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Support: Brunhild - Opposition Discretion

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 Support: Brunhild - Opposition Discretion Frosch11

Fala was working with someone today, Brunhild told her so. The woman knew what Fala really was, but not her whole story. She was a good agent to have for both Bosco and Stella due to her being pure of both. Her raven black hair half-covered her face as her left eye was hiding. Her one purple orbs glistened at the fire as she looked at the torches. Who will be her partner today and what will they do. Her hands wiggled as they were so used to clenching onto daggers to stab people to death which gave her a heartache. She missed it so. Magic seems boring and she had some regrets, but it was too late for that.

She will have to make magic useful in her own regard, but she still hasn't found the magic that interested her. The Divine probably gave the instructions to whomever the partner is as she waited by leaning against the Divine's church. Next to her in hiding was her annoying companion, Frosch. Everyone so far loved the annoying thing. They were like a child that was blunt and did whatever it wanted. It was also weak, but in a way, Fala did enjoy the company as she so used to be alone. "Frosch does not see anyone yet,", they reported in their cutesy innocent tone.

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Günter Von Wolf

Gunter had finaly made his way to Bosco his homeland it brought back memories of his childhood, he remembered his Father and the strategic lessons he was taught. He remembered his mother, how she taught him how to fight. Finally he remembered his sister, how she had so much life ahead of her, for them to be taken away like that caused him to cry blood.

As he walked through the main gate, the streets where busy as normal citizens arguing, laughing, and bartering. The buildings where gothic in nature with ornate golden designs of roses and wolves, as he made his way through town locals and guards where watching him and his lack of a shadow. He knew that he was drawing unneeded attention, but gunter didn't care at this point. He eventually arrived at the outside of a illumin cathedral where he would be meeting his partner.

As he entered he took his time to look at the architecture, the paintings on the walls where beautiful. Eventually he saw Fala and a strange cat/frog creature, gunter couldn't help but find it strange to look at. As he approached Fala he would say "Hello again thank you for helping me clear out yhe guild, I didnt know you also worked for Brunhild. So what our first corse of action? Also who might you be?" Gunter would crouch down infront of the frog-cat creature, while listening to both responses.


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 Support: Brunhild - Opposition Discretion Frosch12

Fala gazed at the sky as she hummed a happy little tune. Her appearance was dark as she was not the bright-wearing type of individual. Soon enough though she heard someone come up as it was her guild leader, Gunter. She cocked an eyebrow and did a small chuckle, "Didn't expect ya to be around so soon,", she bluntly yet genuinely spoke. The attention went to Frosch as her eyes narrowed to gaze at the little fiend. Frosch looked up at Gunter putting up a salute, "Hai dere, Frosch is Frosch and you must be our partner today!~", they replied with a goofy derp smile. Their eyes were shining as they then climbed on Fala's back to lean over her shoulder to still end up gazing at Gunter.

Fala's eyes gazed towards Frosch and then Gunter who wondered what they were going to do. Her eyes cornered to gaze up while saying without much thinking, "We could hunt Cultists that are against Brunhild and that worships demons, and then perhaps use them as an example to those who slander the Divine," She jokingly shrugged and chuckled excitingly. She needed some excitement after the few days of the excitement with Tempris. Maybe Gunter did things differently, maybe the same way, but she should learn how others do things.

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Günter Von Wolf

After they both spoke Gunter would say "Been busy but I suppose its time to Its time to come back to the homeland. Nice to meet you Frosch. Im down with anything really im not picky Fala."

Meanwhile as thats going on Kratos is eating a weenie and making his way toward the meeting spot. It had been awhile since he had seen the boss. Kratos had spent alot of the past few days on a massive bender drinking, smoking, snorting, popping, and most importantly Whoring. As he arrived at the entrance of The cathedral of illumin, his stomach rumbled. "Guess I gotta take a shit" kratos said to himself. As Kratos looked around he noticed a man handing out flyers. Kratos quickly ran over to the man and took 4 flyers. Then he went down a back ally and took a shit. As his food hit the ground he began to wipe his ass with the flyers only needing 3, after finishing he looked at the last flyers to see what it said out of curiosity.


Kratos couldn't help but laugh "Well Hildegard I guess you are a beastmaster master, cus you sure did help with that beast of a shit." Kratos made his way back to yhe Cathedral, eventually catching up with the rest of the party.

As Kratos walks up to Gunter He would say "Howdy boss, so Who are we killing. Also who's the sexy babe that looks like she would play rough in the bedroom." Kratos would listen to there respons if one was Given, then say while looking at Frosch "Holy Fuck what the hell is that disgusting thing. Looks like a frog took eating pussy to a whole new level."


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Fala nodded to Gunter as he did not care what they were going to. Brunhild gave a list of things to do so it looks like she will pick what they will do. She lifted the list in front of her face and looked at the things they can do. The one at the top looked interesting so she was going to tell Gunter which one they were going to do till something approached them. It looked like some reptile mutant that was kind of tall for a companion. Frosch noticed first, "Hai de-," they were interrupted with what Kratos had to say. They waited their turn as they were a sweet little cat-frog.

It first spoke about her which she laughed at, but then they called her Frosch disgusting. What happened next was kind of unexpected. Frosch gazed up at the reptile with their derpy happy cat-face and tilted their head innocently. Left, right, and then stared right into Kratos's eyes, "Frosch gets more pussy than Gryan Aeynolds during 'open' night,", it cutely spoke and then snuggled up to Fala. Fala blankly gazed at her companion and then back at Gunter, "So we'll go do that thing I said earlier then. Come on Frosch,". "Okay!~", Frosch happily said and happily followed Fala. Fala flipped her black hair and walked the way according to some entail as the paper also gave clues in where some locations were.

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