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Poropo Popropo's Forge

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Popropo's Forge Empty Sun Oct 03, 2021 8:05 am

Poropo Poproporp
This is my forge.

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Poropo Popropo's Forge Empty Sun Oct 03, 2021 8:10 am

Poropo Poproporp

Name: Tablet of the Iron Deity

Slot: Relic

Type: Book

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Custom

Element: Light

Durability: 1x S-rank

Description: A gift of holy scripture etched into a rounded hunk of mysterious metal made of condensed light. Only the most devote followers of the Iron Deity may behold this tablet and try to share the profound words. However, the words are illegible to even the most devote of monks.

The tablet is 25 centimeters tall, 15 centimeters wide, and 10 centimeters thick. The tablet is overall rectangular aside from the rounded off top. Due to the material from which the tablet is made of, the tablet weighs very little so even the weakest of monks can effortlessly carry the sacred texts.


  • None.


  • Humble Servant: The user's Strength is two tiers lower.

  • Corroding Nature: This relic has a Minor Elemental Weakness to Nature.

  • Encroaching Darkness: This relic has a Moderate Elemental Weakness to Darkness.


  • Only the Pure: The user won't buff enemies with their buffing AoEs.

  • Lords of Leaping: The user's summons can use their Strength to determine their lunge frequency.

  • Divine Angels: The user's summon's melee attacks deal either Physical Damage or Magical Damage.

  • Iron Retribution: Whenever the user's summons take damage, half that damage is dealt to the one who damaged the summon.

Points Breakdown:

  • Legendary (Relic) +20pts
  • Drawback, Severe (Humble Servant) +40%pts
  • Drawback, Minor (Corroding Nature) +10%pts
  • Drawback, Minor (Encroaching Darkness) +2 Effect Slots

  • Effect, Rare (Only the Pure) -5 pts
  • Effect, Rare (Lords of Leaping) -5 pts
  • Effect, Unique (Divine Angels) -10pts
  • Effect, Unique (Iron Retribution) -10pts

Total points Acquired: 30
Total Points Spent: 30

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