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ASPECTS OF FAILURE (Quest) Empty Sat Dec 18, 2021 7:06 am

It was a good day or at least he should be. As tonight Ghost was going to go to the theaters. That was how sweet life was going. Aside from the crappy days. But at least he could pretend for a moment. As he got all dressed up. He had to look the part and whatnot. As he was walking inside the theater. Rayne wanted some snacks. Which was fine and all as he looked on at her. But they would have to make it quick as the show was about to start and he did not want to miss it. Soon enough they would go to the food court and grab a few things. Such as popcorn and soda and a few snacks such as can't cane and ice cream. It was clear that Rayne had a sweet tooth. But she gets that from Ghost. As he was the one who introduced her to such things. Soon enough the duo would make their way to their seats as they started to unload on what to eat first. As the lights would dim. It was clear it was about to be showtime. As Ghost looked on people would start to cheer and clap. He would be one of the ones to follow suit. But as he looked on as the curtains would open up. Be would see one of the actresses. It was his favorite one and her name was Storm. But she was being held by a man.



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