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Kaito Leading the Kaito (Solo Quest)

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Kaito Leading the Kaito (Solo Quest) Empty Mon Dec 20, 2021 10:57 am


Kai walks up to the hotel that the request said knowing he is close to being a B-rank he should be able to take an easy lower rank mission, to relax and recover from his spill from the other day. A small older woman meets him with a smile. Hello deary I would like you to meet Kaito The woman points at the tour guide and Kai laughs a little cause his name matched this tour guides, he looks to the woman who already seems to know why he is laughing.

She gives him firm yet kind demands so he does not become complacent just because he is of a higher rank, he still needs to stay on his toes because this is important life saving business. Kai nods bowing his head which the woman giggles at. The nobles come walking over in a group laughing and bragging to each other about their rooms and businesses. Kai just tunes it out and keeps his hand in his cloak on his katans handle so he is ready at a moments notice.

Kaito the tour guide gets the tour started after a quick debriefing on why a cloaked masked man will be looming over them for the whole tour to not be scared of him. Kai waves like an idiot and they scuff at him, probably sensing he is not worth their attention. He follows them listening to the tour which he finds interesting even though he had walked the streets of some of the areas alot while here on quests. They see the more high end businesses and some of them looked like places rich people would come to blow off steam in more then one way.

They walk past the Empyrean Divine guild hall, which Kai had never stopped to actually see in the times he had been in town. The tour guide talks about the previous owner and the shady dealings they had done while they had the building. The guide doesn't seem to rest on this area for too long he takes them down the Sakura Alley and kai finds it breath taking like when he had been to Joya with his master.

Kai sees some shady looking people as the group walks toward the Hinoki Theater, so he stays on guard and he sees one with a knife he just slowly walks to the side and sweeps the mans legs as he walks past with one missing a step or the group noticing he is a bit lagged behind them. He catches back up and listens to the tour guide regale of tales of this theater and its many plays and many attractions, and attractive woman and actors. The tour gets close to the Crimson quarter but stops at the Cabaret crescent, Kai is glad it didn't go into the underbelly cause that would have been a nightmare to protect this group in, from thieves and just straight up crooks.

After the tour ends and everyone is back safe Kai sees granny who smiles at him and pays him and tells him that he did a great job and he earned every jewel.

(W/C 526)

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