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Poropo Peddler Interrogation [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Peddler Interrogation [Quest] Empty Thu Aug 26, 2021 2:18 pm

Poropo Poproporp
"Being tasked with patrolling is easy when I have you on my side, First Immortal. You are so kind for allowing me the privilege of mounting you like a majestic steed." Poropo was crouched comfortably with his feet inside the donut-hole of his metallic summon, the First Immortal, and also had his hands grasping the top of the donut-shaped body. The First Immortal was not amused by the summoner monk, but First Immortal had a soft spot for his rotund friend. Being ageless, the First Immortal wondered what Poropo must feel being old and frail everyday.

The pair were gently hovering through the streets of the Hargeon Docks in hopes of finding criminals to bring to Rune Knight Collin Simmers. The mounted monk used his deft perception while the First Immortal focused on hovering quickly. They looked goofy together, but Poropo was used to a little humiliation - the First Immortal cared a little more but knew he would outlive everyone laughing, one way or another.

"Aha! I believe my eyes have landed on criminal behavior! We must quietly approach, First Immortal!" The First Immortal rolled his one eye in frustration - Poropo would alert the very criminals he just pointed out with his boisterous behavior.

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Poropo Poproporp
A pair of gentlemen were conversing in an alleyway near the Hargeon Docks and Poropo spotted them - the monk believed the two men were doing something dastardly so a finger was pointed at them as Poropo shouted for the First Immortal to give chase! "After them, First Immortal! One of them looks similar to the man described by our employer!" Poropo was shown an image by Rune Knight Simmers of a man named Reagan Hullston, a known criminal who smuggles stolen goods. Knowing who to look for, Poropo did not choose two, random individuals to chase - the monk chose Reagan and an associate!

The First Immortal hovered at a decent enough pace in the direction of the criminal pair, but there was an intersection coming up which prompted Reagan and his nameless associate to split ways. This split forced Poropo and the First Immortal to make a choice - chase after the known criminal, Reagan Hullston, or chase after the nameless man whom Reagan was associated with.

"I will go after Reagan, he seems to be slower than me, so you go after the other man!" The First Immortal did not agree with Poropo's statement about Reagan's speed in relation to Poropo's, but the decision was not terrible.

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Poropo Poproporp
Just as Reagan and his associate had done a moment ago - Poropo and the First Immortal made their separate ways. The rotund monk believed he was fast enough to catch up to Reagan so he send the Iron Diety's angel, the First Immortal, after Reagan's unknown partner-in-crime. However, only a moment of chasing after Reagan taught the old, fragil Poropo he was not even near fast enough to catch the named criminal, "Huff...puff...s-stop! In the n-name of the Iron D-Deity!"

The monk had to stop giving chase almost immediately and take a breather against a brick wall - the criminal was more speedy than anticipated, most likely due to Poropo's changed perspective. Poropo had been riding the speedier First Immortal while gauging his changes of catching Reagan. Only now did Poropo realize his mistake and attempt to follow behind the First Immortal's chase.

While Poropo was trailing behind, the First Immortal was sprinting at full speed after the unnamed criminal who seemingly had ties to Reagan Hullston! The chase looked to be a close one, but the magical creature made of condensed light was just a little faster than the criminal. The First Immortal knew he would not be understood but shouted anyway, "YoU sHaLl NoT eScApE fRoM tHe WrAtH oF tHe IrOn DeItY!"

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Poropo Poproporp
After a couple minutes of swift sprinting, the criminal the First Immortal was chasing began fading in endurance and collapsed, wheezing. The First Immortal gave the poor, tired gentleman mercy and simply held him in place as they both waited for Poropo. The exhausted, unnamed criminal wheezed, "W-what...are...you?" The First Immortal would have answered if not for Poropo finally catching up.

"Huff...I am f-finally here...good job F-first Immortal...oh my goodness you two ran f-far." The First Immortal could feel the tired criminal attempting to shift around, but his legs wouldn't respond out of sheer exhaustion - he was not the running-type of criminal Reagan seemed to be. Poropo limped up to the equally flaccid criminal and began asking some questions, "What were you and Reagan doing back there?"

A panicked look came across the criminal's face, "You know his name! Do you know my name, too!? Oh jeez, what's gonna happen to me?! I can't survive in prison!" Poropo sat down and tried to continue catching his breath while interrogating the criminal.

"Y-yes...we know your name, so if you do not want to be imprisoned for eternity then you should cooperate for a lighter sentence." Poropo attempted to bluff in order to make the interrogation run smoother.

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Poropo Poproporp
The criminal's panic subsided by Poropo's calming bluff as he spoke to answer questions about Reagan, "I was just giving him drugs to sell to whomever he wanted - I don't know who he sells to or whatever else he does with the drugs...I swear!" Poropo was not completely satisfied with the criminal's vague answer and continued to push for answers.

"I have been told Reagan sells stolen good to pirates - you would not happen to be selling him stolen drugs, would you?" The criminals eyes widened, indicating to Poropo a clue was uncovered. The criminal's sweat ran down his face as he thought about how best to answer to please the monk - the metallic being holding down the criminal squeezed to add pressure as well.

"F-fine...I was brokering a deal with him on some stuff I had...found...I can give it to the authorities instead...if I-" Poropo held his finger up and ended the criminal's sentence for him.

"-if you hand over everything and explain the rest of your dealings to Rune Knight Simmers. You will now come with me to tell him everything you know, including what you have stolen and how to contact Reagan in the future - we have unfinished business." Poropo and the First Immortal walked the scared criminal to Rune Knight Collin Simmers where the monk received his reward for a job well done.

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