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Elpis Hyn

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#1Elpis Hyn 

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Elpis Hyn


Name: Elpis Hyn
Age: April 20th x769, 23
Gender: Transitioning from Male to Female, uses she/her pronouns.
Sexuality: Panromantic, asexual.
Ethnicity, Father: Sinese
Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian
Class: Rogue
Race: Demi-human goat
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: None
Face: Aradia- Homestuck (art is by me, however her horns are just gray, not colourful.


Height: 5'1"

Weight: 105lbs

Hair: Black with some gray hairs around her horns.

Eyes: Red with a gold ring.

Overall: Elpis is a petite humanoid, with long, unkempt curls (much to her friends dismay). She has a small frame and would generally be considered to not be a threat to others, but has one major advantage above all else; She’s small and nimble.

Her eyes are considered uncommon in her family, red with a golden ring around the iris. She has several tattoos that were done by herself with just ink and a needle (similar to a poke and stick method), most hidden away by her clothes. Most of them are stars, placed at random points in her body; IE on her shoulders, back of knees ect.

Elpis also has several piercings, namely three going up the inside of shell of both her ears, a septum ring made of silver, and several (6) dermal piercings around each of her thighs, about an inch and a half between the piercings from when she started her journey,

She has several stars on different parts of her body, as well as a vial of blue liquid, uncapped that is escaping the vial and becoming smoke. If she were to be in a guild, she would have the tattoo for them on the right forearm.


Personality:  Being from a small community in Iceberg, she is extremely tight knit with her close friends that are still alive. With most of them either dead or dying from the guild fights for the last ten years, Elpis is now quiet and cold, and now refuses to be a part of any guild. She has no qualms telling folks to take a hike, her favourite phrase being “take a flying leap and screw a rolling doughnut”. Her loyalty is to herself; Anyone that tries to gain her loyalty will ultimately meet the edges of her blades. However, she is one of those people that will avoid fighting as much as possible.

Elpis refuses to cower in any circumstance that she cannot slip away from, even going as far as to threaten her opponents that she will kill them if they don’t kill her. However, she will go out of her way to make powerful allies without being in a guild, mostly paying her way if she can afford to.

Her ultimate goal is to just be alive for another day. Whether that be fighting her way, to making allies, that is what matters to her. She refuses to give up, even in the face of Darkness.


  • Transactions: Elpis has always had a fascination with transactional histories, from small things such as money to larger items like land ownership and deeds. One of her dreams is to be able to have her own record of it going on, even though it is a guilty pleasure of hers. Her ultimate goal is to have a well-established bank with loans coming in and out.

  • Finding faith: After all the fighting she has witnessed, Elpis has lost her faith in humans as well as in religion. Her family used to have intricate prayers and rituals, and having that is something she misses terribly. After her first goal is complete, she wants to be able to find her passion on religion and maybe even turn a blind eye from the fighting.


  • LDiscrepencies: She hates the fact that people can be two faced, especially with their beliefs and what they want. If she had to choose, she would make sure that folks could only tell the truth or at least tell it like it is. Even if it’s in someone’s best interest to lie.

  • Lack of knowing where things are:  Elpis has always lived in an organized chaos. She needs to see where everything is, but knowingly having put it there for a specific reason (IE her documents are scattered throughout the room, however she knows where they are in case she needs to find them). She hates when someone moves something without her knowledge, or “cleans” her house because of this.


  • Keeping herself safe:Elpis wants to make sure, above all else, that she is safe. Whether that be from fighting or buying her way out, she wants to make sure that ultimately, she has the safety and security of her own talents. That being said, she will have to train and knows it, ultimately making herself stronger.


  • Commitments: After seeing her family fail to survive attacks from guilds onto the ones that they were in, Elpis is scared that if she makes any type of promise to folks that she meets, that it’ll ultimately fail. To her, failure is not an option for not keeping her promises, whether that be to an ally, friend, or someone she is protecting. She will fight until there’s no other option but to die because of this.

  • Chaos: Elpis needs calm in her life, to the point that any sort of chaos (mostly people running around and screaming their heads off, or someone randomly murdering someone else) is too much for them/ Ultimately, she would want to stop it all from happening, but knows that with peace comes chaos,and from chaos life is born.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 6

Speed: 7

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Because Elpis is a rogue, she does not use magic and therefore, this is unapplicable.


History: Elpis comes from a small village in Iceberg, isolated from major towns and only one road leading in and out of it. Houses were scattered, and her family of three (mother, father and herself) worked with the livestock there. Being close to the border, her father would go into Stella for work, mostly being a bounty hunter for a relatively unknown guild. He would bring back enough for food and repairs to the shelter, but they were in no way rich.

During a snow storm that her father was supposed to be travelling back from when she was 17, there was a knock at the door. Just as the door was being opened, she was forced backwards and into the wall of thick winter coats. Several humans had come storming in, the last one picking Elpis up by the horns and forcing her to march into the kitchen, while one was holding a knife. Yells and screams could be heard from the kitchen, among with several skin on skin contact slaps with her mothers face to the side of her face. Enraged, the small female tried to break free of her captors grasp, but without anything to protect herself with, they ultimately had no chance to defend themselves.

It didn’t take long for her mother to be killed over the kitchen sink, where her head was caught while her body limped to the ground after the beheading, and Elpis to be stabbed in the back. When her father came home, he immediately left her with one of the other villagers and went to go and take revenge for his wife’s death.

Of course, one man can’t take on a guild himself, and soon, too, he was lost.

She started to learn how to use knives, starting with small kitchen knives that she had from her old home. It took her almost a year to get used to different blades, and eventually upgraded to a pair of daggers after selling the land that her family had left her with.

Since then, she has been travelling around the world, honing her skills while stealing food and getting into the occasional fight.

Reference: Günter Von Wolf

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Hey hey. Almost done! The "tattoo" portion is only for the guild tattoo in case you ever join a guild. You can put the description of her other tattoos in the "Extra" portion of the appearance description. After that, good to go.

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Elpis Hyn
@Ezekiel wrote:Hey hey. Almost done! The "tattoo" portion is only for the guild tattoo in case you ever join a guild. You can put the description of her other tattoos in the "Extra" portion of the appearance description. After that, good to go.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know! I just updated it, so hopefully all should be good.


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This character application has been approved.

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