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Kurisa yawned as she saw the side of her empty once more. She was unsure what he has been doing every morning before her. It was obvious he was helping people out there. Her heartfelt empty every time she wasn't beside him at first glance as she wanted to be the first to gaze at them. Her fingers slid against the sheets as she then slowly slid off the bed to get dressed. The time they had on the boat was super romantic and it was surely something she wished to do again. Maybe they will do that on their anniversary. Soon her guild will be built and soon she will get more members, but for now, she will deal with what she had. It was good enough.

She slid on some exercising shorts that hovered over her thick thighs, wore a tank top to go over her body perfectly over her belly button. Next, were some white short socks that were then covered by black and white sneakers. She walked over to the bathroom to brush her beautiful long hair with a coral-made base as the bristles were fine hairs of the finest horse. Her golden and blue eyes gazed as she saw her flaws. She deep inside only saw her flaws as somehow others saw otherwise. Maybe she needed to lose some weight and be smaller. People like smaller women, right? Her ex went for someone much younger and smaller. Will 'he' be next?

She gazed around her face and wondered about her form. Was she just not perfect enough? She frowned and then turned away putting the brush down. Truthfully, after her last marriage and many unsuccessful findings, she was going to give in, give up and walk out. So close in caving back into the cycle her past once did. The cycle she will continue if this was not a success.

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Her children were not here yet, which made her worry. What if they were not okay? Not safe even as there were many horrible people out there, even horrible gods like the ones that took them when they were born? Swiftly, she powerwalked out of the place and went down the elevator. Today was like any day as the client required to talk to them. Her hand that now grasped onto a file flipped it open with her other free hand. Her eyes scanned it to see where the location was. It seemed pretty simple. She was just supposed to go to some abandoned building where some party was residing and find out some information about the bigger boss that was going to happen some other day.

Kurisa had to look out night and day as she felt like Hosenka was as far as she could go. There was nowhere else for her to go, everything was here beside her two sisters. She walked further away from the safety of her home to go to some unknown location that when the GPS tells you to go, you get suspicious, like in the movie of the Wrong Turn. None of those exist in this world, but it was quite the comparison. Her eyes spotted the place as no one was around here. Every so often you could spot someone or a couple walk towards the door and enter it after a few seconds. With her reputation, they do not dare to fight as she approached the door. The eye door opened as she saw them study her body and then up to her eyes. Her eyes were what made them know it was her. Their head disappeared from that very key door and the door opened slowly. "Madam." his voice was raspy as he lowered his head, letting her in.

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"Don't worry, just here for some information on someone." She lifted her hand up while speaking as she passed through him. He silently watched as she trialed down the path to the lit-up area. Space was enough for a hundred people, but surely there were about forty. She was sure there must be a person who will know the person on this file. .She went around and firstly went to the bar. She doesn't think he knew, but she actually had a real drinking problem, she knew it was a problem, but it was the only thing to make her feel numb. Feeling numb was what she wanted. Kuri sat down on a red velvet stool and gazed at all the pretty colors the bottles made as the reflection of light made a rainbowish view. The man that came up was a buffed-up man that looked as if he was from that one Country that portrays Egypt.

His hair was wavy brown and went to his shoulders. The eyeliner worked well with his feats. She ordered her usual and started to drink it while glancing around. As she was gazing away, she plopped the file on the counter. After taking the glass away from her perfected lips she spoke, "Know this man or know anyone who will know?". She heard nothing for a few seconds, but soon enough a grunt escaped his lips, but a chuckle soon after. Kurisa shifted her chair to gaze at him with her big brown-gold and blue eyes. It was like being caressed by the ocean and smacked by an earthy golden stone. He explained that there is some woman who knows quite a lot about the man she was looking for. He whispered quietly to her that she is really into women and accepts invitations from any beautiful powerful woman. Sighing softly, she knew where this was going. She asked how to get an invitation or how to give her one. He instructed that she must first go through some people to get to the bitch that knows. He explained afterward that many people try, but those that do never come out as they disappear once they see her. It kind of made her excited. What does she do to her victims then?


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