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Terms of Friendship [Esperia]

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#1Ezekiel II 

Terms of Friendship [Esperia] Empty Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:11 pm


Untouched, unscathed and unbothered, the spiral library stood tall. Ezekiel found comfort here. There was something poetic about getting your make up done in kingdom of knowledge. "I think I'll make this my new lair. What do you think, Emily?" Ezekiel asked the brown skinned woman. She lightly glazed the eyeshadow upon Ezekiel's eye. "I think that if you can, why wouldn't you?" She said. Ezekiel smiled. "I thought so." he merely responded. When she was finished dabbing makeup onto his eyelids, Emily stepped away from the mirror. The Vampire smirked, running his fingers through his hair as he lightly licked his lips. "Perfect, as always. Thank you, Emily." He turned towards her with a smile. "No problem. I take it you're seeing someone later?"

Ezekiel chuckled as Emily leaned forward to start on his other eye. "Soon, but nobody special to me if that's what you're implying." Emily nodded. In a few, Zeke would be meeting with his former guildmaster, Konyo to discuss business and nothing more. Now that a new guild was in the region, it  was imperative that the two of them establish their relationship. Surely this would be an interesting meeting. Ezekiel had been the overseer of worth woodsea, meaning he personally had a hand in keeping his plans secret. Even Konyo would have had no idea that his guild mate was building a kingdom until recently. "There's a lot of work to do, romance would only be a distraction for me." Ezekiel said with a shrug, accepting that reality. Emily lightly turned Ezekiel's face, dipping the brush in more shadow before lightly applying it.


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It was an odd chain of events that had led her here. Despite the fact that Esperia was by all means considered Konyo's second in command, and helped both as a diplomat and an adviser of sorts, this particular meeting would be one of personal interest as well. While seated within her own personal domain the silver-haired witch was quietly sipping a cup of tea while her gaze was cast upon the book she was casually glimpsing through.

"What's the matter Esperia? You seem to have that scheming look upon your face again." Lifting her gaze from the book she looked down the hill where a titanic frog was seated. The creature was smoking some sort of pipe, and after he inhaled the essence he puffed out a small cloud of smoke upon which Esperia mused softly.

"Nothing of the sort Jiraiya, I am merely curious~"

The words earned a soft scoff from the frog who replied in an amused tone. "Curious? What in the world could make the witch who has the knowledge of the world at her disposal curious?" Yet Esperia merely closed the book she had been reading and rose from her seat. "Tell Fenrir to get ready, and be prepared to get summoned if the need for it arrives."

The frog nodded his head lightly in response. "Going somewhere?" Esperia nodded her head, a smile gracing her lips as she replied in a cheerful tone. "Going to visit a friend of sorts~" A hand reached forward into thin air, and as soon as the motion was made a pathway tore through reality, opening a gateway between her own personal domain and Earthland, and while she stepped through it the frog mumbled softly. "Still feels terrifying to know there is someone who can tear through reality as easily as she does..."

Meanwhile as Ezekiel's attendant had just finished attending to her master, a large gap tore through the air within the center of the room as the silver-haired witch stepped out of the dimensional portal, one hand holding Morrigan's staff while the other trailed along the edge of the path as it closed behind here.

"Zeke~" She chimed softly, a little nod of acknowledgment being made toward the attendant upon which she continued to speak. "It seems you been quite busy lately." Her Millennium Eye remained fixated upon the vampire, while new knowledge of his recent accomplishments started to become filled within her mind.

"Fascinating accomplishments even~ Once a Overseer in the name of the Syndicate, yet now a ruler over his own domain~ Should I address you like a 'King' or a 'Emperor'? Do forgive me for not bowing, if the wise Odin or the mighty Thor didn't make me, then I certainly don't plan to bend the knee for a Earthland ruler~ Not that I expect you to do so either."

She laughed heartily, her gaze sharpening a little. "Not that I am here to judge your activities, merely here to catch up with an old 'friend', and ensure that our friendship can last. It would be truly a pity if you were to side with Nacht's servants~"

- Dimensional Gateway used for this topic from Sieghart Mountains to the Worth Woodsea~ mostly just for the duration of this topic.

#3Ezekiel II 

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As the powdery substance was used to paint his eyelids, Ezekiel felt an immense amount of energy focused at one point in the room. Only a split second later did he notice a tear in space. His first thought was that Konyo had used one of his little tricks, but when Ezekiel's eyes darted to the right, he was surprised to see who had magically appeared. Esperia? he thought. When the hell did she ever have the ability to create pockets in space? Emily was caught off guard and halted what she was doing. The female vampire's eyes widened as she gazed upon Esperia. The diplomat of Sentinel Syndicate had power and presence unlike anyone Ezekiel had ever met, so he understood how overwhelmed Emily may have been.

The Red Pharaoh smiled warmly at his former guild mate as she chimed his name. "My lady." If Esperia was here then it was because she didn't trust anyone else to have this conversation. Ezekiel nodded towards Emily, signaling for her to exit the room. Starstruck, she gathered her belongings and left the building. "I have." Zeke responded when she acknowledged his work ethic. That eye she had was the same as Konyos which meant she was even more knowledgeable than before. "I prefer Pharaoh, though King works..." He began. "But what's a king to someone who has power rivaling the gods of many people." He asked rhetorically with a devilish smirk. "You become more freakishly powerful every time we meet." He sung.

"I can assure you that I side with whomever has more to offer my people whether that be demons, gods, or even dragons. That's why this meeting is so crucial. I too hope that we can create and build together. Though I have to admit, I'm a little offended that Konyo sent you in his place. I suppose you are, without a doubt, the greater entity anyway. So let's get down to business, friend. Shall we?"


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Upon her entree into the room the gateway closed behind her,  yet to see Ezekiel smiling warmly at her made it clear to the silver-haired witch that currently their relationship was still on friendly terms, which was fortunate, she wasn't exactly in the mood for a confrontation right now. Upon the departure of the Pharaoh's vampiric attendant Esperia nodded her head lightly in affirmation to the term of Ezekiel's title. "A Pharaoh hmm? You're far from Desierto~" A playful jest was made while she waved a hand lightly behind her, the space distorting lightly as a chair materialized, and upon taking a seat she replied to his words. "A solid statement to make Zeke~ Although the term 'god' is so fascinating to me, especially in the wake of my recent travels." She smirked in response as she continued. "For what are gods, but merely other-worlders who possess powers beyond our common standards?"

Lightly leaning back in her seat she mused softly. "In that sense there are some among us in Earthland who could qualify as a 'god', perhaps even you yourself are on the way to become considered one someday~"

His compliments earned a little chuckle from the witch who chimed in response. "I guess it is in my nature to seek power and knowledge wherever I go~" Of course, considering she was in possession of the staff and spirit of the great Morrigan, she had to admit it made sense.

Her hands folded up on her lap the witch listened to Ezekiel's words, and inquired with a grin: "A wise choice Zeke~ A wise Pharaoh would side with those who offer the most, and in the end, one could say that the winners are those that possess that~"

She leaned back in her seat, a hand raised for her chin as she pondered for a moment. "Indeed, let us go down to business~" She leaned forward and chimed softly. "Zeke~ To provide you with a proper 'business offer'" She paused for a moment, leaning back a little, her lips curved up in a smirk. "The entirety of Oak city can become yours, consider it an expansion of your territory~ More resources for your people."

She took a deep breath and continued speaking. "I have reasons to believe Nacht's servants have infiltrated within Fiore's society. A choice I will make them regret soon. However..."

She paused for a moment, her smile wavering into a stern gaze. "I can assume that you plan to have a meeting with their leader soon? I would like to request that you keep him here long enough for my plan to succeed. It won't be too much of an issue should that person try to intervene in my plans, but it would be a lot less complicated. Then afterward I'll have quite a... Energetic conversation with their leader in person to remind them of their foolishness."

She leaned back in her chair and hummed softly. "Not a bad trade, right? Territory and an alliance in exchange for keeping one person busy for a bit~"

#5Ezekiel II 

Terms of Friendship [Esperia] Empty Fri Feb 19, 2021 8:07 pm


Ezekiel chuckled at Esperia's response. It was true, the Pharoah was far from Desierto alas it was who he was. Although born in Savannah, his mother had always educated him on the customs of her homeland. Now that Ezekiel had some recollection of his life, he remembered travelling to the world of Sand and golden people. It was an experience to die for. "You have a point. I, however, have no intentions of even trying to obtain that type of raw. The power I seek- the power that matters, comes from the people who support you, the allies you have, and the impact you make." he softly spoke. Esperia was always good to have conversation with. She thought differently then many people he came across. Admittedly when the leader of paradise first met her he saw her in a slightly different light.

Now the business portion of the conversation was about to begin. Not giving Zeke a moment to think about anything else, the god-like woman before him offered an entire city. "Oh?" an eyebrow raised. His ears were perched. Esperia had successfully caught his attention though Zeke wondered how exactly she would be able to give him Oak city. As appealing as it seemed, there were a few things wrong with that notion. Still, the bloodsucker listened quietly. She asked if she could assume that Ezekiel was meeting their leader soon but that implied that he already knew who their leader was or even that they were in Oak in the first place. Eternal Nightmare. he thought. Ezekiel already had an idea of a few people who could have been working with this evil she was so set on but he couldn't be sure just yet. The fact that she knew Oak was Nightmare's base made the former elf almost sure that he met their members.

What bothered him most was how much she knew in comparison to himself. Sure Ezekiel had sent Vampire spies and elven assassins to figure things out but the results weren't as grandiose as he would have liked. In a matter of minutes, he was more sure than he had been in weeks about the topic. "You really hate Nacht huh? Sucks to be him, hoho~. Well for starters I can assure you that I don't know who Eternal Nightmare's leader is...yet. It seems you know a bit more than I do. Sure, I have a few ideas on who may be involved in this "Eternal Nightmare" cult or whatever you'd like to call it, but I can't be too sure. You'd probably be right to assume that I'd be meeting with their leader If I knew who their leader was." he said tapping his chin lightly with his black painted fingernail. He noticed a lot of what she said. She was saying more than she knew, perhaps? Or maybe she knew that trusting Ezekiel was beneficial to her. "Even if I did know, Oak city isn't ideal. Your guild's territory stands between Oak and Woodsea and it's way too close to the capital..." he said bluntly.

It probably wouldn't be best for us to negotiate territory in the north since she isn't the Syndicate's leader. Zeke thought. The Red Pharaoh paused for a brief moment, not giving Esperia a moment to respond. "If I did make the deal, I'd expect at least Dahlia. I thought you knew me better than that, Esperia." he teased. "Tell me...how would you even conquer Oak?"


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Home, it was such an odd notion to think about. Even now Esperia still wasn't certain what home was to her. Was it the Sentinel Syndicate? Not exactly, but then what could it possibly be that defined as a place she would call home? Despite the lack of a change in her calm smile, her mind drifted back to memories of the past. Just beyond the Worth Woodsea was a mountain range, and there at the base leading to those mountains had once stood a large church.

People would have questioned the sanity of those who build it, for there was neither town nor city in the neighboring vicinity, but the truth was that the church was not built for the faith of the citizen. No, it was the headquarters of the Eisenberg family, a religious faction of exorcists who once served the Church of Illumin, but those days were long gone. The church was burnt down to the ground, only ashes and ruins remaining of the once-proud building in the wake of the Werewolf attack. And now, she was the last of the exorcists in existence.

"The power of the manipulator~" Esperia chimed softly, sounding quite pleased with the response Ezekiel gave. "It is refreshing to hear that. Too many people desire raw power, far too frequent their desires as grandiose as they might seem, feel quite short-sighted."

There was irony in those words, for Esperia's own desire was never-ending. Unsatisfied desire to discover more, learn more and reach further than anyone else had done before on Earthland. Unquenchable greed.

Esperia's gaze lingered on Ezekiel, looking forward to hearing his response to her offer. It was a offer born from the collective knowledge of the world that she had at her disposal, and several guesses and predictions from her side, but even now she had yet to find that decisive clue that would get her what she wanted.

"I do~ The problem with Nacht is that should he be unsealed, he will make life quite... boring, and unprofitable at that also." She hummed softly yet upon hearing the fact that Ezekiel didn't know for sure yet who the cult's leader was made Esperia frown for a moment. "Hmm, I have my thoughts on the matter, but nowhere near the decisive evidence that I would like to have. Consider it a prediction based upon a psychological profile, like: If anyone was to serve Nacht, he would be on the top list of the recruitment chart."

Yet Ezekiel did make a fair statement in the fact that Oak city wasn't ideal. "True, it certainly is closer to the capital, not to mention the Sentinel castle in the Sieghart Mountains could be considered as much a restocking point, as it could be a barricade to your new territory."

A hand raised to her chin as she pondered for a bit. "Then again, fostering an alliance between us could be beneficial both in terms of trade, as well as militaristic might."

Yet when hearing about Dahlia she snickered mischievously "Some sunlight would do you well Zeke I'm sure you'd look positively stunning with a tan~" Teasingly poking out her tongue at the jest she continued.

"About how I would conquer Oak~" She made a light swaying motion with her hand, causing the space beside her to distort lightly as a small portal tore through the air again, if he decided to peer into it, he would no doubt see a pathway of sorts, yet where it led was unknown from sight alone.

"Considering my method of entree, you can likely guess already how easy it would be for me to take a small elite force with me, or even an army should the need for it arrives. I'm quite confident in my mana~"

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