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A bloody deal. (Solo quest C-rank)

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A bloody deal. (Solo quest C-rank) Empty Mon Dec 13, 2021 4:37 pm


Kai walks up to a different building then normal for this request, he walks in and they check Kai for weapons and other things cause it appears they had a breach in their line and a different mission went amiss and an agent died. They tell him he is gonna have to kill a lower level boss that is in charge of dealing in underground magic items that are dangerous and illegal. Kai is to pose as a merchant looking for some of these underground wares for some of his more high end clients, and so kai gets in his merchant gets up complete with glasses and a new pin in his collar in the shape of a jewel.

Kai goes to the meeting point and they check his name, his business and makes sure he has the jewels on him to even make the buy if they did come to an agreement. Kai keeps his tone and appearance professional the whole time that they are questioning him. A very strict looking woman woman meets Kai. So you are mister Alabaster ? You must be brave to come here money in hand and unarmed. Kai simply shakes his head and rubs his chin knowing this isn't his target. She leads him into the hidden path way to their underground storage telling him her boss is a very shrewd man and isn't one to mince words he is pretty much all business.

Kai looks at all the crates of stuff they are passing, he takes mental notes of them, some of the magic weapons look like they would be fun to try out. Kai starts to wonder if maybe he is being corrupted to the dark side, as he takes a side path with her that leads to a pretty decent stair case that leads to a nicely furnished room with a table and tea with books on it, the woman tells kai to sit and they will be with him in a small amount of time her boss had other business to finish first.

Kai takes a sit and makes sure to keep himself on guard and ready for anything to happen cause he feels like he might have walked into a trap but isn't one hundred percent sure. He soon hears foot steps closing in on the room of a pretty heavy set of boots. A vey handsome man walks in with two guards on either side of him and the woman at his back telling him about Kai's fake persona of Sebastian Alabaster and how much he is looking to buy but he wants to see what they have for him to choose from and that he already has some buyers lined up so they could move it fast jewels in hand.

The man seems very interested in what he believes is gonna be a very pocket lining deal for him and the group he works for jewels in his eyes. The man sits and pulls one of the books from the stack and opens it revealing it is a list of items that even has pictures and telling what they do and how they can be used if you want to get rid of thorns in your side. Personally I just deal with them in person but this babies can make sure they are gone no strings attached or if you want to do it in person. Kai looks at the ones that explode and some that are weapons that can deal major damage along with poisoning, inflecting skin melting acid, or cursed weapons.

(W/C 597/1000)


A bloody deal. (Solo quest C-rank) Empty Mon Dec 13, 2021 4:39 pm


Kai finds he has a want for some of these items but he fights the feeling knowing he is better then that but he knows he has to kill this man and probably that woman as well, looking at their body types and the way they stand and move he figures he is an axe wielder with the way his muscles are formed on his arm or a broadsword and the woman and her wide stance with lean figure is more a polearm or spear fighter. He figures the guards will be easy but her not so much so he will act fast if he hits the poison needle to the mans neck.

Kai waits till the guard on the right is three steps from the man then moves his arm in a sweeping motion and the needle flies from his sleeve into the mans neck who is paralyzed by the poison so he can't scream or move. I think I have gotten what I think I need from this meeting. He stands but the woman realizes something is wrong so she moves to come closer and a guard moves to grab Kai, Kai knees the guard in the face sending him backwards out cold, the other guard goes to go for the door to yell for help but kai throws another well placed needle to the back of his neck as the woman comes in close for hand to hand combat.

Kai guessed wrong on her she was a marital artist, he dodges her attacks and he flips back away from her. She smiles seeing this is gonna be more fun then killing a trapped merchant like they were planning to do and sell to his clients. Kai feels out her movements keeping them as a beat in his head, so he knows when to strike and when to block and parry her attacks, then she pulls out a knife and kai gets an idea. He lures her in close knowing see is gonna go in for a stab and Kai grabs her arm and flips her in an arm bar then knocks her out then he lifts the bodies of the guards and places them besides the man and puts the knife back in her knocked out hand and makes her grasp it and makes her slash the guards throats covering herself in blood and then makes her stab the back of her bosses neck killing him and again only she has blood on her then he drops her to the side and yells.

Help she has lost her mind, she killed him then the guards then tried to kill me. He pretends that he is hurt and he had just fought her off. the other grunts come running in and over and see the woman covered in the guards and her bosses blood and they restrain her and take her away and they show Kai out telling him they will contact him again some time again if he still wants to do business with them.

Kai leaves and returns to where he took the request and he reports to them all about it and that the job was done, they are surprised but wonder if maybe there is more to him then they first thought, Kai changes then goes out to try and unwind.

(W/C 557. 1154/1000

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