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Defined Life Lessons,A Path Shows On A Road Long Traveled.(Raza and Esperia.)

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Defined Life Lessons,A Path Shows On A Road Long Traveled.(Raza and Esperia.) Empty Wed May 12, 2021 5:47 pm

It was an interesting case for her Valerie/Priscilla had found herself in, Upon the late time of the morning having spent most of her morning quietly sipping away upon a morning cup of water. She had some one  walk over and hand her latter, her slightly darken skin of brown the desertian woman had been some one around for the longest time was one of this werewolf's helpers. She had done a lot for her since busying herself with so many things."Oh? You have something to bring up to me?"This desertian woman as long as she had known Priscilla, Still have yet to spoke fiorian comfortably enough in her view to speak it normally around anyone, But it did not really make any different to the red haired werewolf.

It did pose a decent question, How well was the writing."I will give this a read in a moment, I wish to do something."What was it? Well she would walk over to were her son had been sleeping, Taking time to read what was written to her, It was still mostly broken fiorian, But it was understood none the less. Hasani was still sleeping, Still a bit too early for him. But still reading the letter it made sense, They would have to prepare for boat trip a trip to Iceberg.

No doubt it seemed like a risky one."She will have to go with me as well...So will he, His deserves to see his father side of the family."So she had to slowly prepare for this trip. Herself, Her son and in mind Esperia. It seemed rude to keep the desertian woman out of her plans, only because it was far more personal than anything else. Walking back into the room where she was."Nasira, This is something,I hope you understand I need to do with out you."Confused the desertian woman, with her ear length green hair looked rather confused this was most likely the first time Valerie/Priscilla had done something like this."I will meet you upon my return, I must deal with this situation as I see fit already, Consider this a break time for you."With that Priscilla/Valerie hugged Nasira her long time friend, helper and care taker of Hasani while she was gone.

Taking her time packing for this trip, she would then watch over her now waking up son, Placing him on the ground holding him by the hand and slowly helping him walk, it was not long but she was teaching him too. Between entertaining Hasani and helping him and packing up various things for the trip yet to come."Esperia should prepare as well, When she knows. After all, This is important to all three of us."It was rather important situation for her, Then again she still need to get a boat and plan the travel.

So she would have to lurk upon some old strings she left alone for a long time. Since she was almost entirely ready anyway."I would never think I would have to come talk to you, Jai-Hai."Who exactly was she talking too? A woman with long brown hair, an eye patch, adorn with various parts of black and red, She was known as a woman who often did trips on short notice, For a good price of course."Three people, To Iceberg now."The wonderful part of Jai-Hai was she was not asking question."Are you sure about that, It is a pretty steep price."To Jai-hai, Money talked, She was not being rude about it either, Then again Priscilla just threw a large pouch of jewel at her."Oh...this is more then enough, I will get the boat and crew ready, Let me know when you are ready for the trip."With both nodding to one another they would leave each other for this moment in time.

considering and thinking over what this all meant, Priscilla/Valerie knew she had forgotten many other of the Onfroy family members, In some manner she did feel guilty about it, Maybe this part she could consider making amends for this error on her account, As well these things she did also made her reality how her life had change since Vali was gone, But the family still deserved to be on Hasani life, Hasani's life was much more then just What Valerie and Esperia could teach him, He had more family he had yet to see.

She was also hoping he would be able to manage the trip, It was most likely a lot for a small werewolf child to deal with. Even remarking aloud."I do hope he will be okay on the trip, Then again if he is anything like his father, He will be manage the trip."Weather Esperia was here in this moment during the final preparations of this trip was not yet known, If anything Esperia could scare Valerie/Priscilla as she was focused doing this.

Before they would depart she would find Nasira one last time. Giving her enough jewel to last since she would not be around for a while."I promise you I will return, You need a break as much as any other person."Patting her on the shoulder, they would already set off to get on the boat.

Then arriving with what she had prepared."I do hope i am not ruining business for you Jai-Hai, after all I am going off of your reputation and word entirely alone." To the eye patched cover woman laughing."Ahh it is okay, I just set the rest of the work off for another time."It would be a fairly interesting trip.

But they would arrive in Icebreg to meet with the Onfroy family, To pay tribute for Vali Onfroy, The father of Hasani. In reality Priscilla or Valerie would never assumed she would be here, But the offer she had told was one she would not refuse out of her own morality. It was just as expected so far dense snow and bitter cold.

Priscilla, Hasani and Esperia were all now in iceberg, for something important. hoping this did not go horribly."We will return for the return trip, Stay safe and warm."Jai-hai would just smile in agreement both not knowing how long they would need to wait."Take too long we will just leave."All the group of three heard as they were done and leaving with what they had travelled with, Jai-hai had to be prepared for anything that could happen after all, Now they just needed to find and know were they going, But they were in Iceberg, going to find what they were here for.

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Everything had changed in such a short time. She had found joy in the existence of a family, found herself in love with a werewolf lady, became protective over a child and now... She was a vampire.

It was something that still took time for her to understand, to acknowledge the fact that she had lost the very thing that made her human. Esperia knew that it were events set in motion by another, the warning that one of the First Children had her eyes on her made Esperia all the more warry. Was this why they had caused her to become infected with Cain's blood?

The loss of her dimensional powers was an immense cost to pay, but fortunately, she was not powerless. Fenrir assured her that as long as she kept her part of the deal, then she would do the same, and she could depend on Valerie in her time of need.

Esperia calmly sat on the bed that she and Valerie had shared for the trip, a smile lingering on her lips as she was playful with Hasani. It was just a playful little game, watching the little werewolf attempt to chase her as Esperia transformed in and out of her bat form, hopping from one side of the bed to the other in a game of makeshift tag.

Transforming back into her regular form the young vampire grabbed a hold of Hasani and playfully lifted him up into the air, a gentle hug being given as she watched from the corner of her eyes how Valerie was tending to the planning for their trip.

It appeared that the family of Valerie's late husband invited her and Hasani to the funeral of the man, and of course Valerie insisted Esperia, as Hasani's step-mother would join them as well.

The thought was endearing, but it also made her a bit uneasy. Not to mention: there was still the fact Fenrir was a creature of Icebergian mythology.

"Don't worry Hasani~ I'll protect you and your mama, till one day you're strong enough to protect yourself. And even then we'll watch over you forever."

The innocent and confused reaction of the child made Esperia smile playfully. giving the little werewolf lad a kiss on his cheek and soon lowered him back on the bed.

Once Esperia finished tending to the child she approached Valerie just as she returned into the room and tenderly embraced her, pressing her head lightly against the woman's torso.

"Val~" Esperia paused for a bit, looking up at her while humming softly. "What are you thinking of doing next?" She waited for the woman to reply, soon explaining afterwards. "Whatever happens, or no matter what you decide to do, I will support you and Hasani all the way."

Esperia paused for a bit, looking worriedly into her lover's eyes. "Valerie, do you think my 'condition' will be a problem? I mean, thanks to you I don't need to worry about my thirst, but my absence of a shadow or reflection might possibly make people notice it. And we both know that while I'm a good girl, vampires aren't exactly known for that."

The girl chuckled playfully, yet she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I love you~ Something that will never change, so no matter what you decide, I shall be there at your side~"


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Raza glared off into the distance, watching the oceans waters crash against the rocks. The sun was bright, but provided little warmth for the people of Skaal. Today he wore a long black cloak with wolf fur at the collar to keep him warm. This same cloak used to belong to his beloved younger brother, Vali. Raza hated the cold. Coming from Savannah, a place where winter hardly existed, him and Iceberg never got along. The wood-elf clenched his jaws. He found it hard to believe that his little brother was gone. Vali Onfroy, the Viking King and supposed Jarl of Skaal was murdered before he could complete his mission. Now the people of Skaal were back in Iceberg because under the Fiorian King they would not be protected.

The people of the village were mourning. You could feel it in the air. They moved around to prepare for the ceremony but the truth was, nobody was ready for this. Raza wasn't ready. He reflected on the first day he met his younger brother. The little half-elf was excited to have an older brother. The two of them got along well until Raza was sent off to war. He hadn't seen his brother since. That alone, made him feel like the worst of the worst. Vali had carried their village on his back and Raza was nearly nonexistent. Tristan, their father, was depressed. His pride and joy, his favorite son was no longer in the world of the living. The village was certain that the former King was in Valhalla, feasting with the gods and sharing war stories and Raza believed the same.

Vali's ex wife and his son were invited to the funeral, but whether they would come or not was unknown. It made sense if Priscilla couldn't see her former love in this way so nobody would hold it against her. However, Ra was anxious to see his nephew. He wanted to see the future of his brother helped create and he wanted to know him. The Savannan promised himself that he would not let Hasani down like he did his father. Raza's eyes shifted to the ground. In front of him was a boat, ready for Vali's body. He slowly turned around and began walking back towards the homes where he could see Jarls, and people from other villages pouring into Skaal. His father was at the gate greeting them all, laughing and conversing in attempt to keep the spirits up. Raza didn't really wasn't as diplomatic as his father or brother, so he continued to make his way to the Jarls home until-

"Raza!" His father shouted. "Come, my son!" Tristan waved his hand. Raza huffed before turning his head with a fake smile. Quickly he made his way towards the Village entrance and greeted some of the other Jarls. "Raza, it is nice to meet you. I have heard so many things about you." Raza shook the mans hand. He had long blonde hair and gleaming green eyes. He was slim and tall and smiled warmly. "Jarl Kaleb. Pleasure to meet you, I've heard so many things about you as well." "I'm sure you have. I'm sorry for what happened to your brother. He was famous and loved throughout the country. May his legacy live on forever." Raza nodded. "Now he feasts with the gods." Kaleb nodded before moving past him.

Raza turned to his father who nodded slowly with a devilish grin as if he knew something Ra didn't. Then it clicked. Kaleb was gay... Shaking his head Raza laughed and playfully punched his father in the arm. "Shut up." he said. Then, he turned to face the lands outside of the gates only to see a woman holding a baby, and walking alongside another woman in the distance. The wood-elf's eyes widened.


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There was some relief that they were almost to where they had been request, Even if not being picked up upon it quite yet, This situation even if yet to be admitted was equally mentally as it was psychically draining to Priscilla, Only because being so use to locking away how she was she just took everything at face value, There was not debate for her way she took this trip.

Was this a bad idea? it was taxing on at least one of them, But maybe this grated closer needed as well, In reality never grieving and just allowing her emotions to linger was ruining her, in some way just catching up to her now."The entire plan is attending this, Hoping everything will be peaceful."It would seem with that. She sounded depressed and a bit like her mental exhaustion starting to show with in her voice.

It some way it showed Esperia was she was here, For them both for this situation might be a bit more then her partner expected to be able to handle. Stopping in place for a moment to check over upon the little one they brought even if the one year old child might not see how anything could be wrong.

So far the child most likely tired in his own way, picking up the child to carry him the rest of the way."We are almost there...If I was lead the right way."She would look up upon the coming gate, She had to think about how to show they were here, Since she was unsure if some one had seen them both. Considered doing a werewolf howl, However that risked becoming off something she maybe did not want it to be. So she had a simple plan.

She would pass the tired child over to Esperia. Just simple saying."Cover his ears for a moment...Even if some one is watching I am going to let them know we have arrived."So she would let out an extremely loud whistle, Only so that way she did not have to consider a werewolf howl.

She would then wave in general if their was anyone at the gate.Just being sure to mention to Esperia."I would not have gone this far to risk either of you...I would hopefully assume your "Condition", should not be a problem...Then again I only really remember how Vali was like...The rest are a bit of hard memory to me."It had been a while, Then again, There were a lot of various people and even demi human from what she remembered being around Vali for a bit of the time she was around.

"If you feel at risk you also are carrying Hasani, being how you are normally with him, it can be a sign you are not anything to worry about."It was a simple idea maybe not effective in the state of the mind she seemed to be.

It would not be too long for the three of them to reach the gate. Priscilla or Valerie whichever she was called was as ready as she could be, Even if her mind seemed in despair about it, Esperia and Hasani would be a good help for her while she faced then currently, Waiting for the gate to open hoping they where at the right one to continue forward.


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In a way she had to admit she didn't entirely understand the stress that Valerie was going through. In the end, Esperia had lived a simple childhood with her family and while her father was strict he was still loving in his own way. No, when her family had been killed Esperia had thought she would be a lonesome traveler forever, but such thoughts were quickly vanquished as she playfully dotted upon Hasani.

As they left the boat and traveled into Iceberg, the silver-haired vampire felt somewhat curious about how the people that had been Vali's family might be.

Esperia calmly walked beside Valerie, the cold and chill seemingly bothering her not in the slightest, despite wearing an outit that might had been out of place for the climate of Iceberg.

Esperia spun slightly, pivotting her footing as she gently scooped up Hasani in her arms and listened to Valerie's words. Esperia's gaze followed toward the gate in the distance, and despite the fact the snow was concealing their presence from normal sight, the girl's vampiric vision picked up their presence with ease. "I believe we went the right way my love~ I can spot some people observing us from a higher elevation further ahead, judging from their frames I believe there are two males."

Esperia nodded her head gently, her hand gently cupping the child's cheek and covering one of his ears, while pressing his other lightly against her chest so that the noise would be muffled somewhat.

Esperia nodded her head lightly in response to Valerie's words, chiming softly. "I hope so~ I wish for this meeting to go peacefully, but should they decide to endanger either of you then I will not hesitate to show them why I was considered a potential dissaster in the eyes of the Magic Council."

Esperia smiled softly at Valerie as she held Hasani close to her, the child aside from his clothes also being wrapped in some warm blankets as she waited to see the result of her lover's whistle.

For now all she could do was wait and be there to support those she cared about.


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It had been a long time since he had even considered stepping foot into the village he feared the most. When he had brought it up to his mother at one point that there was a unknown resonance that he had to go back, even just for a day or two, and that he couldn't explain why this must happen, let us just say it took a lot of time convincing his mother to allow him to do this himself. Now here he stood waiting for his boat to Iceberg, so he could reach that village he had freed himself from.

“Mútta. I will be fine, if what I think this feeling is about… I will have a friend there.” he did not add on that it was an unknown speculation if Raza even would remember him, since the tanned warrior friend from his childhood had been missing for so many years now. “Please trust me, Mútta.”

“Dáinn… It is dangerous, I do not want you returning there.” The Squamata child sighed softly, before hugging his mother. “We risked so much to escape, why return, even just for a couple of days.”

“This is not for me, Mútta…” Setting a soft his against his mother’s forehead, before turning to the sound of a boat ready for docking. “It is for a dear friend, who I feel would need me, even if I am not remembered.”

“You were always a kind boy, Skaal was not worthy of your kindness. If it is for a friend so dear, I cannot stop you my child, but just stay alert and stay safe. Your father might have changed from what we last saw of him.” there was a small silence at the mention of Dáinn’s father, the man who forced his mother into having them stay even longer in that village, and did not lift a finger to help Dáinn when he was being attacked by other villagers for his demi-blood genetics. Shaking his head, the boy soon raised his hands before gesturing what he would want to say instead of speaking the words. His mother knew he would do this on topics that were just too much for him to vocalise his opinions and worries aloud. “My father is the least of my worries when it comes to that place, but I will stay aware and alert at all times, thank you Mútta.”

With a single last hug, Dáinn made his way onto the boat, paying for his ticket to the ferryman, before pulling his jacket around him tighter. It had been a while since he felt the cold winds of Iceberg against his skin, too long since the village of Skaal had last since his face, and even longer since he had seen the face of a dear friend and the one he felt would need him today, even if the missing warrior might not. Maybe it was just something that Dáinn was convincing himself that would be needed to hide the fear of once again possible coming face to face with his father and former tormentors.

Once arriving at Iceberg, Dáinn removed himself from the boat, as the sailors unloaded the cargo, nodding to the captain, the young spellhowler soon made his way towards the village. He knew the route by heart, as much as he didn't want to know it, he knew it by heart, that it was almost like a second nature. They always went to the coastline to gather fish, his mother and himself whilst his father was doing whatever it was he did. violet/hazel eyes glanced up through the snowy weather, the entrance growing nearer and nearer, whilst the panic rose higher and higher within himself. He hoped his father would not pester him, but no today was about his friend.
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Just as Raza suspected, the baby being held and the woman holding him were family. Raza smiled excitedly, not even paying attention to the woman beside his nephews mother. The wood-elf knew immediately that this little boy was his blood. He could feel it. "Father..." Raza began, his eyes focused on the upcoming trio. It was still a weird feeling to even refer to the Jarl as his father because for so long Vali's mother had publicly named him a bastard. Tristan was indeed his biological parent, but his mother was a stranger to everyone in these lands. Still, he was treated like nobility. Tristan's eyes widened as he realized his grandchild was approaching.

The Jarl had met him already back in Fiore, but the excitement on his face was like this was his first time. Raza on the other hand had actually never met Hasani. "Priscilla! The Icebergan Lord exclaimed. "It feels like ages since I've seen you and my grandson. I trust that you are both taking care of yourselves?!" Tristan said as he moved around to approach the woman and her son first. He opened his arms. His long white hair blew over his broad shoulders, revealing his leather breastplates and fur collar. He would step forward to hug the mother of his grandchild with one arm, and caress the child's head with the other. "Praise the alfather, look how much he's grown! He will be a man in no time!" Tristan laughed. Then the Jarl noticed the other woman and shifted his attention to her. "And who might you be, beautiful?" He asked warmly.

Raza slowly stepped forward towards Priscilla as his father moved to the other lady. The elf bowed his head lightly to show respect. Priscilla was the partner of the late Viking King, she deserved all respect. Plus, she was the mother of Hasani. "I'm Raza, pleasure to meet you Priscilla. The circumstances of our meeting are not...ideal...but I'm glad you're here." Raza expressed. He looked down at the little boy, staring at him for a moment. He looked just like his father. The wood-elf slowly rubbed the baby's head, leaning forward to give him a kiss on the forehead. This was an emotional moment for the dark skinned viking. It was as if Vali was looking at him. "I'm sorry..." the Savannan began, staring at the baby boy who chirped and cooed.

"I should have been there for you and your mother." He said, shaking his head. Raza looked back at Priscilla but he couldn't look into her eyes for longer than a second. He was embarrassed, really. "Please forgive me for my absence." He said with water forming in his eyes. "It will never happen again."


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Never the one for the spotlight it seemed the situation would change around for her, letting out a bit of a sigh about it, Already being a bit tired from travelling and the emotional toll of arriving here. She would do her best to fight it. Even if it generally was already starting to feel like a major drain.

A small sense of guilt was a lingering thought upon her mind, Part of her felt like she should have branched out a lot sooner to them, Then again she was not aware the options where open for such a situation until recently, Nor did she know if they wanted to really reach out to her, Then again in reality that was most likely a linger sense of doubt laid in her own mind. This family was still good to her, It is why when this situation came to be she had rushed quickly to come here, Even if in some ways, she was still lingering upon her own sadness.

So when it came to conversation about it."Allow me to apologize for that, I have been horrible at attempting to reach out."Even if she was tired she even still seemed to have no problem embracing the welcoming hug."I have been doing my best to look out for myself and him."since they both seemed alive and healthy, even if no doubt Hasani was now cold from being brought into winter cold even with his mother's best attempts to keep him warm, it was just something to bound to happen eventually.

When it came to Esperia being known upon she would have no problem mentioning who she was."This would be Esperia, My new lover,After a long time from not moving on, She helps me take care of Hasani and look after me as well."It was only because it was recent and know Esperia could speak for herself but it was just her mentioning it. Esperia was free to speak up if she wanted too.

As the normal introductions slowly happening she would meet Raza, the name she was given anyway. It was just the series of events so far that was going on."It is wonderful to meet you Raza, I can agree with given any normal situation, There could have various other more delightful situation to meet one another."So far everyone was nice and reasonable, it was relaxing given why everyone was here.

It seemed no matter what, between Priscilla and Esperia and his family here Hasani would be with out love and guidance, Something that everyone seem to have in mind. Raza seemed to be having his moment not that it seem to be entirely out of place."I do not know what has gone on in your life Raza for you to be away, Sometimes things are beyond a persons control to what they want be around to be able to do, compared to what was going on at the time."Empathy was always something she at least knew how to do, Since he promised it would never happen again there was the part where she would mention."I believe you, for your or your family has been wonderful to be that i have no reason to doubt you."There was a nice situation in this, Everyone was just trying to bond and get along with one another.


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Despite the fact that Esperia had remained quiet during the initial exchange of greetings between her lover and the family of Hasani, she had been quite attentive to the details of her surroundings. Indeed, even as she merely smiled at the sudden embrace Valerie received something that usually would have earned a frown from the vampire lady she became more than aware of the hierarchy of the people in this meeting. It was clear that among those foreigners the man who had greet them was the one in charge, the Icebergian Jarl known as Kaleb, and his entourage came in the form of Raza, the brother to Hasani's late father which made him Hasani's uncle.

When the Jarl adressed her, the red eyes of the vampire softened and she spoke. "I can see that Hasani got that excitable charisma from his grandfather. It is a pleasure to finally meet you in person Jarl Kaleb." A light nod came, a gesture of acknowledgement that the man would no doubt recognize. This was not a bow of servitude, nor a look of smug superiority, it was that of a powerful warrior seeing the Jarl as an equal.

"As stated earlier by my beloved, I am Esperia, Hasani's step-mother, and I will do all within my might to ensure Hasani grows into a splending young man who his father can be proud of."

Noticing the emotional reaction from Raza as he saw Hasani, the words spoken by Valerie made Esperia shake her head lightly in response. "A warrior shouldn't plea for forgiveness at a moment like this Raza. You are still alive, which means that as long as you breathe, you hold within you the means to make up for the past. Be there for Hasani, watch over him so that someday when the two of you reunite in the halls of Valhalla, you can tell your brother what a wonderful man his son grew into."

Her lips curved up into a gentle smile at last as her voice softened. "Although I'm afraid one of his mothers is more forgiving than the others~ Should you forsook your duty as Hasani's uncle-nay as his godfather, I will personally chase you across the entirety of Earthland and drag you back, and believe me... the last time I went hunting Fiore claimed a disaster was on the move~"

A playful chuckle followed as she gently rubbed a finger against Hasani's cheek, clearly dotting upon the child. However, as she looked at Valerie and smiled tenderly, her smile suddenly faded and her eyes sharpened as she declared firmly. "It will do you little good to remain lurking amidst the snowstorm like a predator stranger, as long as you're alive there is no mortal I am incapable of tracking down."

Indeed, for Esperia's eyes seemingly were more than capable of seeing the blood flowing in the foreigner's veins, even as the snow obscured most their vision. Whether the stranger would show themselves or not Esperia would explain with a brief hum. "Unfortunately, I am quite protective over my family, and even if he is not connected by blood, I still consider Hasani my son, which means that woe to whoever dares to endanger them."


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Shivering a little, he continued to stalk up the mountain, the storm worse than what he remembered from all those years ago, but then that was how nature would be, after all the spellhowler should know this. Weather really did have a mind of its own depending on Gaia’s general mood state. When angry, she would give you earthquakes and storms and you would pray that you survived for Gaia was a lady who showed no mercy, as mother nature herself, she may surround you in the glory of beautiful landscapes, but one must be weary for the landscapes can end a life so easily and you wouldn’t see it coming. Pausing, when the voices became louder, yet still intangible in the whirr of the snowstorm surrounding them. The wind filling his ears with the anger of the frozen water crystals, the sky was crying but it’s watery tears frozen in anger at the loss of another child that was once within their embrace.

The people were clearer than before, behind the collar of his jacket, Dáinn smiled at the sight of his old friend, yet dimmed when remembering why he was getting to see his old friend once more. ‘How will I convey to him my condolences on the loss of Vali.’ Taking another step onwards, as his mind processed and flicked through countless different ways to express something that he could physically not know if the words would leave his lips in the form of sounds. ‘What does my voice even sound like? Do I even sound like how I hear? Will Raza recognise me? Will he recognise my voice?’ Though at the sound of a feminine voice, Dáinn’s thought process came to a whirling halt, along with his advancement uphill. He could hear the subtle undertones of a threat in those sentences, and he may be unknowing, but he was wise enough to not ignore a threat, no matter how subtle it may be.

Not wanting to find out what would happen if he did not present himself to the group, Dáinn stepped into view out of the way of the storm that had clearly covered his presence from all but the female who spoke directly at the demi-human. He did not step too close to the group, for not wanting to invade their space, and the other being the child within the group. Dáinn was not adventurous enough to get up close and personal with the lady who deemed it unwise to approach her son. His gaze turned towards the two men at the entrance, lowering his head in a bow of respect, after all he was once a member of this village, nigh defected on one's own accord, the village was his birthplace and respect he shall give despite the cruel occurrences that happened within.

It took Dáinn a few seconds before lowering the collar of his coat and taking a silent breath, he felt clammy and nervous, but he had to speak, for if no words left his mouth, no sound was made, he may not survive this encounter with the stranger and her family. Dáinn violet/hazel eyes looked directly at the young warrior of the village, the child of the leader and the person that the demi-human looked up to the most. Gulping, it was quiet, but he would not know if the wind would carry his words amongst the storm to where he required them, or if they would be lost to the ears of the ones that he had approached. “I’m sorry, Raza.” Dáinn winced hearing the sounds of scratchiness from lack of use. “For your loss.” The strain of his vocal cords just to say a few words of condolences. Lowering his disheartened gaze, the spellhowler fell silent, to himself his voice was no longer the chirpy sound it used to be, now it was just rough and pained. Hopefully though, yet undoubtedly not, Dáinn hoped it would satisfy the lady and that the warriors may also remember him, even after so many years.
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