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Once upon a time... [Manzo / PSF - Woowoo!]

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Once upon a time... [Manzo / PSF - Woowoo!] Empty Sat May 01, 2021 1:23 pm


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We work hard… We play hard~ A trip to the little office which had become her home away from home with Alisa just the thing that a girl needed to slip out of something with more of a 'family friendly' kind of fashion and into an option which was more suited for the night life, now that she had slipped into something a little more comfortable for the eyes around her Sofia Serena had to admit that her favourite thing about the humble bunny costume was the tail, and for one particular reason. The ears fun and the corseted mid-section certainly highlighting her figure in all the right ways but the tail the item which really put a spring or more accurately swing in her step, she honestly loved wagging that fluffy white bundle of cotton behind her as she walked, and as she did so couldn’t help but imagine it bobbing behind her booty as well. And the way she saw it, in her head at least, it was pretty hypnotic.

“Good evening Blue Pegasus~!” For the moment however a little busy in her role as the so called 'Socialite' of the guild to march into a hall of mirrors like she might have liked to and see if reality could compete with her imagination, she picked up a microphone with a smile as she stood atop the balcony-like standing above the main hall to which the stairs of their building led to and called out to the people down below, and was in rather excitable spirits as she did so.
“You guys having a nice night~?” Taking a glass of champagne up with her when she had gone to change and perhaps the bubbles or something else going to the head of the brunette, she beamed at the assembled masses as she shot them a sparkling smile, and acted as a temporary emcee in order to lighten moods and set the spirit of the evening, though would make sure she did not outstay her welcome either.

“Make sure you have plenty of drinks, and enjoy yourselves!” More than anything simply delighted to see that the event which she and her dark haired delight had conjured for the purpose of stress relief looking like a resounding success, as Sofia coaxed their guests into a night of unabashed and hopefully debaucherously delicious revelry she felt in high spirits, and was happy to stand above the sweet scene below as the princess of the Pegasi and hope that her night went on forever.
“Don't do anything I wouldn't do, kay~?” It seeming as if it had been far too long since the people of this guild and the folk of the town which surrounded it had a reason to indulge such reckless enjoyment, it felt like there was something magical in the air which was compelling everyone involved toward having the time of their life, and it wasn't just the odd little 'tweak' that the temptress had added to the punch either. A feeling of specialness and unexpected excitement lingering in the air, for one glorious night in early spring it felt like anything could happen, and this young lady wanted it to. It was time to let off the mantle of responsibility, and return to being the life of the party once more. For one night only…

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Ah yes, the annual Blue Pegasus Easter bash. It was something he looked forward to every year since his return to the guild. The ladies did know how to throw a good party when it came down to it. He just enjoyed the time together with the citizens. It was nice putting faces to names of citizens that you helped protect and serve. It made the whole effort truly worth it in his opinion.

It seemed everyone was enjoying themselves which was good. He wished he could say the same, but he was quite out of it due to his busy work schedule. Though that did not mean he would skip on dressing for the occasion. From head to toe he was in a fluffy white bunny suit. Something that he had rented specifically for this party. He thought about joining the women in also being scantily clad, but he decided to go for the huggable approach.

He made his way to the bar where he would sit himself down. His actual rabbit ears tucked underneath his costume. He could have mode holes for them to poke out, but they didn't match the costume he was wearing. The last thing he wanted to be was tacky at what was the more fashionable party of the year.

The bar tender came over to him, a fellow Blue Pegasus Mage. "So, what's on the menu tonight Ace?" He asked with a friendly smile. Seeing that Manzo looked a bit tuckered out, but glad that he came all the same. It was not normal for him to be apart of the festivities. This was actually his first appearance in a long while. He was enjoying the atmosphere, and didn't want anything to drink that would put him face down in the floor.

"Give me a vodka cranberry to start out with. Want to keep things light." He said with a smile on his face. He was of course looking forward to seeing what the rest of the guild had done for their costumes for the party. He figured he was probably the only one who had opted for being a bit of a joke. But he didn't think it could be a party if there wasn't someone in a mascot costume of some kind.

That's where he came in, the comic relief of the whole big thing. If anyone was down, he would be there to cheer them up, as was his want. After all he would want someone to do that for him. The bar tender returned with his drink, and he sipped it slowly as he watched everyone dance. Trying to remember if he brought the bubbles and beach ball to blow and throw into the crowd to really kick this whole thing off.

He checked his pockets, and thankfully he had remembered it. Which mean it was only a matter of time before he kicked this whole thing into full swing. Once the music was right, it would be go time for sure.

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“…And then next thing we know, there's a priest of Illumin waking us up behind the alter, and looking none too happy that we're using his oh so holy scriptures as a blanket~?” The high spirit of Miss Serena certainly not dulling once she stepped down from her podium and began to take in the sights and sounds of the crowd below it, by her own or anyone else's admission this young woman stood as a prime example not only of what an ace of all things aquatic could be but also anecdotal, and given the occasion and the drink in her hand she was only too happy to give some of the more easy-going and entertaining patrons an insight into her marriage. And quite the vivacious vision it was.
Is that…? Unfortunately for them the path of the green gaze of a girl who was struck by a bout of the giggles just so happening to fall upon the fuzzy frame of someone who even in the guise of an eager spirit of easter she could recognise as a friend, a pang of guilt ran through the young reveller as she found herself as the life and soul of the party, and yet could spot the shape of one of her nearest and dearest cohorts without much in the way of company, and these facts simply wouldn't do.

“Heeheehee, well you'll have to excuse me, a socialites work is never done, you see~?” The amusement of the brunette seeming to ebb away as she looked toward him and remembered how long it had been since they had the chance to indulge anything like the soiree in which they were currently entangled, she couldn't help but feel her enjoyment was a little bittersweet with him on the side-lines, and as such bowed away from her current grouping in order to do something about that.
Goodness me, it breaks my heart to see such a gift going to waste… For certain enjoying her time so far this evening but the idea of capping off her night with a little crescendo of entertainment with the figure she had in mind seeming like the perfect addition to any celebration like this one, Sofia smiled and sipped her drink before taking a rather unusual course to reunite with someone who had been absent from her life far too much of late, and as such long overdue a reunion with her. Not that it would be the most conventional reintroduction, of course.

“Hey there cottontail~” Instead exploiting her usual taste for daring mischief as she slipped in behind the bunny boy she sought and strove to catch his attention in a manner which might have been more fitting in a playground, after a series of silent and stealthy steps the siren couldn't help but pinch the tip of the fluffy tail she saw before her and tug it toward her in a provocative fashion, and then lurched to the side the very moment she saw his head turning around to catch her target off guard even further.
“Tell me, what's a pretty little thing like you doing in a dive like this, eh~?” Full of the proverbial devil as she bowed at the knees and then slunk into the empty chair next to her prized prey and nibbling her lip as she did so, as she did so Miss Serena had to admit that she had missed the thrill she got when seizing the attention and interest of a pretty girl or cute boy in a bar like this, and for all of the joys of her marriage this was an indulgence she might crave more than she might ever confess. It was just fun, feeling frisky and fancy free again, wasn't it~?

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As Manzo downed the drink, he found his mind wandering to what everyone was doing at the party. He had to be the only one nursing a drink at the bar. He didn't really feel like the odd man out, but he did feel rather lonely. It seemed everyone had a date or was with friends but he.

It got him to thinking about how much fun he could have had with the patrons at his bar. But he didn't want to feel that way, he wanted to enjoy this time with everyone. But was just finding it a bit hard to get into the holiday spirit for one reason or another. Though he couldn't really put a name to what it was.

Though it seemed he was giving off the aura of someone who was in need of company. As he felt a tug on the cotton tail of his costume. This was quite alarming to him in this moment. Causing the hood that covered his head to pop off when he jumped a bit in his seat.

Of course with his hood down, he couldn't hide the rabbit ears he had tucked away underneath them. Which was something he was very shy about at times. Considering they were not the easiest thing to keep hidden if he didn't want them to be seen. They did tend to show themselves a bit more when he was startled.

Which is what had just transpired. Which meant he was now a grown man with actual rabbit ears in a room full of people. This caused his face to turn a certain shade of red that he saved for his alone time on the lacrima-net. He did wonder who it was that would have the stones to pull on his cotton tail.

Though that question was answered rather quickly, as the memories of a little place came rushing to his mind. She may look different, but she smelled the same. A scent he could never mistake for anyone else. Not to mention the butterflies that filled his stomach when ever she was around. Though he did feel rather bad for having such feelings towards what was indeed his best friends wife.

Though he would not ever speak of those feelings. He would just play them off for now, while he patted down his rabbit ears back underneath his hair. The last thing he wanted was for them to draw the Siren's attention, because knowing her, she'd want to touch them. Which would make it very hard for him to keep his composure.

He would place his hood back over his head as she asked what he was doing in a place like this. She was clearly flirting with him, but that wasn't anything special, she was a bubbly person. Not to mention that, they did kiss the first time they had met one another. Though he chalked that up the summer heat putting them in the mood.

"I uh...." When her full attention was on him it caused him to forget damn near everything in his head. Until his gaze was brought back to his drink as he was trying to avoid looking her in the eye. "Oh! Right! I'm just having a drink and enjoying the atmosphere!" A small bead of sweat trickling down his face. He had hoped she would just think it was due to the heat underneath the suit.

"Are you having a good time? This is some party right?" His voice a bit shaky as he was trying to regain what little composure he may have left after seeing her in her own outfit. Though with his sage training he never let his eyes wander for more than a moment. He had only given her a quick look over before he went back to staring at his drink.

As long as he kept his eyes on other things, he might be able to restore what was his composure from the shambles she had put it in. She had a particular talent for things like that. He didn't really understand what it was about her. Though understanding it would do him little good. Because he just couldn't seem to help himself at all in this tight spot.



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“Jeeeez, you make me sound like your mother, checking up on you or something~?” Pouting a little at the sense of panic that she seemed to have inspired by her arrival, though her image was set to a mix of sauce and spice given the naughty little rabbit type vibe that her outfit was giving off but looking far more endearing than she did sexy thanks to the way his commentary and attitude made her cheeks puff up, Miss Serena couldn't help but ruffle herself a little at the defensive way in which she was greeted, and not least because of how she had intended to brighten rather than darken the day of her bar-mate.
“I'm not going to tell you off because you're not one for crowds, you know~?” Sighing and shaking her head as she pointed out the fact that she was talking to him not as either the co-organiser of this shindig or as the right hand of the White Empress but rather as a friend who wanted to spend time with him, while she might have admitted that it was a little bit cute and perhaps a dash confusing to see him looking so flustered by her arrival, ultimately she would have rather he be his normal relaxed self than put on airs around her. She hated anyone doing that.

“I'm here because a party is good, but my Manzy is better~” Clapping her hand onto the shoulder of her second-oldest friend in the guild and letting that green gaze linger in one that was not so dissimilar as she confirmed the fact she was here to monopolize his time in the spirit of their common enjoyment, the brunette beamed from ear to ear as she shamelessly admitted her fondness for the figure she hung off, and soon found her attention darting toward something intriguing atop his crown.
“Especially when you're looking as lovely as you are now~!” Certainly showing the fact that she had little issue encroaching into personal space as her emerald eyes and her hand as well lurched toward the paired appendages which sprouted from the fiery mane of her friend, all too quickly Sofia surrendered herself to the intrigue of that second set of spring-time ears he was sporting, though she would be lying if she wasn't also enjoying the casual sense of exploration and intimacy inherent in the act.

“Look at these things… They're adorable~?” That particular fact something which was perhaps a little more subtle and subconscious on her part however, though Miss Serena certainly found a sublime sense of satisfaction in the privilege of being able to toy with those fluffy lobes and perhaps a few of those amber strands as well as she did so, she perhaps didn't notice as much as she should have that this display of fondness was perhaps a little bit intrusive given their circumstances.
“Just like you, Mr Cuddly Bunny~” Unfortunately the spirit of springtime and the drinks she had consumed leaving her lacking in awareness when it came to that, and perhaps the girl having grown just a little bit used to being able to express her affections so readily with the raven she was married to as well, all she could do was grin at the feeling of closeness she felt right now, and barely read all that much into it. After all, it had been a while since she had this much freedom at a party, hadn't it, and she might have forgotten just how much she enjoyed the habits she had back then…

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Mr Cuddly Bunny huh? That was a new one. He could honestly say he had never been referred to in such a way. Yet it did not displease him in the slightest. The flirtatious Siren he had come to know, love, and occasionally lust after was alive and well tonight. Perhaps it was just the spirit of the whole event coming out to play. Which of course there was nothing wrong with that. Everyone was getting rather sauced. Well everyone but him, he was trying to be responsible for his actions tonight. Although that may not be the in thing.

"How would you know if I'm cuddly? You and I have never done such things." He said with a laugh as he took another sip from his drink. Though perhaps he would end up cuddled up to someone tonight? Who was to say, but for now he would have to wait to see what unfolded. His eyes gave Sofia a look over, taking his time now. He had snapped himself out of the shock of her grabbing his tail, as well as rubbing his ears. He didn't really know how to respond to things like that.

"I don't think I've ever seen a more lovely rabbit." It was true that she wore that outfit well. It hugged all the right spots on her body. He of course would need to get her back for grabbing his tail. It was no fair for her to just put her hands on him like that without receiving a similar action herself. He delicately placed his masculine digits around her little cotton tail giving it a tug. A mischievous smirk on his face. It was so soft and snowy white, but he didn't want his hand to linger.

"Now we're even. Though I'd venture to say, if the rabbits at the petting zoo looked like you, I'd bring more carrots." He couldn't help himself but to make such a suggestive joke. Perhaps he was getting caught up in the mood of the night. Neither one of them had to be themselves tonight, perhaps they could get lost in the same intimacy they found themselves in whilst in Astera. Though he'd still need to be on best behavior about such things. He had no knowledge of who she was that day. Today he could not say the same.

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“Heeheehee, I was sure we had, but…” The emerald eyes of the enchantress narrowing as her friend seemed to point out a supposed lack of experience on her part when it came to her knowledge of his Cuddle-ability, Miss Serena couldn't help but feel like she had a vague and hazy memory of having her hands around him rather tightly and tenderly at some point in her life and as such she knew exactly how lovable the lad felt in her grasp, but even if she didn't knew one easy way to be sure of her assumption.
“It's easy to grab a refresher course, isn't it~?” Not even questioning the moment as she lurched forward and wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace, the girl with the green gaze grinned for a moment as she squeezed herself against him, and yet did feel something that seemed new when she did so. His body firm and taught and broad without being bulky, having been accustomed to something slighter and softer she couldn't help but linger because of the feeling of having a man so close to her, after all, it wasn't that common an occurrence these days.

“Oh Mr Manzo, how you do go on~!” Perhaps not even realizing how she clung to him in that moment until he began to compliment her and she found herself forced to pull away and make a show of such words like she was in some manner of theatre, though the motions of the mischievous minx were rather grandiose Sofia found her cheeks reddening more than she expected, though this had more to do with the way in which she had hung off the chap than anything else. And perhaps what she had been drinking as well, for that matter.

“A-Ah! You cheeky…!” Things only worsening when next she found her pulse pounding when the bold boy seemed to lunge for her hindquarters, for a second she thought she was about to get her pert posterior pinched or something and was made redder still by the prospect, and perhaps a little disappointed as well because of that startling fright when she only fond her tail being tugged and little else.
“Jeeeez, if I didn't know better, I'd swear you were coming onto me~?” Lucky for her the colour that clung to her cheeks likely to be a little harder to spot in this low party light but that not helping her feel just an ounce of anxiety because of the way in which she could feel her face burning, all that Miss Serena could do was nudge the shoulder of her friend and pout at him, all while feeling more than a dash of bewilderment at the bashfulness she was experiencing, and that was without even considering the giddy exhilaration she was afflicted by as well…

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As he felt the body of the Siren firmly pressed against his he could nothing but return her embrace. The feeling of her bust firmly against him. Caused most if not all of his inhibition's to melt away. Her touch was something he was unlikely to admit he desired above most things in life. She was special, more than special in fact. Though he would not want to ruin the sentiment of the moment.

Though it was hard for him to keep his composure in this regard. His hands trailing up and down her back. As she kept the embrace going. Only to break it off. Which was something that disappointed him more than words could truly express. The nudging of his shoulder and her reply that she felt as though he was trying to get at something.

Which in a way he was, but was not to keen on just coming out and saying it. "Now why would I want to do such a thing?" He said with a laugh as he placed his drink down on the bar. He leaned over to her, perhaps feeling himself a bit. Nuzzling his face against her cheek and placing a hand on her fishnet adorned thigh. Rubbing it softly as he found himself completely intoxicated by her scent.

He could try to deny the attraction he felt to her. Though it would do him little good. Their first interaction with each other had left him smitten for the years that followed after. Though he'd keep that information close to vest. Well for now, unless he found a reason to bring it up later. Though he did indeed doubt that she would give him a reason. Though Sofia was a bit of a wild card all told.

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“How rude. Are you trying to imply I am not worth coming onto, Mr Cad?” Once again assuming a huffy kind of bearing as her buddy seemed to give a cheeky little reply to her query which was only too easy to exploit for a taste of playful melodrama, Miss Serena couldn't resist the opportunity to fold her arms in front of her and puff herself up as Manzo provided her with quite the opportunity for impetuousness, though what he did next left her a little stunned, to say the least.
“Teehehee, now easy there, cowboy~” Those cheeks glowing as she found the paw of her friend falling so casually onto her thigh and for a second unsure of exactly how she should respond to it, though there was a certain temptation to leave it lie and even a sense of wonderment about where it might drift, ultimately the honey in the bunny suit opted to shake her head and retrieve that wandering mitt, though did so without making too big a deal of it.

“I mean, I can't deny that I'm curious, and the fact that this fire keeps on burning between us even after long only makes it worse, but…” Sighing in a soft and even slightly regretful fashion as she threaded her fingers into those of her fur-wearing friend and sought to lift his hand up and place a soft and affectionate kiss onto the back of it, Sofia had to admit that for all the restraint she found herself able to show she certainly wasn't lacking for intent to be naughty right now, and practically confessed that perhaps in another life or even this one with a different set of decisions she would have accepted such intimacy and beyond without a second thought. Unfortunately, that wasn't this life, and therefore she could not.

“I don't want to see you get hurt? And I don't mean by my wife, either~?” And that simple fact making her heart break just a little bit as she sought to reaffirm the boundary that would be between them, though not even close to half as much as she guessed might happened if she did something stupid here and Manzo plaid the consequences, it was with a heavy heart but a sincere spirit that she reminded him that for all of the spark between them no matter what happened someone would likely be hurt. And her money was on the sweet and subtly sensitive soul before her most of all…

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Her reasoning was sound, and it was something he could understand and sympathize with. Everything she was doing in this moment was in his best interest. Though to be completely fair none of that truly mattered to him. He wanted to feel that fire engulf him. Even though he knew nothing would ever come of it. But she had stated her position on the matter, and he would not press the issue.

"Swing and a miss." He said with a laugh as he took a swig from his glass. He would have honestly felt more regret about the whole thing had he at least not attempted to try to see if there was something still there for him. Maybe he was feeling a tad bit vulnerable because he had been away from Charlotte for so long.

Though he would truly need to get his mind back on the women in front of him and off the woman behind him. She had gone off like the stray cat she was, he didn't expect her to return to him. She had probably found someone else to take his place. It was a sobering thought to say the least. But that was the reality of the situation. She had nothing to tie her down to him. He had everything that tied him down to hargeon.

His shop, his master, and her wife, and all the responsibility of being the Ace of a guild. It was a hard pill to swallow, but he didn't want to bring that up to Sofia on a night like this. This would surely put a damper on the evening, so with another swig of his drink, he buried all the thoughts and feelings of someone who wasn't here. So that he could enjoy the friends who were here with him right now.



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“Hehehehe, I've been a naughty girl huh? Playing a dangerous game like this… I'm sorry, Manzo.” Sighing and shaking her head with regret as she recognise the damage she had done with her playful flirtation and that nugget of temptation to do more, Miss Serena reached for the fingers of her friend to squeeze them in an act of gentle reassurance and apology, and hoped that he would find some form of solace in the fact that while a more romantic connection would elude them they could still remain close friends. If he wanted.
“Only one option then… If I can't take you home, I'll have to make sure the best girl here does… Only natural for the best boy, after all?” The girl with the green gaze herself certainly wanting to keep that sense of intimacy and connection going as deeply as she could, she couldn't help but wish to give her buddy at least something small but significant this evening, while she couldn't solve the problem of his emotional needs physical ones seemed much easier given their scenario and her own expertise in solving carnal conundrums.

“Let's see what we've got, eh?” With that in mind the princess of the pegasi turning on her chair and taking in the realm around her, while she guessed that a certain ebony haired empress would scoff at the idea of her finding anyone even close to pretty enough to match her she still searched the dancefloor and the surrounding for sign of someone with whom her companion might be able to share a little fun and excitement, and with her keen gaze not letting her down could spy plenty of potential candidates.
“Tonight, you're flying with me as your wingman… See anyone you like, Manzy~?” Smiling as she did so and feeling almost as eager and excited by the hunt as she would have been had she been acting on her own behalf, Sofia smiled toward her buddy and waited to see what he made of the 'talent' their party had to offer, and would soon provide him with the wealth of expertise she had when it came to the fairer sex just as soon as he spied someone or two who happened to tickle his fancy…

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Manzo chuckled to himself, he appreciated the effort she was trying to put in to making it up to him. Though it wasn't at all warranted. Maybe he should just let her go along with her little plan of clearing her conscience, it did not matter to him either way. There was already someone on his mind, though she was probably long gone by now. Which was not something that gave him any comfort. But he didn't want to be rude to the current companion, though he did feel that he should honest with her, it was only fair.

""Truth be told I did meet someone, but she's a bit of a wanderer. Funny right? That's how I used to be exactly." It was indeed a cruel joke played on him by the universe it would seem. Though he could remember how it felt to be with her. Her touch, the softness of her skin, her platinum hair glistening in the sun. It was probably why he was looking for the answers in the bottom of a bottle. He had no idea how it is she had wormed her way into his heart like she did.

It was truly a sad state of affairs, so if anything this was partly his fault. The awkwardness between them that is. If he had any control he would have never come on to her in such a way. "To be completely fair, I don't know what I'm doing here. Other than not feeling bad about drinking because it's a social place. Optics are less dark if I'm not doing it by myself." While it was hard to accept, it was true. He knew she was not ever truly going to be his. She would always be a wanderer, for better or worse.

If there was one thing he took from this, he now knew the pain he put everyone through when he would leave without ever telling them when or if he'd return. Perhaps she was the lesson he needed to learn, something so wonderful just walked into his life, even for a brief moment, it was something that kept him going. If he opened his mouth now, he would probably give the impression of someone who needed to be put on the third floor. Not something he really wanted to go through.

"I'm sorry I made a move on you Sofi, I'm just hurting. I don't know why I thought something like that would work, even if it did, would I feel better? It's sad, me, the situation, it's just sad." He said with a laugh, one very obviously hiding the need to weep. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Though he was never truly mighty while his mothers told him about heart break, this was very truthfully his first one. He'd have to call them later on.

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“A lady in your life and here you are being naughty with me, huh?” The brow of the brunette lifting up a little as her companion confessed the fact that she was not the only woman in his life, Sofia would have been telling a little bit of a lie if she tried to say that the discovery didn't leave her feeling an ounce of disappointment and perhaps even the scantest note of envy as well, but ultimately this feeling was rather a fleeting one and gave way to something that seemed to lift her spirits a little more in its own way.
“I fear I may have been a bad influence on my sweet little Manzy~” Relief spreading through the siren of the sea as she realized and recognised the fact that her friend had not been so lost in his devotion to her that he couldn't find himself with a little fondness for another woman, it was nice for her to know that he would have someone who might help cope with the loneliness which was inflicted by a hopeless crush, and hopefully might provide him with a path toward moving onto something better than an unrequited romance that could never be reflected.

“Teeheehee, you're only human, right? Mere mortals struggle to resist all this~?” Grinning as he took a moment to apologise for his own actions and then starting to giggle, in her eyes it was easily a case of six in the one hand and a half-dozen in the other so she couldn't exactly blame the boy for being interested in her, and as such offered a playful line that spoke of the emerald eyed enchantress expectation to stir the interest of the people around her.
“Besides, I wasn't exactly doing a lot to discourage it either, so how about we call it even then? No harm, no foul, friends to the last~?” Reasoning that there was little for either of them to feel guilty for their moment of weakness now that they had reaffirmed their boundaries in a clear and collaborative sense, Miss Serena simply smiled and offered out her hand in a gesture of peace and fresh starts, holding no grudge against Manzo for his part in this little mix up and hoping that he too held no hostility toward her either…

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- Sofia Serena

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He couldn't help but chuckle truthfully. He took her hand in his and did friendly shake. It was odd to him that she even had temptations toward someone like him. Not sell himself short, but he knew what he was up against. Though to say being with a woman, and being with a man were the same thing was pure ignorance. Though there was something about his allure when it came to her that he never did quite understand. "There is something that I can't quite get my head around if I'm being totally honest. Why me?"

It was a valid question in his mind. To himself he was nothing special, run of the mill. Maybe she enjoyed the simple things, he was quite normal at this stage of his life after all. He had a job, owned property, there was nothing spectacular about him. Though he felt as though if he said such things, she would think he was fishing for a complement. Which wasn't the case, it just never made sense to him.

Though would asking that question give him any real insight? Doubtful, he wasn't always the most understanding of other people's feelings towards him. Mainly because he wasn't entirely in the know about his feelings towards himself. Which he knew was strange to most people, but for him, a man of many faces. Not to mention a man of many forced personalities, he didn't know himself very well at all. Maybe that's what he should be focusing on, being happy enough with himself keeping his bed warm, instead of trying to weasel his way into someone else's.

He ordered himself another drink and pounded it down. Another order followed, he did the same once again. While in her mind, things were over and done with. Fresh starts were never that simple. Because in his steel trap of a mind, he'd not soon forget what loneliness and misery had him do. Though her take on it was refreshing, it was just not feasible in his mind. Knowing him, he'd let the guilt of the whole situation get to him so badly, he'd confess to Alisa, as though something had actually happened.

So his way of coming to terms with it was simple. He would drink, drink to feel, drink to forget. Because the sooner he could lose this memory, the better he'd feel. Though after tonight, he'd swear off the sauce for a while. It was for the best.



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“Teehehee, welllll, I heard you were packing some major heat, and I wanted to get in on that~?” The brow of the beauty creasing for a second as her buddy seemed to inquire about why she had found time and reason to harbour her little crush on him, after a second she was left giggling as she thought of something to tell him that she was sure would astound and perhaps even embarrass him, and offered up a little uncharacteristically forward intention in a deadpan fashion in order to make his mind and words stumble simply for the sake of her own amusement.
“I'm not sure really? A lot of things…” Smiling after more than a second or two to sell her little joke and then shaking her head, Sofia took the query a little more seriously after this though honestly found herself struggling to convey a rational reason behind her interest, because as she had assessed things it had just felt like something she had wanted and hadn't really looked all that deeply into the process that lay behind such a decision.

“You're sweet and pretty easy on the eyes in your own way, and… I dunno, you always made it feel like you wanted to? That always makes it easier?” That green gaze lifting upward and away from the face of her friend as she probed her process internally to try and provide him with some answers for the sense of wonder that he felt, the emerald eyes of the enchantress settled as she found a few important notes which seemed to have made the difference, though honestly was not used to having to explain herself like this in truth. It was an impulse, an instinct, not a plan.
“And a million other things, I bet your new lady could tell you better, no? What's she like~?” Grinning and winking as she found herself exasperated quickly by the issues and reasoning that someone with a little more intimate connection might have been able to convey the idea better, Miss Serena was far more interested in the new figure in Manzo's life that he had mentioned and quickly swerved the topic to discuss her, keen on finding out more about a surprising but intriguing subject…

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"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

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How could one begin to describe Charlotte. It wasn't as easy as a task as it is for others. She was very layered, more complicated than most people he had come across to say the least. "You may not approve of how she treats me." He said with a start, and it was true. She didn't exactly always treat him like an equal. Though he did know that she meant well in everything she did. Probably kept up a tough front to keep people like him away. Though that wouldn't work on him, he was far too stubborn for such a thing.

"She's a tough nut to crack honestly. I'm not entirely sure of how I'd describe her." Tell the truth and nothing but the truth, she'd be better at describing herself than he was. But if he had to, he would do his best, but where would he even start. Her physical appearance or personality. It was a hard choice to make. There was so much he had to cover in such a short amount of time. He ordered one more drink, he was going to need it.

"She acts like she hates me, when we are around others. But when we are alone, she's sensual, and tender. Practical jumps my bones every time we see each other. Though I think that time is over." He said with a chuckle. Though it was a painful thing to admit, she had told him that this whole thing wouldn't last forever. In his heart he hoped that maybe she'd change her mind and believe him to be special. It was a pipe dream at the end of the day. She could have anyone, why would she ever tie herself down to a simple bar keep.

"I uh, had hoped she'd be here tonight. But I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

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“Oh~? Is she mistreating you, because I'd be happy to kill a bitch for that~?” Frowning for a second or two as her buddy seemed to admit that certain aspects about the new woman in his life might not meet the high benchmark that the brunette might set for his love life, that seemed to melt away into a grin that seemed just a little bit too wide and featured emerald coloured eyes that looked a little bit too glassy to be reassuring from the woman, and both spoke plainly of her desire to protect her partner to the end.
“Lovely ladies can be quite the complicated creatures but since you're a good boy I might try to decode those secrets for you~?” The vision of the vixen softening however as her boy began to explain his feeling or at the very least the relationship a little better to her, Sofia was not surprised to learn that the lad was having trouble comprehending what was going on with his companion in courtship, and offered a little of her sage understanding in order to help him out a bit in this area.

“Hmmmm, from the sounds of things she's either a stone cold bitch or… Heh, a tricky, but perhaps worthwhile case~? Hopefully, for her sake, it's the latter?” Nodding as she was given a list of 'symptoms' for the siren and seeing the description going one of two ways from here on out, though the stepford-sweet smile of Miss Serena returned as she reaffirmed her desire to brutally punish anyone who might hurt someone she had come to care for so very much, she wasn't entirely lying when she mentioned the fact that she hoped things were a little less than what they seemed. Or more, whichever way was good, in this case.
“Oh? What does she look like? I got a decent look at most people from the balcony earlier~?” Ultimately just wanting her marvellous Manzo to be finding a little bit of happiness for himself no matter where it could be found, she was only too keen to offer her eyes and expertise in uniting the fair haired friend with the fox he seemed to search for, and even more excited to hear what she looked like as well. Knowing him and his tastes, this mystery minx probably quite the dish, if she had to guess, or maybe that was just wishful thinking…?

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Her response was typical of the Sofia that he knew. While it did not surprise, he was taken aback a little by the fact that she did offer to commit murder for him. Which he didn't truly think she would need to do in all honesty, but that had yet to be seen he supposed.

She could just be using him for his body after all. Though maybe that wasn't the worst thing in the world honestly. He would be at least serving a bit of a purpose. Making someone happy was one of the most satisfying thing to do in his opinion.

"She's tall, blonde, very busty, usually in all white." He said as he began to be lost in thought of the one known as charlotte. He didn't really wish to dwell on her anymore this evening, but Sofia was the inquisitive type. She loved to ask questions.

So of course he would answer them as best he could for her. Though he was ashamed to admit he didn't know all that much about her. Which made him feel all the more stupid for his little crush to begin with.

Though there was nothing he could truly do about how he felt at the end of the day. "Don't worry about looking for her, I'm sure she's off with someone else anyway."

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