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In Support of Cassia: A Daunting Welcome [solo]

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In Support of Cassia: A Daunting Welcome [solo] Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 6:45 pm

In Support of Cassia: A Daunting Welcome [solo] Embers-gif-7

Both Alistair and the cultist girl arrive in the town. As they get close they see smoke and faint screams. They began to hurry and see people running away from something. Alistair grabs hold of one of them and asks concerned “what is going on”?!” The man was covered in burn marks and ash. “It happened so fast… we were… It was horrible..”. Alistair grabs his shoulders and calms him down, “I need you to breathe and tell me exactly what happened?”. The man stuttered all the way through. It was near impossible to fully make out anything he said. Anything except one word: “ Rebels…”. Alistair’s eyes open wide, he quickly turns towards the town and runs at a hasty pace. Suddenly a hand grabs hold of him, it’s the cultist girl. “ Maybe… maybe we shouldn’t interfere…”. Alistair gets agitated “Well as far as I remember if I hadn’t interfered we wouldn’t be here. Would we? “. She agrees and goes along with him. As they approach the town they are overwhelmed by the large flames, yet the Stellan rebels were nowhere to be found. Seeing that the main threat was nowhere in sight they rushed to help the people instead. Alistair hears the crying of a child. The infant rested inside a burning house, without a second thought he went in. Both he and the child barely made it out, but when a beam falls on them a hooded figure intervenes and saves them.



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The man grabs the child and helps Alistair get up, Alistair instantly recognizes the emblem he proudly carries, soon after they all came out of the house. The man returns the infant to a distressed woman who anxiously grabs her child. Not a moment after that he goes on to help others. Alistair looks around to see a group of men and women helping the people and with a smile, he is motivated to join them. As the night falls the flames turn into ash and there were no casualties, but sadly, the people only live to see their lives ruined. Now homeless, the town’s people march onward to a new beginning. Alistair sat on a scorched fountain and a man came and sat beside him, calling himself a follower of Cassia. Furthermore, as they talk Alistair finds out that Brunhild has lost. The man notices the somber face of Alistair. But his expression quickly changed as he heard of how Cassia has helped many people who have nowhere to go, whose livelihood was destroyed by the Dragons and the Stella rebels who have burned down whole towns. Alistair looks around at the death and ashes that surround him and recalls certain memories from his past. The man stood up and said he and his group were about to leave, as they had information about a certain group of rebels planning to attack yet another town. Alistair looks up and says “Mind if I tag along?”. The man smiles and nods “yes”.



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Alistair and the group pack up and begin their journey. It seems the followers had intercepted the rebels and now have intel on their next target. It took a lot but the cultist girl decided to continue her journey besides Alistair as he headed straight into the face of danger. Alistair looks at the girl a bit confused. The girl responded by looking away. “You know, you don’t have to follow me. You’re free to go wherever you want…”. Her face turns red as she gets all flustered “I’m not following you… I just don't know where to go...yet”. Alistair looks away and smiles “It’s fine. You can stick with me as long as you like”. She smiles and nods without uttering another word.” Its Dahlia” Alistair smiles and extends his arms to greet her. “Well that took longer than it should. Alistair is my name, let's do our best together ok?” Dahlia nods and shakes his hand kindly. Alistair then glances at the man who saved him and walks up to him “I never really said thank you for saving us back there”. The man looked strangely at him “ It was nothing… I'm just glad I arrived in time to help, also I am just doing my part to help Cassia. Expansion might bring wealth to Bosco but it also hurts the people. All those needless deaths for what… Cassia… She just wants peace. She cares about the people more than wealth“. Alistair thinks for a moment as he looks up at the night sky and says “Peace doesn’t sound that bad I guess… “. They both smile. The man then rushes ahead to greet his small army. “Alright gang, listen up! Up ahead we will find those pyromaniacs. This world of ours... has had enough fear and hate, instead, you brave lot be proud! You fight for justice, you fight for peace, we fight for Cassia!” the fired-up crowd replied in one ardent voice “For Cassia!” And together they all stampeded into the rebels' hideout. It was simply brutal, they never saw them coming. Most rebels died for their belief but most surrender and await a proper trial. As for the followers of Cassia, they march to further contribute to the cause by rebuilding the same town these rebels have brought down. Alistair bids farewell, but before he could take another step he notices Dahlia has suddenly stopped. She seems lost in her thoughts. “Is something the matter?” Dahlia shakes her head in response. “I... I feel…” she looks back to the small party of followers. “It's fine, this won't be the last time we see each other.” He said while avoiding eye contact. She smiles warmly and nods in agreement. “Right!” Alistair then bids farewell to Dahlia and everyone as he marches out of Bosco, out of sight.


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