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Evolution [Manzo]

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That was a good question. After all, it was rather strange for anyone to just haphazardly jump into a bath with someone. But he was a free spirit after all. He did what felt right, of course he meant no harm in his action. He just felt like taking a bath with a friend. Though judging by her reaction, she was far from comfortable about it. Giving him the impression that she should really just lighten up.

But see, that was not always a logic everyone could agree with. Some people were prudes, nothing wrong with that. He just found those people incredibly dull, in every aspect of life. He would take another swig from his bottle of tequila, placing it outside the tub before losing himself in the warm of the water. It was a lovely time.

Though he did feel as though she deserved an answer for as to why he barged in. Though he was certain that any explanation he might give, wouldn't be one that she would like. Or even understand, but it was rude to not respond to someone when they asked you a question. Far be it from him to be rude to a guest.

"I don't know, got bored, wanted a bath."

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Raquin Storvarg
Raquin felt very confused. She felt a blend of confusion and lack of privacy, which was a bitter drink in itself. The mistress sharpened her daggar-like eyes at the dragon slayer. Being basically raised by yourself, you tend to like privacy away from everyone. Nature was a beautiful thing and with nature came...men. The one thing she probably will never understand. Manzo from her experience was a chaotic sort of spirit. "That's it? You felt like it?" She gave an annoyed and disbelief expression. In response, she splashed him as hard as she could.

She would attempt to get his hair wet or just get him in general. After a while, she held back some laughter. It was a little too funny for her with how calm and collected he was with that confidence in his posture. Several minutes of laughter go by, she wiped a tear from her eye. "That was a little funny, I am sorry. Just...this whole situation is a little too funny," she grinned.

She stared at his drink, now wishing she had some sort of alcoholic beverage. Not saying a word, she eyed him then the beverage a few times before giving up. Raquin was a little too shy to ask for a drink from her host. She had already caused enough trouble for him, already.

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