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Poropo Protecting Performers [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was known in Marigold as a performer, if only part-time, but within Hosenka the monk was totally unknown. Feeling an itch for the dramatic, Poropo decided he would try to start a small career as an actor within Hosenka! A fun idea if Poropo could get roles suited to him - roles which did not involve too much physically or motion. The frail old man could barely pretend to be a farmer back in Marigold's theater so anything more might be the end of his career.

With a skip in his step, Poropo auditioned for a role in an upcoming Hinoki Theater. However, Poropo's appearance made Manageer Yua believe he was here to be anything other than a performer, "you say you know magic...how about being a bodyguard for the show? We received a very real threat and were hoping to get as much help as possible."

Poropo knew this might happen and decided to accept the proposed job, "Alright, I will be a bodyguard and help the show run smoothly! May the Iron Deity bless this show." Poropo clasped his hands and Manage Yua looked pleased, if not confused by the assumption the monk was here for something else.

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Poropo Poproporp
Having been hired as a bodyguard due to his inability to keep his magic a low priority, Poropo prepared by scouting out the stage and the area around. Unfortunately, there are many places to sneak in from and the expectantly large crowd will not make seeing villainy easy. The monk will need to keep his eyes pealed for anything or anyone suspicious, "At least I am not the only defender." Being alone would have made this task impossible for a frail and slow old man, but three other bodyguards would cover many different areas, hopefully.

There was no guarantee one of the other bodyguards was not the threat-sender - the only guarantee was Poropo to himself, "I cannot possibly be the villain - I was only here since yesterday, hah hah hah!" The monk chuckled to himself but began becoming concerned for the safety of the event and people - Poropo's magic helped to defend himself, not so much other people. If he wanted to help other people, the monk would need to put himself in the way of any violence which would be painful - maybe even fatal. The fragile monk shivered for a second thinking of the pain which might be inflicted upon his body.

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo kept getting more anxious thinking about the pain he might have to endure to be a good bodyguard - literally using his body to guard the performers could lead to death for the monk, "Oh Iron Deity, please bless me be a good bodyguard and live to speak of my deed." The night of the play arrived and the nerves had not faded, only growing and pressuring more nervous shivering out of Poropo. The monk felt as pale as he looked, sweating profusely and keeping his hands clasped in prayer.

Everyone else was too busy preparing to calm the monk's nerves and anyone who did notice felt the other three guards could do what needed to be done. Manager Yua would have helped, but she managed all she employed, not just Poropo - the play came first which is why bodyguards were hired in the first place.

A large audience gathered, the performers entered the stage, Poropo's nerves had disappeared, and the night was going well! Nothing awful was happening on stage or outside the stage - Poropo has having a fun time glancing at the play from time to time while wandering the premises in search of impurity. The relaxed monk was happy his services were not needed - until something unexpected happened during the performance!

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Poropo Poproporp
The performance stopped and the crowd started to hold hushed gasps with a repeating phrase catching Poropo's smooth ears, "Ayakashi." The monk did not know of this word, but he quickly turned to the stage to see two actresses being held by a masked individual. Nothing was said until the masked man seemed to have everyone's attention.

"If anyone moves," with a quick wipe of his hands, the masked man held a knife to each actress' throat, "then they'll never sing again." Poropo was stunned and wanted to make a move, but obviously could do nothing under pressure from such a threat. The masked person continued, "I am the Ayakashi and I am now taking these girls with me." He kept the knifes trained on their throats as he ducked down and jumped into the darkness of the night sky.

"First Immortal!" Poropo saw a chance to leap into action and hopped onto his summoned angel, the First Immortal, "After him!" The First Immortal leapt into action against the Ayakashi, chasing him down with all his might! Wherever the Ayakashi was headed, Poropo was able to keep up thanks to the First Immortal. However, Poropo made sure not to shout or yell in fear of the Ayakashi hurting the hostages.

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Poropo Poproporp
After a long chase, far from the Hinoki Theater, the Ayakashi and First Immortal were panting. They had run a long distance and kept at the same pace. Eventually they would both be totally exhausted, but Poropo was still able to move, more or less - a fragile old man can only do so much against such an athletic criminal. Despite his lack of physical strength, Poropo attempted to threaten the Ayakashi, "Let the girls go or face the Iron Deity's wrath!"

Poropo assumed an offensive-looking stance to seem like more of a threat than he secretly was, but the Ayakashi took a step back, thankfully. The masked man did not seem to want a full confrontation, but he also did not want to let go of his hostages. Poropo noticed the Ayakashi's hesitation and took a bold step forward and continued to threaten, "You have one last chance!" The monk took another step, albeit weak, "I just want the actresses!" Poropo could feel a wave of nervous shivering coming to attack his mental state - if the Ayakashi did not give up the hostages right away, then Poropo could do nothing but hope the First Immortal was not too exhausted.

A moment passed, the Ayakashi released the hostages, and he was swarmed by the one of the other bodyguards! Poropo and the hostages were saved by a diligent defender from the shadows! Poropo took the hostages back with him, shaking with anxiety for what could have been a disaster. The women thanked him for his bravery and Manager Yua rewarded him and the other bodyguards for their great work.

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