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Support Cassia [Capturing Rebels for Trial]

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Yelling could be heard from the horizon, Zexion knew that they were here in Bosco. He could see the fires being started in the town. He had received word that He and many others had the duty of stopping these Rebels and Stellan troops and to either capture or push their forces back. He was enthralled, He loved every moment of the battle field. Zexion was always like this, the fire he saw gave him motivation. He knew all too well of the power within the flames that were burning the town ablaze. His anger reached a boiling point, Sweat dripped down his forehead. He was now ready. Zexion left the house he was holding out in and ran around the City area. He saw the warriors, Pillaging and burning the town to a sunder. This should not be allowed! Zexion thought as he quickly jumped into the building from the bottom to the top floor. Zexion looked around and saw two villagers, a man and a girl, Zexion grabbed them both and jumped out the window. Quickly and swiftly he had saved the two from a burning fate. Zexion stood slowly, no words were needed as the Stellan troops drew their swords.

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The battle had now begun, Zexion ran at the various men that were surrounding him. He had no fear, he was empowered by his rage. The Flames had possessed Zexion and put him in a frenzy. He was out for blood and blood is what he required. Zexion ran as fast as he could and headbutted the first warrior he saw. The warrior was stunned, he dropped his sword. Zexion grabbed the sword and swung it towards the warrior. Quickly, he was saved by one of his peers.

Zexion was not having it, Surprisingly out of the blue he was quickly struck from the right by another Stellan. Zexion parried the attack and brought the warriors momentum from his downward swing along and countered him. Zexion knocked the Stellan out, swiftly without any hesitation he bolted towards the two warriors who had previously dodged him attack. They both swung at him with all their might, but Zexion stopped 2 feet away. He knew that they were going to swing out of impulse. In the second that they swung, He went in for the attack and hit both simultaneously with the flat side of the blade. "These GUYS ARE DONE!" Zexion yelled.

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The Bosconian Soldiers were almost here, the last few soldiers began to make a break for it. "Not on my watch" Zexion screamed as he ran after the four soldiers. Zexion knew that they were about to be cornered. All his backup has arrived. Zexion saw as the previously defeated Stellans were now in cuffs ready to be brung to justice. Zexion went house to house, door to door. He actively searched the rest of the town to find any of the stragglers. He had found one of the warriors hiding in a garbage bin, Zexion quickly called for Soldiers to come and confine him in chains. "Success!", Zexion was giddy as he turned a corner and saw two of the three warriors running away. Zexion ran after them, slowly surely he was catching up too them. Zexion had almost reached them when out of nowhere the third soldier that was hiding jumped out at him. In impulse Zexion freaked out and kicked him straight into the other two soldiers that were dead ahead. Zexion had done it. He had successfully captured and put an end to the Stellans that were trying to burn down the town. Zexion had let the Ally soldiers know that Cassia wants them to be brought to court.

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