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Method to live (Solo C-Rank)

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Kai enters the same office again, for a new request wondering what it will be this time and if he is ready he is still a bit banged up. Two new people greet him this time. What is my task this time ? If I might ask ahead of the run down. They look at him figuring he will work but he is gonna have to lose the get up. You are gonna be blending in and seeing to some extrusion. Kai can already see this is gonna be a pain in the butt to do, but he nods and changes into the outfit they laid out for him to change into so he doesn't stick out. He is dressed in a clean set of rugged clothes, since from their info they were using the more homeless and rougher off to hand out the notices to do the deals.

Kai wonders out into the city and takes up a place with a bunch of people dressed similarly to himself they look at him but figure he is a new person come to collect on the jewels for delivering the notices to the venders that the mafia has being handed out cause no one will look at them twice or meet their eyes.

The first group is moved out and are being picked and handed dark brown packages, kai figures those packages might be drugs and not the notices he hangs back and not to long after a man walks up to him picking him and checking Kai for weapons or anything that could show he is fake after finding nothing, handing him a beat up bag with black envelopes with shop names on them in one side of a false bottom in the bag full of trash and bottles.   You better make sure these all make it or I will come back, I will remove you of some fingers if you are lucky. Kai nods then starts on his request to hand off the notices and he watches the other homeless people he saw get handed the brown packages and sees them handing them off in the back alleys to better dressed men.

Kai figures those are the actual dealers not the homeless people he had been grouped with. The first shop in his bag is a fabric shop with a very rotund man in it. Kai walks in and the man begins to shoo him before Kai pulls the envelope, when Kai does the man goes dead quiet and takes it reading it then slides the amount in a small pouch over to Kai who puts it in the other side of the false bottom of the bag, then he leaves for the next shop.

He sees some of the homeless people getting kicked around by some guards, he wonders if those ones got caught, he knows he has to stay low now, so he takes to the shadows and sneaks into the next shop. He is Greeted by a very tall and nice woman who knows what his presence means and she puts her hand out and Kai hands her the envelope and she reads it sighing then slides the pouch to him who puts it away then, he heads out coming out just behind a group of guards and he hurries to get away from them knowing he only has another three shops to deliver to before  returning and waiting for the man.

The next shop is an elderly couple who yell at him and curse at him as he hands them the envelope and they read it throwing the jewels at him and spits at him, he puts the jewels away and feel gross from being spit on. He wonders if people normally treat homeless poor people. He heads out for the next shop seeing the guards eyeing him.

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Kai rushes into an alley and hides behind a crate and as soon as they run past him he hurries to the next shop. He is greeted by a small very mean face woman who seems to sell more then what he store front shows. He hands her the envelope and she growls about it being more then last time but pays Kai who puts it away and heads for the last shop.

Kaito knows he is being followed rather it is a rival gang member or if it is someone from the gang he is looking into he is unsure. but he fakes going into an alley then spirits off. Going a more round about way to the last shop, he arrives and walks in a giant man looks at him and hands him a fresh roll. Kai feels bad to hand this man the envelope but the man asks for it knowing they are doing what they can to get by so he has no ill feels toward Kai for doing it and takes it reading the notice and pays Kai who quickly puts it away and starts out eating the roll which is a welcomed good thing at the end of this pretty crappy day.

When Kai gets close to the alley he sees more of the men that were following him but clearly marked differently than the man that picked him attacking and kicking the homeless that where there around saying how they need to stop helping their rival gang. Kai walks over and one throws a punch at Kai that misses the man breaking his hand on the wall next to Kai who he expected to walk a step closer, the others go at Kai who doesn't fight back against them knowing it would only cause more issues for the other homeless that live and work out of here, when they get done they look in the back and see it is just full of trash and the fake bottom parts are empty figure he had already made his money drop and was worthless to them. Kai gets the bag and slides the jewel bags back in from where he has hid them before he had walked in to the clear ambush.

The man that picked kai walks in to the alley and Kai hands him the bag and the man drops his payment to him then walks off not wanting to around the homeless any longer then he had to be. Kai throws the reward to another homeless man saying to split it between them selves and have a decent dinner and he goes back to the off and he tends to his new injuries as he fill them in on how it is working and how close the rival gang is keeping a close eye on them as well. They get it wrote up and Kai signs the forms and gets dressed back in his own clothes they pay him and he heads for a bathhouse to get cleaned up.

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