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Hargeon to Fieros Girdle

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Hargeon to Fieros Girdle Empty Fri Apr 02, 2021 6:30 am


Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

When the clock struck midnight, Noel had already been packing up his many different traveling trinkets. It had been quite some time since the Blue Pegasian mage had been on an adventure. Most of his time he was seen just lazing about, at campus or at many different teahouses across the port - being hostile against the staff for not serving coffee of course as per his trolling mantra.

Alas that came to an end when the many teahouses across Hargeon had blacklisted his face from entering ever again. It was alright. They didn't deserve him as a customer anyway, how dare a tea house sell not coffee!? Preposterous.

Noel climbed on top of his horse with all of the needed belongings and begun heading out of town. Nobody seemed to be around him for many miles - but surely someone could have hid behind the many bushes and trees he drove by past. His new 'car', certainly galloped at much faster speeds than his previous carriage did. But he hadn't come up of a name yet for this new possession. Comparing it to his old, 'Mustang', it required much less maintenance - he ate one tenth the amount his old horse did. Required way less water too.

During his drive up to the mountains, he eventually noticed a thick carpet of black clouds heading his way. The wind was blowing it towards him from a singular direction. Noel felt the ground start to grumble, it had begun to rain ash. These were the symptoms of an active volcano attack. Perhaps it was a façade? Smoke and mirrors. Noel decided to do some research and find out if the weather effects were of natural causation or from a man made creation. He tied his horse to a large boulder, safe and away from any potential danger and begun to head on foot. He left his backpack with some of his possessions at his horse. The tag on the back of it was meant as a theft deterrer, as it captioned "BATH MOTHER LUVER"

337 & exit

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