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Stellar Resistance

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Stellar Resistance

With Bosco constantly invading Stella now that they have conquered some lands, the smaller cities started to band together to form a strong against the Boscosi. Leaders that were once at odds with each other set aside their differences to battle a common threat to their way of life. While remaining in the capital, the Sun-King sent aid to these cities to bolster their forces. The group, however, does not entirely agree with each other on how the matter should be handled though.

Mzuma the Fearless

Mzuma wants to retake the conquered lands by force and move into Bosco as well. He believes that Harald's life was not enough to enter negotiations. In fact, he doesn't trust the Boscosi at all to ever enter negotiations. For spilling the blood of his people on hallowed grounds, Mzuma wants the blood of the Sachsenwald siblings. He doesn't agree with Thaqoal about trying to return to a period of peace after regaining their lands. This anger has managed to drive Mzuma upset enough to even possibly consider Quetza's offer.

Thaqoal the Sage

Thaqoal wants to stop further bloodshed and halt their advances after retaking their lands. He doesn't believe in continuing to invade Bosco for it may come at a high cost and prolong the war. Thaqoal strongly disagrees with Quetza's plans. Sleepers should never be considered an option. They were sealed away for a reason. Once returned, it can't be predicted what they will do or whether they can be controlled at all.

Shbraqi the Witch

Shbraqi agrees with Thaqoal but understands Mzuma's anger. The greed of the Boscosi drove them to even enter hallowed grounds and spill blood there. Though, she believes that Harald's life was a high enough price to be paid by Bosco for their actions and doesn't want to end an entire lineage if they retreat. In order to reach a consensus with Mzuma, she is willing to march her golems into Bosco and tear down as many religious sites as possible dedicated to the Illuminian Church along with taking the lives of their clergy. She believes that way she can exact the same desecration to the Boscosi.

Quetza the Priestess

Quetza doesn't believe that the Boscosi will give up the conquered lands. Not even if they were faced with a barrage of constant attacks. Even when they are forced to retreat, she believes that the Boscosi would patiently abide by their time to return again. She agrees with Mzuma but thinks that he is underestimating their Boscosi. Quatza says that the Boscosi might be easier to target right now since they operate under various banners, however, that taking one or two down will force them to work together again. Therefore, Quetza wants to go to the Sleeping City and attempt to return one of them to turn the tides of wars. She believes that Thaqoal's reasoning is foolish and that their ways should be protected at all costs.

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