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The Beauty In Ink.(Open Social.)

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The Beauty In Ink.(Open Social.) Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 1:15 pm

Travelling a bout as she always did, Miriko just seemed to persist as she always did just showing up places to just to either read, draw or paint. All things typical of her, Just when she showed up is when she generally noticed people would actually give her a passing glance, Then again she knew very well knew way.

The giant Gothic woman she was, She was often picked up open as she walked back, As well as she often shaded herself over with a well made and tailored umbrella.

At least as she gathered the eyes of other, Miriko was not alone while doing these travels, After all the massive cattian Alistair was with her as well. Even if they had not spoken much outside walking, Alistair in some manner had been a good help to Miriko since finding him, A lot of trips were she would have been slowed down from being super cold were now sparingly happening because she had the cattian with her.

Miriko had an odd way of riding on Alistair, she would just like she was in a chair and draped her legs on one side, It was so she did not ruin her dress or trip herself when getting off of her companion.

With in the Sakura Ally, Miriko had found a spot were she would consider placing herself to make a quick drawing she wanted to do, Mostly wanting to find a bear and empty bunch by a tree and draw that. It was kind the continuing path of the Miriko finding anything that could continue into something interesting. Then again looking at where she had chosen to stop to start her drawing, Miriko would rest her open umbrella to free up both of her arms and pat Alistair as a sign it was okay to sit down or rest.

Opening up her purse where she normally kept a few things, Miriko would pull out small sketch book and a well sharpen pencil, Since finding her starting point, It was sitting she would start drawing here. So far keeping herself out of the way while she would be drawing, She did not mind if people stared at her, Since she was already so far happy with how everything been planned out.

Looking up and around every once and a while with her dark purple eyes, Miriko was generally just checking to see if anything was a miss around her, It just seemed for now, she was safe and okay to be drawing in her sketch book here.


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Tempris was was walking in the alley way alone as usual. She did not know anyone at the guild besides the guild master but the woman was busy at the moment. So she took off see more of Hosenka. She did a couple of assignments here and learned about the strong mob and brothel presence. Also, the place had gambling and people who couldn't pay their debt. That was more of the darker side. There were also pretty places to look at but Tempris was not much of a sight seer. She was more of an experience the moment type of person.

So she did her best to experience the moment. She wore a navy blue veil with a gold ban across her forehead. Her dress was navy blue and simple. She still could not find herself wearing her more fancier attire since Brunhild loss. However, this dress did have the symbol of Illumin on her back with a hook to hold her sword. She also had on all her gear. More importantly, she had a key in her hand. She was waiting all week for it and now it was hears. She didn't use it yet this morning but she was wonder if there would be an opportunity to use it and... suddenly her mind became fascinated on something spectacular.

There was this massive cat thing with this woman who was writing something in a book. At least that's what it looked like to Tempris. Tempris was curious about the the cat. In fact, some might say she wanted to pet it. So the girl moved towards the creature and the woman and stopped only a few feet away.

"Wow... that's a large animal." The girl started, "Is it... dangerous?"


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With a curious look Alistair would just mention by the tone of voice."I am quite friendly."After all Alistair could speak for himself, It was not something he hid aside, since well Alistair hiding in general would be a bit of a challenge."And over all not dangerous for some one like you."The rider on the mount Miriko seemed not really pay much mind to who Alistair was talking too.

Nor if it was anything super important, Miriko was entirely buried into her drawing."Do not mind her, She is always buried in something, between reading books or creating pictures."Alistair would mention in reality he was still adjusting Miriko since she was new to being around her, he had a chance to be equally as lazy while being on guard, However Miriko did not place her self in as many risky situations.

Stopping her drawing for a moment, Miriko only seemed to only slightly turn her head down to realize some one else was there,Which only made her wonder if she needed to do something right away but seemed. It seemed Miriko had taken into her mind the appearance and looks of the person talking to Alistair.

It seemed varying almost typical, at least in Miriko's view because it was just how these matter always seemed to be happen, Given how almost stuck in her mind in some way things Miriko just kind of closed her drawing book, put it back into her small purse, getting off of Alistair. The tall woman quiet looked up Tempris."Does one wish to ride upon Alistair?"She had took her time getting off to make sure to keep balance and the umbrella still shading her face.

What Did Miriko assume about Tempris? she might for her looks a bit off putting over all, Nonetheless even if she was a bit unhappy with stopping her drawing she could see a valuable moment with this this moment of time.


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Tempris jumped back, startled by the fact that the big cat just spoke. Her hand moved to the grip of her sword but she did not draw it. She only stared confused. The Cat was not only smart enough for speech, it was smart enough to know she herself was strong. Tempris grinned lowering her hand so that she could fold her arms. "I suppose... most people underestimate me. Its nice to see other people see that, even if it is from a fluffy... I mean... big cat." Her voice wavier a bit at the end and her face became a bit pink but Tempris managed to contain most of her embarrassment. Tempris took a step forward not feeling threaten but still resisting the urge to want to pet it.

Despite what the cat said, the woman did actually stop what she was doing. She slide off her cat and even offer Tempris a ride on the creature. The girl's eyes lit up.
"wait really?"
There was no time to realized that she blew her façade in order to fill her secret desires. She was already close to the creature with a huge smile on her face. To think she would get to actually touch a beast.


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It seemed to make Alistair laugh in some manner. Only because fluffy was also a correct way of referring to him as well, Then again he would remark."Mimi does put a fair amount of effort into making sure my coat is well taken care of."Given that the shorten name mentioned was by the talking cat, it was not easy to assume, Mimi most likely some one Alistair knew, Then again simpler to assume that the tall woman in dark clothing and an umbrella was Mimi.

But it seemed however Mimi's offer was well serious."I do not have any problem, If you really wish too, Since you seem fixated upon my Cattian, The offer allows a person to understand and feel more comfortable around such a rarity."It seemed simple, Miriko was getting people adjusted and comfort to Alistair rather then everyone stopping and starting right away.

Miriko also did not just show him off like he was for a side show attraction either, She had Alistair around for a reason and used him for a purpose. As well she showed and displayed a strong amount of respect and care for him as well.

It seemed easier for Miriko to get down, most likely because the reality of how tall she was compared to most woman was not easily picked up when your staring at a cat that was 3 inches shorter than her, It would almost seemed. Nonetheless Alistair made sure that if Tempris really had wanted the chance too she could easily get on the saddle in which Alistair had on him for Miriko to ride.

This also make sure for talking, Miriko was also on an even listening level so she did not have to double check on some one else saying if it came down to it.

Moving herself enough away so it was more clear."So, Do feel free to sit upon Alistair."It seemed now both would wait to see what else could happen at this point. Then the signs showing how Miriko was in terms of looking after Alistair."Have I left you to gaze upon the sun too long Alistair? Do you require something to drink?"

Nor would she neglect their company."For if need be either of you need something to drink, I will be sure to get some.My drawings for the moment, Can wait until I have more time to spare."She was most likely already done her quick pencil and paper drawing anyway and she just did not really mention it.

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"Thank you Thank you!" for some reason, Tempris felt like it was harder to control herself and maintain her heir of being serious and not childish. She didn't know why but as soon as she felt the beast's fur, she did not care. It was so warm and soft. The woman moved away from the saddle and offered it to Tempris. Without second thought, Tempris leaped up and plopped herself onto the back of the cat. It was amazing and she could feel the warmth under her. She did not know why but it just felt nice to be up here. It felt nice to smile. She felt warm inside.

Tempris inched forward so that she could hugged the back of the creature's head. Then she embraced it's fur.
"So... warm. I can feel Illumin's love." she chimed.

she rubbed her cheek against the fur while trying to listen to the woman. She spoke in a interesting way for a sinner. She was very wordy and it was a little annoying, but there was no urge to be annoyed. Especially when she was so close to this fur.
"Drinks..." The girl managed to grab hold to her personality for a moment and frown, "If you are going... I have some jewels. It would be nice if you could get me some milk." Tempris reached into a pocket in her cloak and pulled out a couple of bills to hand to the woman. If she took it, she would revert her childish nature and started petting the cat again.
"So. warm"


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For the most part Alistair was overall happy with this situation, Mostly because he could get something out of this, But at least he was still an honest cattain."I do not require much, But it does seem some one else does."Which was true in this case, Miriko and Alistair were at least not super rude about it either, They had a guest and they would be more then willing.

It was a good break anyway, No doubt Miriko would have left herself for hours with in just sitting there as she did drawing away in fine detail at nothing but a merely bench and tree, No doubt also making sure to put in the detail of the grass and pedals from the trees close by.

Not helping himself to laugh only a little."I do keep  things warm fairly easily given the fur huh?"Alistair at least always felt good and normal making remarks about small things. Already knowing very well he was super warm."Yes, It is useful for the long travel because sometimes,I do get fairly cold easily."It was a small piece of this pale stranger revealed of herself, Then again Miriko also seemed to be asking about drinkings because she was starting to feel a bit warm herself.

when the mention of payment was brought up, Miriko then unattached her checkered patterned purse, with part of it being dark blue and the other black, the click sound as she opened she seemed to check it over for a moment."I have more then enough for what you may need."Miriko was assume it was not a lot needed.

Then will she would enjoy the moment, because it was watching so innocent and yet to delightful at the same time, A image Miriko had not seen in many ages.


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Tempris was surprised at the woman's generosity. She was willing to go get the young girl a drink and pay for it. Tempris would pray to give thanks but she was growing weary of the woman. Did she think of the girl as just a weak child? The cat did not think her weak so that did not make sense. Maybe the girl wanted to be cleanse and was seeking her fortune. As great as that was, Tempris had never met anyone so willing in her lifespan. Plus the guild master would probably get mad. She had to be good... or at least... not misbehave too much as her guild master would put it. Maybe the woman wanted to capture the girl. Maybe she had a problem with her. Tempris buried her face into the cat's fur, poking it out for a brief movement to thank the woman.
"Oh... umm. Thank you... May your generosity be blessed."

With that she returned to her warm seat. "Cat, you agree that warm milk is the drink of choice. I remember someone saying strong people drink milk. You must have drank a lot of it to be so big" Her eyes glowed waiting for the beast to agree with her.

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They were an interesting group that is for sure, It was always the magic of life, So much so most of the time Miriko never really paid much mind to anything really unless it was in the end something really needing of note."It really would not cost much."Miriko would admit, It was not that much of work from her end that would need to be done, for her to make up the cost of money she would spend here."Knit a few things if need be, Or repair some clothing, It would more then make up a few drinks."Miriko had a lot of ways to make money to be okay in life she had more life skills then skills as a mage.

Since, so far her company was nice and polite she was not overly worried anything with in the moment they were walking."The joy and smile of another person, Is just was beautiful as the best sights of the world."A general mentioned by her as   she looked around for a moment, in general hiding a nice spot to get needed drink of her quest request.

Alistair on the other hand just seemed to be equally having a good time with this moment as well, since talking to Tempris was a lot more enjoyable then lounging around in the quiet, even if it was nice sometimes you needed to break the norm."I can agree, Just keeping in mind the bill for milk for me is a lot more then it could be yourself."Letting out a bit of a laugh about it.Only because he had thrown Mimi into that situation before.

Even recalling it seemed to make Miriko shiver a bit."It was an unforeseen cost at the time."At least with what money she had she covered the cost. With such childish way of thinking Miriko realize she would never want to break such an innocent mind set by telling her, That in fact not how it worked, she valued how the mind worked to not let things get shattered so easily.

"I do personally just need the drink just at a good middle ground, For i seem very sensitive to temperature differences, It seems to ruin the moment for me."Miriko remarked,as she was considering what she would pick or if she really needed anything to drink herself, no doubt water would do just fine in her case.


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"Knitting? If only I was gifted with such ability. My work only tends to be more... messy. Still, it gives me the money to help people so I am grateful to have it." She hinted at the violent work she had been doing since arriving in Hosenka. While she figured other people could guess she was a fighting type of mage, she tried to keep her jobs hidden if with was possible. Working with the mob or other shady people could be looked down upon without context, without knowing the bigger monsters she was saving up to take down. The end result justice the means, the means to free all the souls of this world from their sin. "A smile..." Tempris repeated, "Beautiful? I guess some smiles are warm. I don't get smiles when I help people though."

She was happy to hear the big cat agree with her. Of course, she was right. She had been drinking it for a long time now and she was much stronger than she was before. She giggled and started scratching behind the ear of the cat creature. "How much did it cost?" Tempris was a little bit interested. The cat was pretty big so it probably could drink a lot of milk.


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Even if never the type to brag or trying to show off, It was simple to list the thing she had learned, that were all just hobbies over the years she knew that could help earn jewel if really need be."Do keep in mind, Even if I am a mage, I have often spend my time learning various other things:Sewing,Knitting,Painting and Drawing. It leaves options for a lot more to learn too."There was no tone of bragging at all, It was just listing things she knew how to do normally and naturally.

Such a simple description, That seemed to be about to be expected of the world beautiful, Then again each person had their own words of mentioning it."Not everyone who helps, Yields the such a thing in return."Which was a simple line to reply with because it was just normal to expect people to never be happy in times of help."It always matters on the situation that in which is being helped with."This might open up some interesting things, depending on what Tempris answered with, Hopefully it was not too strange to Miriko, After all she had been expecting nothing too out there.

However bringing up the cost of Alistair milk binge seemed to simply make Miriko cringe slightly."Some where in double digits, That is before I had to tell him to stop for where we were, Almost ran out of milk."It only seemed to make the massive cat laugh for a moment, since after all it unintentional, Just Alistair being him if anything else.

Nonetheless maybe the actual amount was needing to mention."250 jewel to be exact...not something I was prepared for."It seemed to leave the details there, after all she was not prepared to drop that much money on something so simple.


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"Wow... so much," the girl's eyes glowed, "How do you have the time to do all of that and be a mage... I always fine that everyone around me is so strong... Oh wait..." The girl realized something important. She had been riding the woman's big cat and talking with her but she never introduced herself. It was such a silly mistake but Tempris still felt a little embarrassed. "I just realized, I never introduced myself. Please forgive my rudeness. I'm Tempris A... just Tempris now... I suppose." She was not use to the fact that everything was so different. She did not feel different and yet she was. She was no longer an Ashflare.

"No, you are right." She lowered her head, but she was not depressed. "The important thing is to help those who are misfortunate. I'm suppose to help because it's my fate, not because it can make me renown." Even if they did not want help. It was her duty as a chosen one of Illumin. "Sometimes it would nice if people would stop being stubborn and accept the help they need. Fighting is such a waste of time, energy, and effort..." She raised her head, satisfied with her statement. She did not care if the woman agreed or if she objective. Since at the end of the day, she would still help save the souls of the sinners.

Tempris could only whistle when she heard the price of the milk. She was actually happy she did not own such a pet. Her own lemur did not cost much to feed. If anything, it tended to find its own food. She did turn to the cat if only to see if he agreed to the story. It was probably true but she just did not want to believe such a warm creature cost so much.


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It did sound much, Then again it just showed one person's devotion to some kind of work, It just seemed magic was not the right away case for it, Even remarking."Do keep in mind, All of said skills are not amazing and needing special talent to yield results for, It is all just something you work towards overtime."It was the best way for Miriko to mention it, Since she always viewed it in that manner, keeping at it until you to."So as long one works towards what is trying to be achieved, It can be done."So at least it was just how this tall woman saw it all, It was different to each person.

It seemed with that not happening, It was not entirely bothering Miriko at all."Oh? that seems to be the case, I am Miriko, This is Alistair my fable companion."Alistair just seemed content and quiet as he seemed to have gone, Not that it was entirely something horrible for him it was just kind of the normal. Then again."Some people do find it easier to call her Mimi."At least he would mentioned that in general.

This still seemed to be an ever shaping conversation. They both seemed to reach an understanding, Or at least in some manner they seemed to, The different view would be here."I am not the type to go out of my way to help some one, Only because my time out here is limited, unless it is something I can outright help with, I will often not be in the situation it is needed."Then again considering this woman was also in a long flowing dress and covering herself in shade often, maybe her knowing she is limited is with in reason.

In terms of accepting help it was always an interesting conversation."Well, I do always have to think to what it is in need of helping, some ways people are scared of it or assume they do not need it for most likely a personal reason."It was more of a middle of the road stance of it, she was not heartless or cruel, but not a lady to rush out to do anything that could be helping.

But alas they arrived at a fitting spot. With that Miriko she stopped, walking over to the place she had been where she chose to stop, Miriko seemed to be just pat Alistair."Do stay here, This building will not fit you."It seemed almost callous to mention that way, But it was normal.

Getting her checkered purse, with it's colours of black and dark blue. Miriko seemed to already to seemed to have this all planned out."You can join me if you wish, I will be returning outside to sit with Alistair." With that she placed her umbrella back on place were she normally had it to cover her porcelain skin.

It was two containers of milk one for Alistair and one for Tempris, As well as whatever else Miriko wanted to drink. It was a slightly busy and lively small market, With Miriko knowing where all to go and simply picked up the few things, two small containers of milk, A what would be small bowl to Alistair, It seemed Miriko got herself water and seemingly carrying to wrapped up things that were common for carrying foods or snacks.

It seemed Miriko even if she had just mentioned getting drinks, had picked up a few other things. It was not much. Nonetheless Alistair found a spot to sit understand that Miriko and Tempris could easily find a place to sit as well.


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"I don't know... Illumin has not bless me with such gifts nor the time to practiced. So anyone who can... I think is... at least worthy of... a little bit of admiration." The woman's second comment, Tempris could not agree with. She recently seen first hand how devotion alone does not complete one's goal. The thought alone stole some of the warmth she felt while riding the cat. So she hugged the cat hoping to save her current warmth. "Not everything can be achieved. Not even the greatest devotion can make everything right."

The introductions gave the girl something else to think about. Alistair, a name she heard the woman call the cat before, and Miriko. But when Alistair mentioned that her nickname was Mimi, Tempris spoke up, "Oh... may I call you that... Mimi?" Something inside of her felt like she needed to ask that. The name it self was easier to say and felt like it was a better name. Plus it was cute... not that Tempris cared about that sort of stuff.

Tempris sympathized with the woman's statement. No everyone was chosen to serve Illumin. Not everyone was fated to save the souls of others. "Not everyone is... meant to help," Tempris gave a sigh, "and someone told me... not everyone is meant to be helped."

They arrived at the place where they would be getting milk. The woman asked if she wanted to join her. Tempris turned to Alistair. Then turned back to Mimi with a forced smile. "S...sure."

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