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Kai lives the underground. (Solo quest D-Rank)

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Kai lives the underground. (Solo quest D-Rank) Empty Tue Nov 30, 2021 1:53 pm


Kai arrives to be briefed on his quest for the day and handed a new cloak and mask so he will blend in with the people he will be following and taking notes and records on and is told he must stay blended do not blow your cover, and make sure the notes are accurate to the happenings. Kai sighs wishing he was higher then a D-rank so maybe he could get a little credit.

Kaito takes the new clothes and goes and changes into them, they tell him where they think they are meeting today. Kai heads out into the crowds blending then finds his group and blends into them seamlessly as if he belonged, they head into the ware houses looking into crated toys and clothes moving the side panels revealed weapons, money, illegal magic items and animals. Kai really hopes he doesn't see kids or women being sent around in these crates. Kai is keeping notes of what kind of marked vehicles and methods they are moving them with and in which way they turned as they left.

Kai hopes no one comes busting in hero style to cause a scene cause he would have to fight them to keep his cover. the day is pretty boring besides a few times one of the other low level masked and cloaked group spilled a crate with some odd looking spices in them. Kai figures he has almost every thing they need for the report then he hears it, a woman begging for help and her child crying. A pretty well dress goonish man walks up and kicks the cage she and the child are in. Your husband should have paid what was due, but instead he skipped town and left you to pay for it. Don't worry I am not gentle the first time. The woman struggles and weeps.

Kai starts planning after the man walks away, how he is gonna get them out without blowing his cover, so he rigs some of the crates to smoke to draw attention away for at least a few minutes, when the group touches the crates they start to smoke and a slight panic is happening and the guy is out their making sure the most of people are saving product Kai included so he shushes the woman with a word of safety and puts the cage in a crate and doesn't fully close it and moves it to the safety point and uses his frost magic to break the lock and points with his hand the way out for her to crawl out the back side of the crate and out into the streets with her child unnoticed.

After they are gone Kai makes sure that the rest of the cargo is moved back after they find out that some one bumping it set off some of the smoke balls. You dumbasses need to be more careful, you could have ruined me with that dumb move. The man now realizes that the cage is now missing and looks around and curses his luck as everything in the place had been rearranged, he dismisses the lower level peons in masks to let the muscle look for the cage.

Kai leaves with the others dispersing into the crowd and he gets back to the office hurrying out of the new gear back into his own gear and hands the coded sheet of paper and a code breaking sheet to them and he fills in extra details making sure they have all of what he knows, Kai hopes the woman made it out of the city, and hopes she doesn't kill her husband and get herself in trouble with the knights. They pay Kai for his trouble and he heads out the back.

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