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Kurisa yawned softly as she felt the sheets against her skin. She got up quickly as she had to get ready like any other day when she knew she had the stuff to do. She has yet to hear anything from anyone when it came to her adventures of Joya. She walked towards the kitchen while yawning softly, covering her mouth in the process. Her eyes tiredly looked at the tea pot, put some water in it, and then on the stove. Next, she put the stove on and added the tea leaves in the other compartment. She was too tired to really care about the order she had to do everything, but it still worked.

The woman could not drink coffee at all so tea had to do the trick. What kind of tea did she make today? It was simply green tea for the energy as she was going to add some honey in it and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. After a few moments as it was boiling, she took it off the stove and turned the stove off. The last thing she needed was the gas staying on while she was out of the building. It could be super tragic.

She walked out on her balcony that was filled with nature and had the sights of the whole entire city of Hosenka. It was quite beautiful but not as beautiful as the location she took Kazimir to. Will there be any location that could beat it? She had no idea, but she sat down on her white cushioned lounge chair to relax. Every sip felt soothing to her body as it warmed it up completely. Her eyes closed while she breathed in the clean air that escaped any pollution from all the factories and smoke that belonged on the first floor.


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Her eyes lowered towards the people within this city. Some were quite dangerous and some were weak. She was unsure how her children will fair here if she made this their actual home. She didn't stay at the guildhall yet as the location was still not built all the way. She was wondering if she should maybe call the guild something else as flashbacks of her past were rising. Sabertooth gave her some unnerving feelings as the people there treated Kari like a doll. People only wanted her for her body, beauty, and touch. It was like working as a hooker without the money. It was disgusting every time she thought about it.

She wanted to make the guild into something better than what it was, but was that even possible? This era was quite different for sure. Took another sip of her tea and walked back inside. She wondered if it was possible to get him to stay with her while he's here. She felt some sort of attachment to the vampire. It made her want her goal even more now as vampires lived forever or at least till they were incapacitated. She can't let that happen to him. Her eyes lowered as they shimmered a pink. She gave a sweet smile and put down her tea. Walking towards her closet she put on the rest of her clothes before setting to go out. The people out there were needing help and they were not going to get it by her just relaxing in her room.

Playing with her hair, Kuri walked out of her hotel room and went down the elevator. Her eyes were set towards the ground as she walked out of the hotel building. She had to go visit some mysterious people who were quite unknown.


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She wondered who will need her help this time as they made it seem like it was an emergency. She paid no attention to the sky nor the people around her till she finally goes to the business address in the letter.

'This was the right address, ... right?' That was what she will think as she always second-guessed herself. She lifted her head up to gaze at the door before opening it. She had to be serious now as she was so unsure who the business partner was. As she approached the desk she saw the woman look at her as if they were expected.

Without much words, the woman escorted her to the door in the back that was clearly locked shut. Kuri heard the woman knock and after a few seconds, the door was unlocked by a few door bolts. How secured did this room have to be? She sighed and walked in as she was blinded by the shiny knickknacks that were all over the place. The man sat there on his chair as she squinted to get a clearer look to see who it was. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw who it was.

She wondered what he was doing here and he heard that she was mainly here helping people so he just found a small building to hide in for now. She wondered what she was walking into as she sat down on the chair in front of him. He wondered if something was wrong, but should she even say the truth, or perhaps will she lie? She gave a sweet acting smile as she told him that all was fine and wondered what business did he need? Could it be illegal stuff or maybe she was hanging out with too many illegals and thought that automatically?


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He explained that there were some people who tried to follow him to Hosenka that wanted to ruin his business as he brought it with him. Kuri wondered what type of business that was, but she just nodded her head. He continued to explain that he had a few things for her to do to help his business out. He wanted to at first explain everything though as he nodded his head towards a bookcase. She slowly followed his - at first suspicious about all of this. He took out a book that was maroon with golden embroidery. The bookshelf next opened up like a secret door. "The others are waiting." He introduced as he walked in with her the door behind her shut. Her eyes gazed around as they walked into a completely white room. People were sitting at a long table as there were about six or seven as she didn't want to stare and be rude.

She sat down and looked at everyone as they all had different feats about them. It was almost as if they represented the different elements and more. She licked her canines as they all introduced themselves. She won't even remember their names as soon as she got out of here besides maybe a few. Even when there were cute men in here, all she could think about was a specific man that she has been feeling super close to. She still remembered him telling her that he liked her. It was like they were going through the base of developing feelings in high school all over again. Even when there was no such thing in this universe. She played with her hair as she thought about him. Soon papers were being passed and saw some being passed to her. Her eyes studied it, seeing that she had certain targets. All of them had detailed information about each and every one of them. Where to find them, their names and things they liked and disliked. It was as if this business was being super careful. Some of these were to free slaves, some to beat up some bosses and make sure to not stay around. This was all simple enough to her.




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