them sending them off to getting to their duties and he quickly changes into a resort management uniform and walks out looking far less scary then he did when he went to change, he looks professional and like he doesn't stand out here. He watches over them and helps them with their techniques, Kai thinks Thoma seems to be a descendant of the god of cleaning with how swiftly he moves and how well he cleans.



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Revy watches and smiles cause she is seeing him act like he is a normal person instead of the mystery man in the hood and mask, she even gets on the floor and keeps the ones that are struggling in shape with Kai who smiles at her, just being her bossy and nagging self, but it was good to see her not being so scared of him anymore. He walks up and he helps Bo with sorting and standing itineraries for the guests for what they offer, telling him he needs to stand a little straighter and with a firmer step or the guests will walk all over him like he is a stone in the road. He watches the boy go stiffer and less jittery then he had been, and his standing of the papers became a lot easier for him, then it had been, he walks over to the girl who had stop to chit chat and he tells them to be careful cause granny is always watching and if they get caught they will have to beg the thunder gods for help.



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Kai thinks they have been able to come to their tasks in an decently handled manner Revy has them line up and sound off to the woman that had requested for Kai to handle helping with their training and in a crunch if the place got swamped. The first girl Tori walks up and specks of the tasks she had and how well they had been done, the nervous boy walked up less shaky and he answers the woman's questions on his tasks and his info knowledge on the area to help guests if they needed info, the Next girl walks up and starts talking about her tasks and then she steps back then Thoma walks up and proudly declares his work went by too fast but that she could probably eat off the floor if she needed to. The old woman claps and is glad that they all had gotten a hang of the tasks she had given them and then she turns to Kai and pays him but says pets need to have a leash on them in the hotel and Kai has to stops Revy from jumping into the ladies face and he leaves in a hurry, his gear is in Revy's bag.

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