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Lets get that thread. (Solo Quest)

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Lets get that thread. (Solo Quest) Empty Tue Jan 11, 2022 2:57 am


Kai walks up to the theater with his request in hand, he needed some time to relax so he aimed for a lower risk quest for the day. It says she needs him to help gather some stuff, he figures that should be easy and low stress. He walks in and right to the mangers office and he sits and she starts telling him the need and the quality in which she needs them to be, That she needs him to make sure what he has is real and not a fake, a woman with a deer mask appears behind Kai and looks at the fabric the woman needs, and she nods and stays behind Kai as he walks looking at the list of where he has to go. Kai walks into the first shop and a giant of a woman greets him with a smile as he enters and he walks up to the counter to ask about the kind of fabric he needs.



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The woman not wanting to make enemies with this man or the deer masked woman behind him, brings out the real fabric and not some fake or half made stuff she would try to sucker people with. The woman in the deer mask looks it over and when she is sure it is the real deal she nods to him who buys it at a decent price before walking with the woman to the next shop, as they enter a very rotund short man greets them and almost freezes when he sees Kai, Kai walks up to the counter and the man stutters as if he is scared of Kai as Kai askes for the fabric the man makes very simple and slow movements greeting the real stuff out and places it on the counter and the woman looks it over and gives it a pass, Kai pays for it and he adds it to the pile of the fabric they have so far.



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Kai wonders why these people look scared of him, he wonders if it is the woman following him or if it is himself that is causing them fear. He walks through the threshold of the next shop not wanting to scare them he walks with a relaxed step, the old couple that greet them, think he is strange for how he is walking, they still serve him with a smile, they make small talk as well as they hear what he needs and they make sure they give him the best quality of the fabric they have for the theater to use for their costumes the deer masked woman making sure they aren't pulling one on them. He is glad they weren't scared like the first two seemed to be of him and his follower, he gets it in with the rest of the fabric they have gotten so far, so they start off to the last shop on their list.



Lets get that thread. (Solo Quest) Empty Tue Jan 11, 2022 2:58 am


Kai and his follower in the mask come into view of the last shop and see the owner is fighting with a well dressed man and she is giving him hell for being a low life, scum of a man, and a two bit cheater and she never wants to see him again, the man goes to sucker punch her as she turned away from him and his masked follower aims her staff and the man gets nailed in the back with a small fire ball and Kai had hurried forward and had taken the punch for the woman, so she didn't even realize that this man tried to strike her. They toss him into an alley then they walk into the shop and the woman is still crying, his follower is on wearing her mask and has swapped her cloak inside out so it is a pretty vibrant orange with red streaks and she comforts the woman before they try to buy the fabric they had been sent for and they do both calm her down getting her to understand that man was wrong for her then the fabric and they start back. They get to the theater with all the fabric in hand and hand it off and it is looked at very closely and kai is given the thumbs up so he reports it to the manager and gets paid then he leaves.

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