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Surgery [Quest: Vyra]

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Surgery [Quest: Vyra] Empty Thu Sep 02, 2021 10:58 pm

A night spent resting in an area that stood greater than a dark alleyway or beneath a flimsy structure providing barely any overhead save for the benefit of mitigating a small degree of warmth. It was a welcoming change, something to which she had not been invested with, having not had the luxury for much of her time traversing through the country. Fiore had not been kind to her, and even in spite of the warmer summer weather that had been there during her time thus far, it was hardly a welcoming paradise. Nor was it something that was particularly difficult to survive, but what was quite clear was that even the simply luxuries of having a warm bed were something that were quite foreign, as much as they should not have been.

The price of it was relatively cheap; a small task that did not require much in order to achieve, a simple delivery to a pair of people within Baska, a city that had been suffering an ailment of some relatively unknown sickness. Whether or not it were attributed to as such, it remained to be seen, but what was quite clear was the fact that there issues within the city that just suddenly seemed to happen. For what or why it was, that wasn’t anything that she could have known, nor perhaps should have been made aware of, but that did not take away from the fact that whatever the issue presently was, she was being dragged into it.



Surgery [Quest: Vyra] Empty Thu Sep 02, 2021 10:58 pm

It had been worthwhile thus far to help; a night in a hotel room was a far nicer option than anything which may have been brought before her of recent memory. But now she found herself invested, perhaps as much as Vyra had not expected or hoped to have, with the doctor who had begun to care towards the people. One such an example could be as much shown to when she awoke from what was actually a very comforting sleep. The doctor, the man whom had paid her previously, required her assistance once again. Intentionally vague on the details, all that it called for was for her to meet the man at the same establishment that she had previously met him at.

A short distance from the inn in which she had been staying, it was very easy to see that there was no shortage of issues that were facing the people, if not more now, given what she could see of the interior of the building. The hospital, as she had come to assume this place to be, was short-staffed, or at the least it seemed the people within it were overburdened. It then dawned on Vyra what was going to be tasked of her; helping in whatever capacity that was going to be asked. In this particular case, it would be engaging in a form of surgery to an individual, whom it was an unknown, nor why it was that Vyra would be reached out to help rather than someone else. In either sense though, she adorned the appropriate garbs, a bit of worry in her mind towards her qualifications or perhaps more lack of them. However it did not much translate as far as what work was needed, as the most basic tasks that were associated with the operation was all that she was given. It did not seem to be an issue for her and much like the previous task that was taken care of, the reward that was given was wholly satisfactory. Giving a final glance at the surgery that she had helped towards, she made her way back, wondering if there was anything in Baska worthwhile.


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