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Kurisa yawned softly as she felt the sheets against her skin. She got up quickly as she had to get ready like any other day when she knew she had the stuff to do. She has yet to hear anything from anyone when it came to her adventures of Joya. She walked towards the kitchen while yawning softly, covering her mouth in the process. Her eyes tiredly looked at the tea pot, put some water in it, and then on the stove. Next, she put the stove on and added the tea leaves in the other compartment. She was too tired to really care about the order she had to do everything, but it still worked.

The woman could not drink coffee at all so tea had to do the trick. What kind of tea did she make today? It was simply green tea for the energy as she was going to add some honey in it and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. After a few moments as it was boiling, she took it off the stove and turned the stove off. The last thing she needed was the gas staying on while she was out of the building. It could be super tragic.

She walked out on her balcony that was filled with nature and had the sights of the whole entire city of Hosenka. It was quite beautiful but not as beautiful as the location she took Kazimir to. Will there be any location that could beat it? She had no idea, but she sat down on her white cushioned lounge chair to relax. Every sip felt soothing to her body as it warmed it up completely. Her eyes closed while she breathed in the clean air that escaped any pollution from all the factories and smoke that belonged on the first floor.


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