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Granny-Sitting [Keita]

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Granny-Sitting [Keita] Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 8:52 pm

Another day in Orchida for Shichiro the rune knight. He didn't have much planned out today so he figured he would take a part time job of sorts. Today, he was to meet up with a client that wanted him to perform a caretaking role. Well, he wasn't feeling too big or famous to deny any kind of work as long as it was something that paid him. Luckily for him, he assumed he would never get that far in his own ego or it would be his downfall. Soon, it was time for him to meet the client that he was supposed to be seeing alongside his companion Panther Lily. There was one more person that was to show up and that was Keita. When Keita had arrived, he greeted him before making his way towards the apartment they were supposed to meet the client at. Afterwards, Shichiro knocked on the door before somebody answered the door. They introduced themselves as Mitya Noran. He'd then explain the task that needed to be done. They were to be the caretaker for today for his mother, Rynah Noran, while he was out today since the usual person didn't show up. Shichiro agreed to these terms and the man walked out, a bit hungover from his escapades the previous night.

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Keita was currently confused. He was confused right now because he had to go and babysit an old woman and be her caretaker for the day. He was unsure why, but he was not going to complain, as it would be a nice, much needed break from the constant hunting of this city's ever growing and ever evolving rat creatures. As long as the old woman was not assaulted by rat creatures, or heaven forbid, turned out to be a strange new rat creature in disguise, like red riding hood, he would be fine. The reason he was confused was because Shichiro, who was his superior officer and was used to dealing with city wide threats that were of grave importance, suddenly contacted him and said that both of them were going to be on this request together, taking care of an old woman for the day. Still, Keita simply shrugged and got ready like he usually did, before heading over to where he was supposed to show up for work. as he showed up, Shichiro was there waiting for him, as he had not said where the location would be, so he had to meet Shichiro at the apartment that he was staying at, before making their way over to another apartment building where the old woman was staying. A quick meet and greet with the son of the old woman was all it took, before the son ran off to work. Keita wondered if there was some sort of list, and hoped that the grandmother did not need that much help, as he hated seeing people suffering.


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Seeing the man out, Shichiro figured he wouldn't have to do much as he would on a normal request. He was after all just babysitting an old lady. And with Keita here, it was even better as he could slack off a little more and get paid for it. Besides, what was the worst that could happen? Shichiro first started out vigilant in overseeing what the granny was doing but it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. She was just knitting, occasionally reminiscing about past events that were before Shichiro's time and doing crossword puzzles. It was like getting paid to relax in Shichiro's eyes. And then, Granny had gotten the bright idea of baking cookies for the two of them. Shichiro wouldn't turn the offer down and even offered to help her to which she agreed happily. In no time flat, she whipped up some dough and sprinkled some blue crystal-like substance on it before putting it in the oven. She'd then leave the kitchen to go back to her other devices. Shichiro figured the old lady would come back and take them out at some point but didn't. Eventually they started to burn a bit and Shichiro panicked and opened the stove.

They were done alright, a little too well done. Still, they were salvageable and he brought them back to the old lady. She was glad as she had forgotten about them in mere moments and handed a cookie to both Keita and Shichiro, Shichiro ate the cookie and felt a sudden surge of power. he thought nothing of it and eventually, the granny's grandson had arrived to give them their pay and send them off on their way. 



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As soon as Keita got the go ahead, the other man left, leaving them alone with the kindly grandmother. She greeted them, and was simply knitting at the moment, and Keita looked around. He noticed that everything here was fine, but it seemed like the people who lived here did not clean much, and simply tidied up. There was dust on quite a few things, but overall the house was fairly neat. Keita immediately summoned up a pair of small brown magic circles, and out of them came a couple of little earth golems. They appeared a bit derpy and clumsy, but cute, and started walking around the house. Keita gave them some wash cloths and they got to work instantly, cleaning the things around the house of dust and other small bits of dirt and grime. As they were doing that, the old woman switched to crossword puzzles, and time was dragging on a bit. Keita simply sat and relaxed, and helped the woman with the crosswords every once in a while when she needed a bit of inspiration for some stuff that she did not know. She was much better at thinking about the relations between the words than he was, so Keita just helped her out a bit. After a bit more time, the old woman decided to bake cookies, but it seemed that she was a bit forgetful, and the cookies went a little long. Keita knew how to cook, but baking was completely foreign to him, so he really only realized something was wrong when it started to smell burnt. After getting a pretty burnt cookie, the person that was responsible finally came back and paid them, prompting them to leave.


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