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THE CAT CRIED WOLF [D rank mission]

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 THE CAT CRIED WOLF [D rank mission] Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 2:55 am


Jikan thought it would be a good idea to explore today. Worth Woodsea, being the large forest complex it was, was a perfect place for that. Open space, fresh air, a few magical beasts to fight against. The perfect situation to be free and away from the tiresome people she had been around with lately. It would hopefully be a much needed break.

lush full green trees casted a shadow over her as she stepped. Given her red black hair a darker look, making it appear as if it was fully black and not auburn.

Jikan thought of this as a break but it partially wasn't. She was on a job today, out to meet a neko named Zimnur. Word of the demi human looking for a warrior to do a simple job for him was out, and Jikan decided to take it. And soon she reached the location in the forest that detailed the meeting, the man was spotted by Jikan as he hanged in the trees before dropping down before her. He had golden eyes, dark sleek hair and fur that had a sharp face. Black velvety ears stand small atop his head.

"So...I take it that you are Zimnur?".

wc: 203
required: 500

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"Ah yes, you must be here about my little job", the Neko did a little bow. Normally something someone would do to show respect, but Jikan felt that it was done a little sarcastically. "who may I thank for lending me aid?".

"No...no no do not do that nonsense around me or to me. There is no need to do a bow. Stand. As for my name, its Jikan. Let skip the pleasantries and start with the job details, what do ya say?". Geez, what is with this guy?

"Ah sure sure", the neko man popped up and began to talk with a sly smile on his face, "Simple really. Wolfs are about and I need help hunting them. I am hunting them but there is only so many I can take out in one day. Oh, there is an Alpha, there always is, it being a pack and all. I want you...to bring it heads back to me, do what you wish with the others.

It was simple enough, hunting animals, an easy task for the red headed enchantress. It would not be a large pay, but she knew that already when she heard about it in town. With Jikan accepting the task, she then received the directions of the destination of where the wolf pack was located. With the sun setting and the cool breeze settling into the forestry, Jikan set out her way to begin the hunt. Given her increased power over the last several months, there was no lack of confidence inside of the newly admitted Sleeping Calamity founder.

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Twc: 468

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Listening to the sounds of nature, of the life animal life in the world around her, seeking footprints of animal trails as she stuck to open paths to prevent being blindsided by predators out on their own hunt, Jikan soon found herself finding and tracing the trail of her prey. In some time, she found herself locating and close to the wolves' den with little time wasted and used.

There was no point in playing games, she could tell that at least the Alpha wolf could tell she was here and he could feel her intent. So she came out of the shadows, the great wolf met her with its fangs on full display. A snarl and growl growing with each step forward, its fur sticking out as if it was being electrified. The other soon came outside, staying behind their pack leader while circling around them. In a blur boddies lunged and were soon met with Jikan's feet and fists. The others were downed but the Alpha stayed up for a few more hits. Jikan ended his life by ripping his head off his body using one hand, she had to make sure the head was saved to be returned after all.

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Twc: 671

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