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The man stood before Jikan, across from here on the other side of the arena's ring. A sword was present om the large man's back, equaling his size and which length was easily longer than Jikan's five feet eight inches body frame. Reaching his left hand back over his shoulder gripping the hilt of the long sword before slowly drawing it out of its sheathe. The light gleamed off of its silver metallic blade before crashing into the ground with a thud. The sharp end cutting the stone floor like butter.

The two eyed each other for a few seconds, not saying a word and only allowing silence and air to exist between the two of them. Then the man charged forward, ready to get in range of his target, Jikan, and initiation combat. He lifted his sword, holding it to the side with only one arm. Soon he was 6 meters from her and in one smooth motion he flung the sword, moving it in front of his body before raising it above his head and bringing it down. "Graaaaaaghhh!!". It slammed into the ground, kicking up a puff of dust.

Jikan acted fast.

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Jikan was already preparing herself to respond to the man's attack. As the giant sword bared down on her like a lion hunting is prey, Jikan acted like an agile antelope, she jumped to the side. Moving out of the way of the sword man's strike as his blade smashed into the ground and the air howled fiercely around the impact location.

The man had size and Jikan, and most likely power from that, and somehow, the man did not seem to really suffer in speed because of that that much, but Jikan was still faster than what he had shown so far in the tournament and in the first seconds of their match so far. She needed to use her mobility her, and such, using the opperunity given to her of the blade still being logged into the ground, Jikan jumped onto the blade, taking care to stay on the dull edge. With haste she made her way up the blade, her right fist held to her core as she approached the man's downed guard.

The man began to pull his blade out but it was too late, Jikan had already made her way to his face. Throwing her core and spinning, Jikan threw out a right spinning uppercut aimed to the jaw.

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If they man had simply decided to drop his sword, or even just use his other hand he could had defended himself from this attack. But he did not, and so he suffered and ate the blow to his chin. The hit clocking his head back with a bang.

The man held onto his sword though and when Jikan was floating down to the ground her would slam down a fist over her. The agile enchantress would not let him get her so easy though. Bending her knees, she leaned her bode to the left before rolling out of the way, throwing out a kick to the forearm the man was using as she did so.

Pieces of dirt went into the air as the man's fist made contact with the ground. If the kick by Jikan hurt the man made no attempt to show or even recognize the attacks existence in the realm of their dull. To him, it must have felt like a weak poke. Great....another giant brute who got strength and a Hercules like endurance to pain. Fuuuuuuuuun. Jikan did an internal groan, an eye roll, and even curse at this situation she found herself in

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