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2.d. The Summoning Regulations

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The Summoning Regulations

Summon Regulations

  • Summons must be summoned within 5 meters from the user. This counts from the the edge of the summon's maximum size.

  • An example would be an 8m³ summon. The user may conjure the summon counting from the edge of the 8 meters, however, the summon must be summoned with its edge within 5 meters of the user.

  • Summons must be summoned from the ground, even if they are capable of using flight.

  • Users may command their summons with vocal or gestured commands.

  • Summons do not have their own class and cannot equip items.

  • Summons can be bound, blinded, deafened, buffed, and debuffed. They cannot be healed.

  • Summons must be the same element as the magic of the user.

  • Summons must be listed as 'Sustain' under duration.

  • There can only be one of the same summon sustained at the same time.

  • Enhancements that affect summons are categorized as “Summon Enhancement” and be found by clicking here.


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Summoning Spells

Summon Spells

  • The user can create spells for their summons, however, these spells take up spells from the user.

  • Summons can only cast Offensive-type and Supplementary-type spells unless otherwise implied.

  • The cooldown reductions and enhancements of the user are applied to the summon's spells with the exception of spell modifiers.  

  • Summons do not have their own mana pool. They consume the user's mana to cast spells.

  • Summons use the Intelligence of the user to receive mana reduction on their spells.

  • Summons that are nullified, dismissed or destroyed in combat after casting their spells retain their spell cooldowns when re-summoned.

  • Summons deal physical damage on hit despite being a spell.

  • Summons can have as many spells in their arsenal as the user wishes as long as they have free slots. The maximum allowed rank of the spells they can cast is dependent on their rank:

    Allowed Spell Ranks
    D & C
    D, C & B
    D, C, B & A
    D, C, B, A, S

Summon Attributes

  • Summons get a certain number of attribute points that can be distributed between Strength and Speed. This must be done during the creation of the spell.

  • The base attribute in Strength and Speed is 1 for summons.

  • The durability of a summon is equal to the spell rank.

  • The base number of attribute points a summon receives is based on their rank:

    Attribute Points

Summon Size and Range

  • The maximum size of a summon is dependent on its rank:

    • D-Rank Summon: 1m³
    • C-Rank Summon: 2m³
    • B-Rank Summon: 4m³
    • A-Rank Summon: 8m³
    • S-Rank Summon: 16m³

  • Irrespective of rank, a summon must be at least 50 centimeters in size.

  • The melee range of a summon is defined by its maximum size.

Summon Template

  • Summons do not have to be created with spells, and it is possible to make spells for a summon at a later date.

[center]<img src="SUMMON IMG" width="300"/>[/center]


[b]Name:[/b] Summon: Name
[b]Rank:[/b] X
[b]Mana Cost:[/b] 00
[b]Requirements:[/b] Text Magic
[b]Type:[/b] Text
[b]Element:[/b] Text
[b]Range:[/b] 00 Meters
[b]Cooldown:[/b] X Posts
[b]Duration:[/b] Sustain
[b]Size:[/b]  Text
[b]Strength:[/b] 1
[b]Speed:[/b] 1
[b]Effect:[/b] The effect of the spell being cast (cosmetically how does summoning the being look). Include casting motion as always.
[b]Physiology:[/b] What the summon itself looks like. Doesn't need to be incredibly long but state any important details about the being beyond its size (wings, tail, three heads etc.)


[b]Name:[/b] Text
[b]Rank:[/b] X
[b]Mana Cost:[/b] 00
[b]Requirements:[/b] Text Magic | Specific Summon
[b]Type:[/b] Text
[b]Element:[/b] Text
[b]Range:[/b] 00 Meters
[b]Cooldown:[/b] X Posts
[b]Duration:[/b] Instant or Sustain
[b]Effect:[/b] Text


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Champion Summons

  • Champion Summons are high ranking summons that are more durable than their regular counterparts.

  • Champions can only be created using A-rank and S-rank spell slots.

  • Champions offer more attribute points and allow for scaling durability using the Constitution attribute.

  • Champions cost two spell slots. In addition, the mana cost and cooldowns are doubled as well.

  • Furthermore, the maximum size limitations of Champions are doubled too.

Champion Attributes

  • Champion Summons use Constitution instead of a flat spell durability.

  • Champions receive a base Constitution of 11 for A-ranks and 31 for S-ranks.

  • The base Constitution can be further increased by allocation points during the creation.

  • Champions receive double the amount of attribute points for allocation during creation.

S-rank Champion Summon Example

  • It requires 2 S-rank spell slots to be made.

  • The mana is doubled so 1000 mana per turn.

  • The cooldown is doubled so 10 post cooldown.

  • The maximum size is doubled so a maximum of 32 cubic meters.

  • The allocation points are doubled so 300 points.

  • And since it's a S-rank, the base Consitution is 31 points.

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