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As a team leader II (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

As a team leader II (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 10:28 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
As Akuma and his team done with their attack to one of Stellan rebels base, he send most of his people back to Hildegard to report their successful attack against this Stellan rebels base. Not just that, Akuma command his man to bring some rebels with them so they can interrogate them later to gain some information about Stellan rebels, hopefully they will get an important information from them. After sending some of his people back to make the report, Akuma keep some others with him. Akuma then send some of his scouter to the other location of Stellan rebels, he specifically send them to the place where the other team was assigned. Just like his strategy when he attack this rebels base, he use the same strategy and concept in a bigger picture. Akuma use the strategy to split the team into a subgroups and then attack from some different direction,  they also have to finish their fight as soon as possible to keep efficiency and giving a chance to go and help other who might having a hard time fighting those rebels. Instead of going to a new base location without team assigned, Akuma use the same concept in this bigger picture, so when he and his people are done with this Stellan rebels base, Akuma is planning to go to the other locations and help the others who might having a hard time. Akuma send his scouters to gain information about which base still have their fight and how bad the situation on any of those base, and he will make decision base on that information he gets. 


#2Miyamoto Akuma 

As a team leader II (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 10:29 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
After Akuma get the information from the scouters, he decided which base to go and give help. He then go there as soon as possible, with some of his people he get there in no time, since this is the closest rebels base from the one before. Base on the information from one of his scouters, Hildegard supporter in this base needed help the most. Akuma then split the rest of his people again and with the same strategy they bust in this base looking for unfinished fight in that base and help them. Akuma bring 2 of his people in his subgroup and they bust in right away, they then going around in there and looking for any supporter that need helps, or they might find an opponent that doesn't get into a fight yet. When they're strolling in there, they found some supporter that get hurt pretty bad, some of them are knock out and this is where the different part of the plan works. Akuma create a subgroup that made out of healers as a back up for them, as this is kinda become a rescue mission Akuma think that they will need a healer to heal the people who got hurt from the fight. Akuma then contact that team and report the location every time they found a wounded person in that base. The healer team will then get to that location and start healing the wounded to at least get a basic treatment and get healed a little bit. 


#3Miyamoto Akuma 

As a team leader II (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 10:29 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
Akuma then keep running around and find an unfinished fight between the Stellan rebels and the supporters of Hildegard. It doesn't looks good, it more like the supporters was beaten up by the rebels. Akuma and his team the rush to interfere in that fight to help the supporters. Seeing Akuma and his people get there, the losing supporter smile and then take a rest. Akuma quickly contact his healer team to report location like before, and Akuma go full force with his team to defeat those Stellan rebels right there. Amazingly synchronize with his team, they start attacking those rebels like a heavy rain. Magic attack, surprise attack, slash by slash start pushing back their enemies. They move beautifully with each other almost like they were trained to do that moves specifically. But that wasn't enough, the enemies still manage to defend them self with shield, armor, and defensive spell. Akuma then cast 悪魔の強さ (Akuma no tsuyo-sa) and turn the situation one more time. This strength self-buff spell is really give them more advantage in battle and help them to push the enemies back even further. This fight doesn't stay long after Akuma cast that spell, Akuma and the others keep attacking those rebels and since Akuma now stronger because of that spell it's easier for them to win. Just in a flash second after he cast that spell, they win easily and knock those rebels down become unconscious for now. Akuma and his team then have time to check on the previous team who fought before them. They check if any of them are still alive after that fight, and then the healer team come to start heal them and recovering their condition, power and stamina.


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