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Some heights are too high. (Solo quest)

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Some heights are too high. (Solo quest) Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 7:34 am


Kaito walks up to the hot springs where he is to collect protection money, for the Black Dragons, he hopes this goes smoothly and is not a trap cause they have made him out to be working with Weirdlock, and are gonna get rid of him. Revy watches from afar as she doesn't want to blow his cover or cause a scene herself, but she knows Kai is good at getting himself in trouble pretty well by himself without help. Kai looks at the hot spring then walks up to the door taking a deep breath and exhaling putting on the rougher persona he used with this character he plays. Kaito walks up to the desk with a cocky I own this place vibe to it and says the passcode of "Yomu needs a bath" The woman looks startled at first, but then leads him who keeps walking like he is cool and he owns this place and he uses the mag glass to get prints as he walks at his side in case there are any prints he might need here as well.



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She leads him into a spring which looks like it is well steaming and on, Kai walks in taking a seat and wondering if she bought it or if she saw through him from dealing with the real deal all the time as he waits for the woman, he then hears someone gasping he hurries toward it and he sees a dead body of a white star gang member, close by he sees a person in the steam but all he can make out is that they have the mark he saw tattooed on them through the steam, he goes to chase but the person is gone nearly has fast as he was seen in the steam he hurries and collects the evidence from the body so he can make sure sure he can give Weirdlock a full break down of this white star gang members body, items nearby as well as finger prints and hair. He makes sure to look closer at the area around the body just in case of any new leads like an actual foot print and not just a shoe print like they already had, he sadly is empty handed in this pursuit.



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He figures this must be a set up or maybe he stumbled on the real answer that it isn't the black dragons pulling these strings but a person with the tattoo acting on their own that they need to be looking for. He knows he doesn't have a lot of time before the hostess returns so he hurries back to his spot and he can hear someone nearing the door, then the door opens and it is the hostess who hands him the protection money as fast as she can while shaking in fear, she looks like she is scared he is going to kidnap her, or take advantage of her right in the spring cause she was too slow, he waves her off to get out and he would follow soon after she left so he does stay deep undercover and doesn't walk with her showing any on looker they could be working together.



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Kai meets up with Revy who acts like she doesn't know him, the he starts for the Crimson Quarter to turn this money into the boss man that sent him to grab it, he knows this plot just got deeper and thicker but he has to keep his cool and not throw this mission into turmoil after making such a break through in the case. He makes sure he keeps his head low as he cuts through the other areas of the city to make sure he doesn't add followers to his list of things he will have to deal with today, on top of a dead body, a disappearing man and this bag of jewels that could already have him set as a marked man by someone that saw or realized he was there as the pick up man for the black dragons, or some white star thinking that he might be the one that just had slayed their friend in the spring in cold blood and left him nude and sprawled to disrespect them and their power.



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He hopes Weirdlock will be able to paint a good picture with the details he gives him cause a lot of it seems like a jumbled mess to Kai outside of him seeing what he thinks is the man in the spring after killing, he has no idea if the gang and the tattooed person are working together or if they are working as two different forces against the same evil in the white star gang, as all he has seen to connect to the deaths is the man he thinks he saw in the spring, cause so far it is only white star not black dragons dying at this persons hands. Not wanting to become a victim himself he hurries through the last part of the city before breaking into the Crimson Quarter boundaries, he sees a group of white star so he cuts around and through some twists and turns of the back alleys before he comes out near the gambling hall.



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Revy is keeping up slightly behind him and is watching his back as she is not gonna let her partner get backstabbed while she still draws breath on this planet, which in hindsight is probably a big duty for such a small woman to take on but she wasn't raised to half ass a job once she takes it plus she likes Kai's cooking so she isn't gonna risk losing the hot meals and his dumb, innocent naïve smile even if it kills her. Plus she still needs to make sure this man finds someone to take him, she giggles to herself and she watches Kai cool guy walk across the way to the gambling hall and some guards sorta turn to go toward him and she throws a rock hitting one on the back of the head and hiding behind some boxes, they rush down the alley way and Kai makes it into the gambling hall.



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Yomu greets Kai with his sing song voice, seeing Kai has the bag and is not on the bad side of a grave marker he is excited to see this recruit is living up to the ideals he likes speed, loyalty and a nice gangster face and still alive after being sent out to do an easy yet rewarding task. Kai hands over the bag and Yomu checks it to make sure the woman did in fact pay him in full and he has Kai checked as well for anything he shouldn't have on him. Kai keeps the mag glass hidden and he sides it around a little as they check just keeping it out of them being able to touch and find it and bust him. Yomu happy with this trip and not wanting to waste time sends Kaito on his way to go.

Kaito bows respectfully to Yomu and is off and out of the office and Revy is hot on his trail not wanting to get left behind in the Crimson Quarter. Kai lifts her up onto his shoulder so she doesn't claw the jacket if she tries climbing on him, he gets into view of Weirdlocks office and he slows down feeling watched but he just goes back into the back alleys and then comes out behind Weirdlocks office and he goes in a back way that he was told to take if he had felt followed, he had felt it and he knows they probably have a decent idea of where he went even if he had lost them. Revy gets down and straights her outfit then they walk into Weirdlocks office and Kai starts spilling the beans on what had happened and how how much he had gathered and that their was someone with a matching tattoo as the mark they saw on the paper that night.



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Weirdlock looks almost as he is frozen in place as this was a huge breakthrough and he wonders how much deeper this rabbit hole might go if they keep on following the bread crums that keep appearing for them to follow though it seemed very convenient that those things had happened when and where they had happened in Weirdlocks eyes it seems the killer might have known or just had the misfortune of killing where a black dragon was meant to appear. Kai gets the magic mag glass out of his jacket and places it on Weirdlocks desk which he looks it over in case Kaito might have damaged it some how, Revy looks at Weirdlock this being the first time she has met him she is not impressed by him.

Weirdlock gets Kai's pay and sends him onhis way cause he had a Body he needed to go and see to see if Kai had lied about any deail of the body or anything else that the scene that seemed staged. Kai equips his normal gear from Revy's bag then he picks her up and he leaves for home fast.

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