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Medicare [Quest: Vyra]

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Medicare [Quest: Vyra] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 1:36 pm

Her arrival was not one in which she had planned, nor one in which she was all the much thrilled to be apart of. A blank canvas that was the Fioren map, a place to which most of the realm remained an unknown to her, and yet, she was expected to have found a place to traverse and hopefully make something of it. A far cry from practical, but nothing of her arrival in this country had up to this point led towards something like that. The winds had taken her from place to place, only to believe that this would again stand as such a chance.

The reception too, seemed a far cry from that of what she was expecting to have encountered within any sort of settlement, particularly that of a place that at least appeared to have been well-established as Baska was touted of being. Frail, weak, and people whose demeanor and bodies more resembled that of Vyra stood amongst the streets, scattering about, a foul, if not ill sense within the air. Hardly a selling position to consider towards any place, and yet, she found herself still there, while for most of the mindful would have taken some reason or another to depart as quickly as able. Perhaps intrigued more than anything, Vyra proceeded deeper through the town, though it was not long before she found herself stopped again, the gathering of people along a building which she could have only assumed to be a place of somewhat importance before her.



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A small bit of probing stood to be all that was effectively required to get at least the basic information for Vyra, albeit hardly anything from which she or anyone for that matter might take comfort towards. Baska found itself struggling of late, the ailment a bit unclear but nonetheless one that was prevalent throughout the area of late. Few were able to wholly avoid the ramifications of it all, whether from a direct or indirect perspective. Families were afflicted to varying degrees, individuals forced to put their lives on hold in one facet or another in the hopes of a treatment. But, the effects of the ailments was ranging widespread amongst the people, such that there came the issue that what aid one could stand to receive was far more limited. While not her initial intention with her arrival, it did not take long before Vyra found herself forced into a position of handling a job; arguably the last thing that she had come to expect initially upon her arrival.

Hardly a complicated task, even one such that a person like Vyra who most of the quests in which one would have to be tasked with would instead defer to someone else. They were simple enough tasks, simply taking what appeared to have been nothing more impressive or pressing than that of medication to others. Only two parcels, a task that would call for as much challenges as it may have for anyone with the most basic of skills and abilities. Following the successful delivery, she marveled upon the jewels now in her possession, something that had proven to be a rarity for her in the most recent periods.


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