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Mercantile Support: Reiner the Bastard[Shichiro]

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Mercantile Support: Reiner the Bastard[Shichiro] Empty Fri May 21, 2021 11:56 pm

Keita had volunteered to help out the man Reiner to ascend to the throne, and so he was given the task to go with another one of his supporters and transport some carts full of goods from this city to the next. Something simple, and something that was very highly unlikely to garner any sort of hate or sabotage, but Keita was still ready for anything. This would be his first real quest that he was going to perform that might actually have an impact on the world at large, and so he was fully prepared, small wisps of dark magic swirling around him etherealy when he was standing in front of the lead cart, waiting for his partner to arrive.

He had heard he was going to be paired with Shichiro, which was a cousin that he knew since child hood, which was another reason that Keita wanted to join the Rune Knights, as his cousin was pretty strong when it really came down to it. Keita looked up to his cousin, even though his cousin was a bit younger than he was, but he was stronger, especially because he had started his career as a Rune Knight much earlier than Keita did. Keita wore his shiny Rune Knight pendant on his chest, waiting for his cousin that was a bit more like a brother to him to arrive.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Hurrying to his destination, Shichiro had been excited for once in his short life. He was to meet up with a childhood friend from home who also happened to be his cousin from way back when. It was funny to run into him in Bosco of all places as he was certain his family would have stayed in their own country. The mission request was a typical, 'escort the cart from Point A to Point B' type of gig but Shichiro didn't care about the small details. He was just excited to be reunited with somebody from the past. He had also heard he joined the rune knights from messages with his family he had begun to send back and forth from time to time.

Though he was a simple Page, Shichiro would admire his cousin for other qualities that he had long remembered from their childhood. Arriving at his destination, Shichiro looked around to see if there was any sort of figure that would stand out as some sort of Page or Knight-in-training. Finally, he spotted him, walking over in his general direction before yelling the name, "KEITA!" Shortly after he quickened his pace in order to greet his cousin sooner with a smile on his face.


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Keita was sitting there waiting, not only for his cousin to show up, but for the riders and drivers of the caravan to get ready, as there were a few of them still packing things onto the carriages and talking to each other about the potential routes they were going to take, as there was not a single long road directly to the other city they were taking the goods to. Keita was absentmindedly watching the workers move a little bit of extra goods into the caravan before he was suddenly startled out of his stupor. There seemed to be a loud yell, someone screaming his name from across the field, and this shook Keita a bit, causing him to whip his head around and look towards the source of disturbance, even though he already knew who it was. It was simply too sudden.

Looking towards his cousin hurrying over to him with a smile on his face, Keita smiled back, as they had not seen each other for a couple of months while Keita was training to pass the Rune Knight assessment, so when Shichiro came over to him, Keita could not resist giving him a light hug. "How are you Shichiro? It's great to see you!" Keita was quite excited at the prospect of working with his cousin, although most likely nothing would happen, it would give them a chance to catch up and work out some plans for the future, especially with them being in the same guild. It would be great fun doing even more missions with him in the future.

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Shichiro Uchida
Making it to his cousin's location, Shichiro was greeted with a light hug. He, of course, also hugged his cousin back before being told it was great to see him. The feeling was mutual as Shichiro had replied with, " Yeah, I missed you too man. A lot has happened since I've been on my own." Shichiro was quite happy, happier than he'd been with most people he's ever met on his travels. Even hanging out with Juni didn't bring him this much joy and he thought she was pretty okay to hang out with. Nothing beats family, he assumed but Shichiro shook that thought aside.

For now he wanted to know more about his cousin and how he came to Bosco under the service of Reiner. "So, when did you join the Knights and how did you come to arrive in Bosco, Keita? I'm surprised you didn't come to Fiore to find me. I could have made your setup a lot easier if you did," Shichiro said to Keita. He was serious but he didn't realistically expect him to find him in a large country. After pestering Keita for answers, Shichiro glanced around briefly, almost forgetting he was here on a job to do and not visiting family. Even if they hadn't taken off yet, that didn't mean nothing couldn't happen yet


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Keita stepped away after the light hug, when Shichiro started speaking about how he had done quite a few things in the time that they had not seen each other, and Keita felt like responding. "I can understand a lot of things happening, you should tell me about them on the way." Keita would respond, before letting Shichiro finish what he was going to say. Keita was a bit less formal around Shichiro than he would be around other people, and he enjoyed the more carefree conversations they had together. Shichiro then asked him when he joined the knights and how he arrived in Bosco. He also said that he was surprised he did not use him as a contact to make the joining process a bit easier. Keita had thought about it before, but he decided against it because he did not want to get into the Rune Knights using some sort of back door method.

The carriages were just about done, and the lead driver signaled to Keita that they were ready to go, and Keita nodded before signaling to Shichiro with his eyes that it was time to go, before starting to walk over towards the carriage. "Well, I officially joined the Knights around a week and a half ago, but got to Bosco yesterday. I heard there were quite a few things for the Rune Knights to do here that would be fairly good for an amateur such as myself." Keita would continue on with answering his cousin. "What about you? What brings you here? Also what rank in the Knights are you now?" Keita would ask as they got to the middle carriage, as it was strapped to the front carriage being pulled by four horses. Keita then used his hand to motion Shichiro to get on first, as they were going to sit at the front of the middle carriage for scouting purposes.

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Shichiro Uchida
Finishing his quick surveillance of the immediate area, Shichiro turned his full attention back towards Keita in order to listen to the story he had requested in general. Instead of getting a story first, Keita had been called by somebody in order to receive some kind of message. Shichiro figured it was just the signal for them to head out and begin their journey from Point A to Point B. And just like that, Keita had signaled Shichiro to follow him towards where they would be accompanying the carriage in order to defend it. This confirmed his suspicions as Shichiro began to trail behind his cousin towards their destination. On the way there, Keita had begun to continue the conversation they had. He told Shichiro about how he recently joined the knights over a week ago and how he was stationed at Bosco in order to support Reiner. He figured Keita would have at least chosen for himself which one to support on his own, if any at all, but maybe he was indecisive or didn't care about another country's problems as a whole.

Still, he was glad he could run into his cousin here and enjoy his company like times of old before going on with their mission. As they walked, Keita had asked Shichiro about his time in the knights. Arriving at the middle carriage, taking his assigned seat, he'd scratch the back of his head Shichiro responded. "Well, it seems like even though I'm not a resident here in Bosco, the ideologies of Reiner fit my personal interests so I'm here as a volunteer to support him and look for work as a mercenary, like the good old days of when I first arrived in Fiore. As for my rank, well, uh well, I guess I'm as far up as I can go for the time being. I'm one of the captain-commanders of the Rune Knights now, I guess. Just got the promotion recently," he said a bit sheepishly.


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Keita was not really surprised when Shiciro told him that he was there essentially working as a mercenary for one of the candidates for the throne, Reiner, as his ideologies matched with what Shichiro wanted. Keita had to admit that Reiner's policies and his goals, at least what he presented to the general public, were something that Keita wanted to support as well, hence him volunteering to do this work just like his cousin here. What Keita was surprised with, however, it that Shichiro had made it to what was essentially the top of the Rune Knights, and this definitely reflected in Keita's face, as his expression turned into one of surprise, although he tried to hide the great surprise he had. It was still fairly easy to tell on his face that he was wondering how someone like Shichiro actually made it to a management position.

Keita was not quite dissing his cousin here, but he knew the cousin was a bit eccentric and sort of a loner with other people, or at least that was how he came off to him. He only thought that they could sit and have this conversation because he was family, so him having a management position in the Rune Knights was somewhat unexpected. Maybe it was more about power than actual leadership abilities, as he assumed a lot of the others in the Rune Knights would most likely not mesh well with Shichiro. Still, Keita would tell him the thoughts and hopefully this would also help Keita mesh better with the Rune Knights than before. "That's great, congratulations. Hopefully we can work together more often then, haha. "Keita suggested while chuckling a bit, before the caravan started to head off down the road. It was going to be a while before they reached their destination, so they had time to chat.

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Shichiro Uchida
The expression Keita had shown Shichiro at the mention of his rank made him go red in the face as he briefly turned his head away from Keita in hopes of hiding his bashfulness. After the moment had passed, Shichiro turned his head back towards his cousin in order to further the conversation they were currently having. He knew an achievement like this is something that couldn't be fathomed way back when they were kids as he was always kind of standoffish and even a bit of a loner. Still, even he could put aside his pride for the greater interest of furthering his own goals like being able to roam around the world freely and had access to certain information that only the government was privy too. Still, it might be strange for him or any of his family members to see him so fair up a chain of any kind given his personality.

Back then, he'd have agreed with them but now he was a bit of a changed person although not by much. Continuing, Keita had told Shichiro that he hoped they could work together in the future when this request was over. Shichiro had pondered on it for a few seconds before realizing he could just bring Keita along wherever he went with his new found authority so that wasn't exactly an issue in any situation. With that he just responded, "Oh, well that can be easily arranged, literally. Since we're both in Bosco, I can just bring you along wherever I see fit, so that's not a big deal." Shichiro was quite proud that his new found authority would serve him immediately after getting a promotion. Figuring it would be a rather long trip like previously, Shichiro wondered if he had been to Bosco before or if this was his first time. He assumed it was his first time but it didn't hurt to try and start a conversation from it.

"So Keita, is this your first time in this country? It would be for me, though I've been here for a few days now. This place is quite different from Fiore and our hometown," Shichiro had inquired.


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After sitting down on the carriage in the middle of the caravan, soon the caravan would start moving, after a small signal from Keita or Shichiro, and they would be off on the road towards the other small city to deliver the goods. The two of them simply continued chatting for a bit while the carriage made it's way fairly relaxed towards its destination. Shichiro continued the conversation by saying that since he was a high ranking member he could simply bring him on missions, so that was something that was pretty good in terms of trying to climb the ranks in the guild. Plus he would know that there was someone who would have his back if something really bad happened and would not just ditch him to fend for himself should they have to do something like capture a criminal with a bounty or something of that nature that came with the territory.

Keita nodded to that sentence and could nto stop himself from saying "Great." as he was a bit excited about the prospect. Shichiro continued on to ask him if this was the first time in this country, and Keita simply nodded to that. Shichi went on and said that he had only been here for a few days, and that seemed a bit strange to Keita, as he was wondering how they were there around the same number of days, as he thoguht that Shichiro would have been there earlier to go ahead and rack up a bit more merit here. "Yeah, you can say that again, it's pretty strange here, a lot more... militaristic than I would have thought." Keita would respond to the strangeness of the area they were in. It seemed that the only way to garner a large amount of respect here was to accumulate a large amount of military strength.

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Shichiro Uchida
Smiling at his cousin's enthusiasm, Shichiro was glad they could meet under circumstances like this. It would simply be easier for them to travel around together now that they were a part of the same faction. He couldn't say he joined the Rune Knights with this kind of foresight as Shichiro only wanted the ability to do whatever he pleased, whenever he pleased without feeling the need to watch his back every few seconds. He did recall the time he joined a bandit camp way back when he first came to Fiore. He couldn't say he was being duped as he clearly knew what they were doing but he did need money at the time. Hopefully, his cousin would almost never find out he had been tossed in jail before becoming a Rune Knight. Either way, he figured it wouldn't matter too much if he did find out or not.

It's not like he murdered people for their money, just another bandit organizations. He did occasionally raid smaller settlements at the time however. Trying to give himself some room, Shichiro had made himself comfortable as he listened to his cousin's response about how he felt about Bosco. It was also his first time here, being around for for a few days as well. Keita had said something about how militaristic this country was but that's exactly what drew Shichiro to it. Mostly for the opportunity to make some profits and get some connections. "Well yeah. That's kind of it's charm. It's probably the only reason I volunteered to come to this country. Maybe I can get a few side jobs as a mercenary. Though on the other hand, that's not my main focus. Truthfully, I heard Reiner would further the progression of technology greatly and I'm quite interested to see what he could do. Who knows, maybe I'll switch professions from a simple blacksmith's apprentice to a mechanic of some sorts.


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Sitting and relaxing with each other seemed pretty fun, especially with all of the chatting that they were doing, it was pretty good to use this opportunity to catch up and talk to each other about why they had chosen this particular volunteer job. He would hope to get paid in some other way, but helping people was as good as anything in his eyes, so Keita was not quite bothered by the militaristic feel of this country, because it was also quite industrious. Keita enjoyed seeing technological progress. Shichiro started speaking about how he came here to be a mercenary and that he chose Reiner because he wanted to help the person that was going to help increase technology in the country, and probably the world with trade agreements and the like.

Keita was listening and nodding to the parts he agreed with when Shichiro was speaking, mostly about the parts centered on Reiner. and this also made him think about Shichiro's mercenary take. He wondered why Shichiro was acting as a mercenary when he was in the Rune Knights, but this might be some sort of personal thing, or perhaps he just chose his jobs carefully, seeing as how the Rune Knights might not be called upon to do much unless the nobility were in danger, this was probably the best way to go around and help people, and it made Keita seriously consider trying some odd jobs as well. "I agree with the sentiment with Reiner, he seems like a good neutral leader, which is why I volunteered as well."

While he was speaking, it seemed a couple of hours had passed after a bit of talking some more, and they were soon at the gates of the next city over, ready to hand off the good. Luckily nothing abnormal happened when they were heading over here.

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Shichiro Uchida
Shichiro had continued to talk to his cousin, Keita about the ideologies he had shared with Reiner. It wasn't as much as he thought they had in common but it was still something he tried to pass the time with. As they continued to talk amongst themselves, the caravan continued to make its way to its destination until it arrived shortly where it needed to be. Last time Shichiro had taken this request, he and his last partner had been attacked by werewolf bandits. It was pretty fun to fend them off in the beginning but the fight had become stale in the end when he realized they were weaker than the werewolves who had trained him back home.

The two had talking for hours as they're tripped carried on, with nothing exciting of the sort happening. For once, he was glad nothing happened as he mainly wanted to use this trip to catch up and spend time with his cousin. Eventually, they had arrived at their destination and that would mark the end of their job after watching them unpack the wagon, just in case anything might happen a bit late in time. After confirming nothing was going to happen and the cargo was secure, Shichiro had taken Keita to another part of Bosco in order to get them ready for their next assignment.


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