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Evolution [Manzo]

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#1Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:42 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Nature was always changing. Species evolved with ever-changing pressures much like an ocean tide. It was one thing she understood too well, but hated. Humans could never comprehend change no matter how small it was. Raquin was to a boil today. Yet again another constant in her life dead. Nessie and Concord tried to soothe her rage, but nothing could. Raquin's sharp claws burrowed itself into the limestone as she threw it into the water. This beach wasn't so remote as she had wished. There was nowhere else to go for her to release her anger.

"Raquin, my dear, you need to calm down." Nessie assured her everything will be alright, but nothing could calm a storm. Time was the only key.

"That's a common answer. Yeah, everything will be alright in the ned then something else will cause more issues. It's nature, Nessie. It never gives animals and humans a break. I know that all too well...even you should know this by now," she hissed. Concord gulped. Ever since the wretched news about her last living family member was pronounced dead for unknown reasons, she was found either sleeping or killing something or throwing something. It was her way of grieving. She never really cried at all, only rage. It was what she knew. Most of the time, she had forgotten she was part raptor, the instincts made her more vicious by nature.

"I am going for a dive to kill a whale or something." Quickly, she dove into the water and not seem for several hours. By then it was sundown, Nessie and Concord were sleeping side-by-side. Given the conditions of where they lived, Nessie had to be her human form. It was difficult to assume when Raquin was going to be back, but they lived on this beach practically. Nessie woke up to see the sky was turning a gold color and she still wasn't here. A small sigh came from her.

"Hope she's not dead."


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:56 pm


Ah what a lovely day at the beach. It was time for a little rest and relaxation from the shop. What better way to do that, then to spend some time on the beach. It's what normal people did right? He wasn't exactly normal when it came to such things. A life as a hitman will make someone slightly socially awkward. Since it was beach day for himself, everyone else it seemed, he came dressed for the occasion.

Dressed in a loose white zip up hoodie, undone, with no shirt underneath. His toned and muscular body on full display. And on his lower half, board shorts covered in pineapples. He was feeling quite festive this day obviously. Considering he was seen in something other than black. He walked over to the beachside bar, before making his way on the sand. He wanted to get a nice adult beverage, or six, depending on how the day went.

He purchased something fruity, it fit the overall vibe of the day after all. And it was sweet so he could get day drunk much faster. That wouldn't be bad for anyone, hopefully. He walked over to the beach, towel in hand, and drink in the other.

He would then lay down his towel and stretch out enjoying the sun on his body. It was good for regulating his temperature after all.

"Now this is the life."

#3Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:08 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Concord whined as he panted waiting for Raquin to return. The day was growing long. It was getting dark soon and she was still out since this morning on a 'hunt". Nessie grew even more worried. She had never seen Raquin handle death at all. The loss of her grandfather was hard for her to accept. New emotions were hard for her to handle. Nessie got up bit her nails. "You think I should go after her, Concord?" The warin was unsure. They wanted to give her space, but at the same time, it was hard not to go after her.

"I know. Let's just...oh what's the use. Anything we do won't get through to her. Raquin is a hard token to win" she mumbled. Concord sniffed something in the air and put his nose to the ground and start lead towards Manzo. Nessie stared at the Warin curiously before she grabbed him.

"Concord! Get back here! I don't want to loose track of you too you idiot" she said. The blue hair mistress grabbed a hold of his collar and pulled him back away from Manzo. "Sorry...he's a little nosy. Come back here you nitwit!"


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:22 pm


As if by sheer luck, a blast from his past smashed into him, laying on a towel, minding his business. "Oh sweet god, how do you kept finding me?" He whined. He knew that if he was here. His master wasn't far off, and when Quin is involved, that meant he would roped into something environment related. Which wasn't the worst thing that could happen. But it was not what he intended on having happen today. Simply because he wanted a vacation, he ran a whole establishment now. He deserved a day off at least once in a while.

"Sorry Nessie, I forgot what you looked like in human form, looking good by the way." He said with a wink, as began to pack up his things. He just wanted a simple day, just a normal simple day. This was a simple wish in his mind. One that he was hell bent on getting. Even if it did mean being a teeny tiny bit rude in the process. He had to take care of himself right, right?

"Well it's been nice guys, but I gotta be going now, kinda need to doge your mistress. She tends to get me in trouble." He said with a nervous laugh. Hoping to all hell she wasn't anywhere close.

#5Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:35 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Concord whined and wanted to get his attention, but couldn't because Nessie was blocking his telepathic magic. Nessie smiled. "Manzo? What a surprise...I couldn't recognize you. You have gotten more handsome," she commented. Concord growled and stammered trying to formulate words, but was easily cut off by Nessie. The monster was trying everything in her power to prevent from pulling Manzo into their problems. He had enough to deal with.

"Why thank you. Just magic is all, haha." Concord's frills on his lumbar region was puffing. He was starting to get pissed a little. Nessie gave him a stern glare below as he snorted with a snarl.

"Oh don't worry, she's been gone all day. Haven't seen her since this morning, probably off on some hunting trip or...something" she stammered. She was trying too hard to not show her worry for Raquin going missing. Concord was trying to get his attention, somehow. He looked behind him and saw his tail and wet sand. A brilliant idea popped into his head and he used his tail to spell out help without either one of them noticing. He continuing yapping and growling and moving trying to have Manzo notice.

"Concord, I thought I told you to...stop" she paused. She didn't see what was coming. Concord managed to spell out "help" the best he could with his tail. She pursed her lips and sighed. "Concord! This is our issue not his. Come on, I will go find her." She whispered the lowest he could, but Concord growled.


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:44 pm


"Alright, enough beating around the bush. What the hell is going on." He said in an annoyed tone. He turned his attention to concord, who was clearly in distress. He saw the word help drawn in the sand. This could only mean one thing, and one thing only. Something had devastated their mistress. Which was an issue in and of itself. Despite the fact that she was known to do some quite reckless things in her time.

"Bring her to me. Kicking, screaming, I don't care. Bring her to me." He said as he pulled a cigarette from his jacket pocket and lit it. Oh this was going to be another one of those days wasn't it. One where he ended up doing the exact opposite of what it was he was trying to do. But it seemed to him, that it would be his lot in life to make himself available to everyone. No matter what he desired. Sometimes the universe had more ideas for you.

He ran his fingers through his hair, his emerald green eyes shining in the sun. Growing rather impatient he finally snapped at the both of them.

"What the hell are you waiting for, bring her to me. I won't wait forever."

#7Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:59 pm

Raquin Storvarg
"She's angry. So angry, she went off on a killing spree probably with sharks and fish and sea creatures again. I haven't seen her since this morning. Usually she comes back, but I am extremely worried for her" she replied. He insisted quite annoyed to go find her.

Nessie nodded. She transformed and dove into the water without care if anyone saw her. The scent was faint and barely noticeable. The difficulty of trying to find this girl was finding a needle in a haystack. It took a few hours, but she ended up finding her underwater near a coral reef with colorful fish. She was watching them waiting to find a the perfect target to kill before she was dragged off by Nessie.

"Let me fucking go or else I will rip your heart out and eat it myself, ya overgrown newt!" Raquin spat out insults after insults and trying to grab her and swaying angrily. Nessie remained calm and tried to not fuel the fire. Finally, she grew quiet and refused to say a word until they got to the beach. "There! Where the fuck were you? I thought you were kidnapped or worse. I swear..." reprimanded Nessie. Raquin remained quiet and narrowed her eyes, quietly challenging the monster. She looked at Manzo and growled with rosy cheeks. "What now? Going to try to fix me again? Not like you already have tried Nessie? And now bring him into this? I am going to fucking rip your eyes out..." she ranted.

Nessie remained quiet. Raquin sat down on the sand and just remained still. Already, she knew who Manzo was by the scent and stature of him. She had to obey, otherwise she didn't want to think what would happen. Concord tried greeting her, but was shoved away quite quickly. "Go on, punish me, scold me, I don't give whale's tail about anything anymore," she said.


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:06 am


Manzo walked over to her, as she went on her tirade at the others. He had seen, and heard quite enough. He picked her up by her shirt, bringing her eye level with the statue of a man before her. He looked in her eyes, the look of disgust on his face, matching the one she was flashing him right now. "You absolutely petulant child." He said, his words laced with venom.

Not particularly caring if it hurt her feelings or not. She was behaving as such. Regardless of what was going on in her life, at this very moment. She needed to be brought back down to earth. "You're a real selfish shit you know that? Leaving them to worry, while you go off and do god knows what." He said as he dropped her on her supple behind. Not even remotely in the mood to entertain a subtle flirt with her, as he did before.

"I don't care who died, or why. You're the head of your clan now, and these creatures are your family too." He said looking down on her in judgement.

Was it appropriate for him to do this? Probably not, but he truly did not give a good god damn in this moment. She had gotten away with this for far too long and it was time for her to grow up.

#9Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:24 am

Raquin Storvarg
She paused. The words stung pretty hard in all honesty. The tone cut her pretty deep into her heart. Nessie was glad someone could get through to her, but Concord was not. He had been with her since the beginning. It was hard to not butt in, but Nessie didn't allow him. This was what she needed. What really scared her was the look into his eyes. It was not the kind ones she had known before, but annoyed and angry ones.

Raquin gulped, feeling very small and much like an omega towards Manzo's tone. She didn't like what she was hearing. Afterall, she was not used to being spoken to this way before by him. "Yeah...what clan? A clan that only cared about the mission, but not their daughter. I was a tool, nothing more." She whispered quietly. There was nothing else for her to say but with watery eyes she just stared. "I...you...oh gods..." she whispered trying not to cry. The new emotions were all too new for her to handle. Before, she would just be angry for an hour and go on with life. This time the death of her grandfather was a much greater impact on her than anyone had realized. She pulled her hair over face to show she wasn't crying, but didn't help her situation.


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:04 pm


Manzo shook his head in unison with his sigh. He could understand her feelings about being nothing but a tool. He had been nothing but a tool for his country. But that was no excuse. He picked her up off the ground, cradling her in his arms, firmly. He could feel her face against his chest. "Quin, you don't have to wait for your family to die, to be the person you want to be." He said softly, no animosity in his voice this time. It was true though, she could be whoever she wanted to be. Do whatever she wanted to do.

"Brake the chains of fate, and follow your heart. That's what I did, now I think I know what true happiness is." He said as he began to walk toward the downtown area, just outside of the beach. He would take her to the shop. Which reminded him that he had not told her, that he owned a noodle shop slash bar. But she could probably appreciate how hard he had worked to rebuild himself. Perhaps even give her a bit of hope.

"You're an adult now, you get to choose who you want to be your family. Shed the proverbial skin of the past. Becoming something new." He said as he trudged through the sand on the beach.

#11Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:18 pm

Raquin Storvarg
She felt small in this large world. Raquin knew only one thing. Going outside of this walls meant something bigger for herself. She is not one who fully understands change within rather than outside. Her mind was clouded with emotions and thoughts. "What if I don't know what I want? This whole thing is hard." she was honest about everything. She didn't know what she wanted due to doing the same thing over and over in her life. Having the chains break finally was forgein.

Manzo csrried her leaving Nessie and Concord on the beach, leaving them some space. She saw a nodded shopaholic had shown her. She really assumed he did that and smile a little. "Thats must of been a lot of work, huh?" she spoke kindly.

She had calmed down a lot, but was in knots of where to start and what she wanted to do. She always thought she was doing what she wanted, but realized the tied to her family were gone. She felt...relieved. "I don't know whatbi want anymore. I have been doing the same thing over and over for to dang long and now I have no idea " she whispered, following him.


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:56 pm


"Come stay with me for a while and work in the shop. We will figure something out for you together." He said with a warm smile as he walked with her in his arms down the street. Truth be told it wasn't uncommon for him to be seen doing things like this, in this day and age. Once he shed his old skin he had become quite popular with the ladies.

Not so popular that one would call him a man whore, but slut shamming was bullshit in his mind no matter the gender. Freedom of choice was key in society, at least in his mind it was. Though he was quite opinionated in that department. Coming from Blue Pegasus, a guild which prided itself on it's appreciation of all things beauty, power, and carnal; But more than that, it's appreciation for life, and it's staunch defense of it.

"It's not hard work, and it will give you a chance to come out of your shell. Hargeon isn't like most other towns you've been to." Speaking with the confidence of one who would know a thing or two about that. Considering all he had seen in his travels

There was truly no other place he could call home, or even simply be.

#13Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:36 pm

Raquin Storvarg
She felt put on the spot. NAturally, she would turn this offer down, but now, with the current circumstances, there wasn't much of a choice. It sounded like the perfect start to start fresh and anew. She looked at Manzo into the eyes, shyly. For some reason, she felt...relieved. A giant weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Now, she could finally breathe for the first time like a newborn child. She stared at her hands seeing, she was slowly seeing the world with new eyes, given it had only been a few mintues, but she did feel changed.

"I don't have anywhere else to go.When do we start?" She was eager to start as soon as possible. There was no other place for her to go. Iceberg wasn't an option and neither was Baska. There were too many memories and pain associated with those places. "I...am sorry for acting like a brat. I lost the only blood family member who somewhat cared about my wellbeing. I am...still processing these feelings. I am not best when it comes ot understanding emotions and processing them. All I know is anger and survival, not...being human," she spoke, kindly. She felt seriosuly embaressed, but still didnt want to show she was.


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He kissed the top of her head with a smile. "Admitting your mistakes and flaws, are as human as it gets." He said with optimism in his voice. It was true though, to be aware of one's self, that was the highest peak in existence. Don't let anyone tell you other wise.

"First things first kiddo, we need to get you into a bath, and get you looking shiny and new, to match your new thirst for life!" He said with more drive than even she had. He loved a good redemption story, he had a few of his own, to be perfectly blunt.

But where to start, a new wardrobe, and possibly some make up. Allow her to try new things. Be a girl for once, or more so, be feminine if that's what she was truly after. This was all about exploration at the end of the day. Perhaps she would discover some new things she never knew were inside of her.

"To be honest, you could even change your own name. Give yourself an even fresher start. Shed your old skin, the point is, you can be whoever, or whatever you want to be."

#15Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
When he kissed her on her forehead, she immediately grew a little flush. Such kindness was a rarity to her except Nessie and Concord. Seeing others do such things was honestly rare in itself. "I guess, one step at a time." She was unsure about where to start either.

Manzo seemed to be more excited about this than she was. She guessed he liked projects like her to help others out, in a nice way of course. Raquin didn't mind. Silently, one thing at that would never change was her love for the ocean and its creatures. IT was one of the few things she, on her own, came to love without any interference. When he asked about a name change, it brought her mouth dry. Her name was something she actually liked. "My name is actually something I do like, but I guess a nickname would do. Changing my name completely is not something I am too keen on. It is one of the few things I actually like. Nessie gave it to me actually. But if you insist, I guess everyone could call me Mako, that's a nickname I call myself all the time" she explained.

She turned her head to the water and stared at it. It took several minutes for her to get back into reality. Raquin shook her head and snapped out of her day dream. "Sorry...daydreaming. Guess that's one thing that will never change, my love for the water" she whispered.


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Fri Apr 09, 2021 9:41 pm


Seeing her so stuck in her past, it did remind him of his former self. It was sad, but thankfully not permanent. With any luck, he could do something to help her snap out of it. But first, he would need to do what he could to bring her into society. The best way to do that, in his opinion, would be to increase her interactions with humans. He knew she didn't really like humans, but in order for her to survive, she'd have to at least come to tolerate them if nothing else. If that was even possible. He could only hope.

Now where to start with her. First things first, she needed a bath of course. All that time in salt water, wasn't good for her hair, or complexion. Odds were he'd have to bathe her from head to toe, just to be sure she was actually clean, and do something with her hair. Shampoo for starters, not to sound like a pretentious snob, but she was in dire need of TLC. Once all that was done, it would be time to put some food in her, and probably a good nights sleep, then a fresh start in the morning.

#17Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Fri Apr 09, 2021 10:25 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Raquin knew how to do the basics of grooming. She loved being by the ocean way too much for her own good. While her hair too too much of a tole, she always felt reguivinated. Something nobody would understand. They always called her Shark back home. Her grandfather would compare her to the Great White with how beautiful and fercious it was. She always thought of herself as a sea monster, but who was she to judge. Her body would always move with the water, allowing it to take her as she went.

The whole time Manzo was deciding what to do with her. Her eyes stared at the water, yearning to go back. Although, she knew she would get pulled back again. It was more solutide and calming away from most of the problems society would try to place onto her. "Before you go all picasso on me, I am not a feral beast. I am civilized. I can do my own bathing, alright? I am not a child" she told him. Her eyes narrowed to make her point clear as she crossed her arms against her chest, feeling defensive. Turning her head away, she stared at the water until she was called back to him like a dog. The thought of collecting more specimens to study really made her want to just up and leave.

When it was time, she remain silent the whole time walking with a quiet walk. She had her eyes wander at the different buildings and people. It was rare that she went into town that wasn't for food or supplies. She never really took in the sights before like this. "This looks more like a beach resort than a port town. Not like the ones back home. Why is that?" She honestly wondered why that could be. Possibly due to the nature of the guild, Blue Pegasus being here in the first place. Guilds tend to have an influence on the town they are in from her observations.


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Sat Apr 10, 2021 11:46 pm


"There is truly no need to go about changing a delightful work of physical art as yourself. Just need to refine it." He said with a chuckle as he opened the door to his shop. A quaint little place full of greenery and tradition Joyan decor. He hadn't yet opened up the shop for today, and seeing as how today was going. He probably wouldn't get the chance to.

"Yes well, a world famous guild brings in money, makes the people feel safe. No one wants to open up shop where they feel they won't be protected." Which was something that a lot of sense in his mind. Financial risks are one thing, but no one likes property damage. That was a bit much, for really anyone to swallow.

Give her time, he said to himself as he let her in his shop slash home. He would of course lock the door behind them. Making sure the closed sign was flipped, didn't need any guests today. He wasn't aching for money, he was a millionaire after all. He could keep this place running for years, even without any business. Not that he would enjoy that kind of thing. But he could indeed do it, if he had to. Let's cross our fingers that, that never had to happen.

#19Raquin Storvarg 

Evolution [Manzo] Empty Sun Apr 11, 2021 12:01 am

Raquin Storvarg
She was a bit relieved inside that he wasn't trying to change her completely. Guess she would ALLOW it this time. Many people compared her to a cat due to her finicky nature and how stand-off she was to others. Though, that's just what she wanted people to think. Less they are likely to cause issues with her. Manzo let her into his shop. It was cozy with many little odds and ins. There were many plants she was not familiar with. Immediately, she was drawn to them with their unique nature. She could tell there were more from the north, but couldn't tell. "Are these plants non-natives to Fiore? I am not quite familiar with these" she asked. She skimmed her hands gently down the leaves taking in the texture.

Manzo gave an explanation as to why there was more of a beach town atmosphere at Hargeon. Her predictions were correct. A large guild such as Blue Pegasus brought in a lot of money to help the town thrive with tourism. "I see. My prediction was correct. It's Blue Pegasus, right?"

She turned around to speak to him. Making eye contact, she blinked furiously to make sure she was correct. She was not familiar with Hargeon still and tried enough times to come here as little as possible. She pulled out one of the chairs, hearing it squeak from the friction. Her butt sat in the cushion seat hearing a little bit of an air sound. She leaned back, already getting comfortable.

"So what exactly will I be doing after I take my 'so call' bath? You seem to already have a plan with barely talking to each other for five minutes" she spoke. She could tell he had the gears in his head, turning. Manzo was a man who always had some sort of plan. In all honesty, she was extremely interested to hear what he was going to say.


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Sun Apr 11, 2021 8:05 pm


"Well after I peak at you taking a bath I was probably gonna make some dinner." He said with a laugh as he took a seat behind the bar. She brought up the question about his plants. It was a pretty sensible, with a not so sensible answer. How would he go about explaining it was the real question.

"Would you believe me, if I told you, that they are unique to my blood." He said with a sense of mystery in his voice. It was stranger than fiction, but was quite the non fictional reality. All being said and done, he should probably go into a bit more detail about it.

"I have the blood and magic of the Woodland Dragon of the deep forest running through my veins. If I can imagine it, it will grow." He said as he began to pour himself a drink, something light, and clear. Not something to put him in the floor. As he imagined there would indeed be more questions to follow.

"How does salmon sound by the way." He asked as he began to take mental note of what was in the fridge up stairs. Cooking was rather an important thing to him, it's how people truly understood each others feelings and culture.

#21Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
She rolled his eyes at the snarky comment. It was made clear to her that he was still the flirtatious type. Great. Her cheeks grew flushed a little at the comment making her go silent with no response. Crossing her arms on her chest, giving a small huff to respond to his comment."Now that you mention it, I am a bit hungry," she mentioned, sounding a little sour about earlier. She would of caught something, but someone had to disturb her.

Her attention was more drawn to the foreign plants. The idea of studying plants was not something she ever thought about. Even though she had a lot of plant and animal specimens to study, she never had thought of plants to be that interesting as animals. This proved to be different. Manzo's answer almost caused her to fall over. "Wait...what? Do you bleed plant seeds or something? Must be some sort of life magic I presume?" She guessed from general knowledge. It was hard to believe that mages could control plant life through magic. The amazing things magic could provide. Her emerald eyes gleamed a little at the thought of producing new life with magic when he gave further information. "Really? Holy crap! I wonder what water would look like for a dragon slayer? Wait...you are blood-related to a dragon? Can you explain the blood part to me," she asked.

The subject of dinner returned when he was listing an idea for a dish he could make. She could eat anything. "Wait! What kind of Salmon? There is a variety you know. I am very picky" she spoke.


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"No, I am not blood related to a dragon. I have a lacrima with dragon blood and magic implanted in me, to further enhance the power of my magic, which was taught to me by a dragon." What an odd ball this girl was, she was like a child in her mannerisms. Though her body would say other wise, a slight jiggle of her chest with every movement. It was almost enough to throw him off his train of thought. But that was honestly not likely to happen. He was the Ace, poster boy, and most attractive man in Blue Pegasus. Red heads with large breasts, nothing new for him.

As far as the salmon went, this was a sushi bar, you'd think she'd be able to realize the only thing they had here was sashimi grade. But then again, she was a head in the clouds kind of girl, not only that, she had barely heard of Joya, let alone their food. "It's wild caught salmon from Joya. Only the best." He said with a stroke of confidence. Not one to brag about his home country, but he was very proud of their food, and subsequently where he came from, faults and all.

#23Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
Manzo's explanation made more sense. "So...it was a blood fusion. Gotcha. Never heard of dragons still being alive. Tells me what I still need to learn about this world we live in", She explained. She yawned, stretching her back showing off her chest a bit. After she smacked her lips a couple of times, Raquin pushed her hair back give a messy, but attractive look for a moment before she turned her head to the plants again then back at Manzo.

Fish was a specific subject she was very critical on. The cooking had to be right, otherwise, she would say something. Although, that was with Icbergian or Fiorian dishes. Joyan dishes were never something she saw on the menu at all. So she was open to the idea. "Alright, as you wish, prince charming. I am going to take a bath. DON'T peek, otherwise, I will burn you" she hissed. She narrowed her eyes before taking off to the bathroom. She was too proud to admit she gotten a little lost, but quickly, found her way around.

Finding the soap, shampoo, and conditioner, she was ready to get the bath started. She turned the knob feeling the water was cold and slowly adjusting it. When it was the right temperature, she let it fill for a bit as she looked herself in the mirror. Her hair was usually messy from swimming. The wild things found in her hair from sand, to dirt, to even bones at one time. It didn't look too bad in her unprofessional opinion. Stripping to her bare skin, she slipped into the tub and began to scrub herself clean from the salt and grime.


Evolution [Manzo] Empty Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:02 am


She left him to go into the bathroom. How dare she say he can't peek. This was his house, there was no privacy in his home. He grabbed a bottle of tequila and marched himself right down to the bathroom. He would barge in unannounced, laying his eyes on completely bare Raquin, the look of defiance on his face. He placed his bottle of booze on the counter in the bathroom. He began to strip himself completely bare. Not leaving anything about his body to the imagination, walking over to the tub, he got in with her, across from here. Their eyes meeting.

He took a swing from his bottle of tequila. Savoring the taste of it, he let out a sigh of pleasure, the combination of hot water and booze was enough to make him orgasm. He put his legs up on the side of the tub. His feet coming up to the side of her head. Poking her in the ear with his foot. "Hello friend, I was worried that you would drown, so here I am. Need me to get your back?" He said with a sheepish smile on his face. Very much lost in the sauce that was his tequila bottle.

#25Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
She was finally relaxing away from some of her stress. A loud slam caused her to jump up in freight. Her emerald eyes shifted him Manzo, kinda caught off guard and disturbed. Didn't he know a lady needs privacy? Guess not. She stammered a bit. No matter how hard she tried, no sounds came out. How bold was this man?

Her face began to grow heated like her crimson hair. Futhermore, she grew even more nervous as he began to strip. Usually, these things never phased her. It was probably the lack of invitation to 'join her'. She gulped.

A bottle of tequila and in a bath with naked woman. What could go wrong? The woman was loss of words. No matter how hard she tried to make sense of the situation, nothing could come out of her mouth. Pursed her lips at him with seeing eyes as he dipped himself into the tub. He thought she would drown in the tub? This made her blood grow cold. He knew she was a water mage. She couldn't drown and in a tub? She hissed, seeing through her teeth. Raquin grew more irritated and self-conscious of herself. Her hands covered her scaled patches and chest. "I...you...what in the actual hell are you doing here drunk in a bath with me? Manzo explain!"

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